2010 Buick Enclave CXL Start Up, Test Drive, and Review

In this video I give a short tour and test drive of the 2010 Buick Enclave CXL. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this crossover while showing details, over viewing of features, and noting unique styling cues to the vehicle itself. I show the vehicle idling as well as take it on a thorough test drive through the city and highway on various surfaces. A thorough drive of this crossover designed to give others a greater overall appreciation of the vehicle.

Hey guys how’s it going today is finally time to take a test drive and the all-new 2010 buick enclave cxl in this video i’m going to give you a quick look at the enclave i’ve a couple more more detailed tour videos on the channel which i’ll respond below that you can check out if you want to see the vehicles aesthetics more in depth dual exhaust outlets your parking

Assist it’s got a power liftgate folding third row seats the chrome port accents turning signal mirrors power sunroof and we also have hid headlamps the signature buick waterfall grill so without further ado let’s go ahead and open it up look at the interior real fast and start it up let it run and continue with the test-drive integrated cup holders got my tripod

Set up in the rear easy folding second row seats dual sunroof both were shades let’s get a bose sound system fully powered leather bucket seats analog clock and we’ll get a quick shot at the engine six variable valve timing and direct injection alright let’s go and set it up and continue on with the test-drive and we’re going to step this on the tripod like i

Said the enclave has a 3.6 liter v6 with 288 horsepower at 6300 rpm and 270 pound-feet of torque at 3400 rpm really does have some pickup shifts are nice and smooth and your volume controls of cruise control steering wheel wells hands-free phone tell you a couple of things about the vehicle real quick you have a little storage pocket up here allows for storage

Of glasses maps anything you make pleasure it also comes equipped with heated and ventilated seats dual zone climate control this suv really grooves very soft ride this gym was very smooth these inter turn everything feels really nice the wood is finished off in a very very smooth fashion it feels really solid pretty impressive the build quality so far it also

Has tiptronic shifting pull it down into the manual mode you can shift it by a plus and minus on the serie on the shipper column demonstrate that real quick i know i’ve said it a couple times i’m ready but i’m very impressed of the way this thing rides it rides just as good as a luxury crossover should be and the fit and finish is pretty impressive too i haven’t

Noticed any rattling and creaking anything like that it sounds very solid i could tell that they went to a lot of great efforts to try and make this cabin as quiet as possible everything is in pretty nice reach you don’t have to reach out too far for anything and of course having her on the steering wheel makes it just as nice demonstration it does have onstar your

Garage home link up above the sunroof is powered down below you have your rear wiper controls your traction control as well as the button that automatically opens and closes the rear hatch as well as right here you have your driver information setting that gives you your fuel and fo your mileage your miles to the gallon average speed all those pretty much standard

On most gm vehicles these days probably one of my favorite parts those integration of the analog clock right there it gives gives kind of a sense of class overall vehicle i know some people aren’t a fan of x it makes the car look a little bit dated but in my personal opinion i’ve always been a fan of the more classic classic look touching back to your roots so to

Speak we’re going to turn into here back back out we’ll do a little acceleration pass and it does have a rear view camera if you can’t see that in the mirror i’ll show to you in just a few minutes there’s just enough power to make sure you get up and go without being too over-the-top or two under power the new v6 engine is very nicely well put together and you

It’s a nice predator it’s a nice successor to the 3.8 beyond you always calendar if i was stereo to very crisp and clear with the base pungent needs it’s also got auxilary input for the radio for any mp3 capable device with a standard headphone and we’ll go ahead and do a little first-person view give you a taste of what the vehicle looks like from the drivers

Point of view i’m gonna pull on over here and i’ll show you how the backup camera works all right grand park pull it in reverse there you go put it back into drive and it disappears as if it wasn’t even there well everybody i hope you enjoyed the test-drive there’s a whole lot more on my channel and where that came from always on the lookout for newer and better

Things so you enjoyed subscribe today like i said there’s an endless of possibilities take care guys you you

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2010 Buick Enclave CXL Start Up, Test Drive, and Review By Saabkyle04