2010 Chevy Express 2500 extended – runs like new- super clean- video States 1500- it is a 2500

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Hello everyone i want to welcome you here at car connection in little ferrari new jersey and today we are featuring this 2010 chevy express 1500 extended it’s a very clean van i’m gonna go through it and show you how clean it actually is first i want to point out that the tires are practically new great tread these are grabbers matching tires all around we go to

The side of the van we’ll show you that is clean there’s no dings dents scratches pretty clean a lot of these cargo vans have a tendency to really be beat up this one is not that type of van bumper’s in good shape headlights in good shape front hood great shape bumper all around is in good shape going around the end driver side headlight had a recent inspection

Sticker this vehicle has been off the road for a little bit if you look to the side side of the van is also in good shape here’s your driver front tire equally in good condition as we pull along the side see here’s your other tire in good shape this one actually is a different tire so i want to point that out this one is a different tire than the other ones go

Alongside you’ll see it’s in good shape here’s your rear bumper straight not banged up chevy express flex fuel as we go to the back you’ll see that it’s got shelves on the side of the doors here you got shelves here all this wire comes with the van looks like there was an electrician in here running wires so everything does come with the van storage in here is

Very clean the ladder comes with the van as well i do have pictures of the top of the van if you want to refer to it on our website which i’ll explain later i also have pictures of the underneath the cat on the carriage of the van that you can see that as well as we go to the side here we open up very clean van does have the cage as well i believe this door no

It doesn’t open okay so the cage is shut you could probably separate that though if you need to you got another compartment here with everything you can put in so it’s all set up if you’re looking to use it for work where you need the shelving and both doors do have these sides let’s go to the inside as you can see it does have the final interior in good shape a

Little bit of wear right here nothing serious nice little compartment here for your invoices very good van does not have power windows or powered door locks it is base but this vehicle does run great air conditioning works heat works very very good running vehicle radio does work okay so we have a low tire pressure going on which we’ll probably just need there

But as we start this vehicle up i believe this vehicle does have about two hundred and two thousand miles which a lot of these vans have high miles but the problem is when they’re high hot miles they’re very beat up this one is not this one’s very well taken care of and very clean as you can see the dash the door panels passenger seat everything here is intact

Uh yeah very clean let’s pop the hood here’s your driver’s side door panel this vehicle is super clean and let me just uh re let me just say that it looks like the front tires were replaced they were the grabbers so i want to make a correction and it looks like the the rear two are the same ones but they’re but they do have good tread all around so here’s your

Engine compartment excellent engine sounds good runs good very very clean again we have a 2010 chevy express extended 99.95 give us a call 201-440-1323 you can view this video and all the pics of this including the undercarriage at www.carconnectiononline.com that’s www.kar connect ask about our finance options we offer many to cater to your needs we also offer

Warranties on all the vehicles including our motorcycles everyone stay safe thanks for viewing this video

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2010 Chevy Express 2500 extended – runs like new- super clean- video States 1500- it is a 2500!! By KarConnectionOnline