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Hey this is mike i just want to show you this 2010 ram bighorn in white it’s got the quad cab it’s got the nice ram in the front chrome bumper it’s got the nice big rims big tires it has a bed liner a little bit of tint on the back glass engine runs good right here there is a crack in the light but it doesn’t appear to be anything major does have the towing

Package it’s a big horn you got the big horns right back there got the nice interior yeah the two-tone with the like a a tan and a brown yeah that pulls up and you got that feature there where you can have a flat surface and the other side does that as well and you got your cup holders a power adapter over there you got your power adapter let’s see what the

Front looks like and you’ve got your pockets here their cup holder and your pockets there pockets here you got automatic headlights tilt steering power seats and the lumbar support which is a big plus for me so that way you can adjust your your seating preference as far as your back you’ve got a nice big pocket here which you can put fit a full-size file

Folder in alrighty inside looks really nice you’ve got your garage door controls up here you got your um control here for the sliding that glass and okay and then we got some pockets here power supply you’ve got um cup holders a little pocket there here this opens up this is your big center console here with the ram that’s really nice open this up that’s got

That place where you i guess like a power supply so you can charge your laptop or a tablet or whatever cell phone and then you can up it up again and you’ve got this large pocket here and store stuff and it’s a nice big arm rest too and you’ve got a pocket here this it’s a storage place in addition to your glove compartment and you got your pockets on that door

And everything little pocket there and on the steering wheel you’ve got your volume control and your on the back here behind enough you can see it back there little controls here and you have controls in the front of the steering wheel and those control the your menu and your dash so you can see what the coolant temperature is let’s see we’ll get back into that

One cool temperature transmission temperature engine hours stuff like that go to uh tire pressure you got different shows your exact tire pressure and stuff like that but it’s got a full menu in there and uh it’s got 100 today as of this video it’s got 108 100 miles on this truck and it looks pretty good let’s see we’ve got a little light there but anyway if

You’re interested in this vehicle my phone number and email address will be in the description see you next time

Transcribed from video
2010 DODGE RAM 1500 BIG HORN QUAD CAB By MikesCarInfo