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Hey this is mike i just want to show you this 2010 where i am 2500 heavy duty where they cummins turbo diesel nice powerful truck for hauling huge trailers is that so check this out and go ahead and start here this is a big truck you see the inside of the front doors got pockets everywhere and all high quality everything got the manual adjustments here on the seats

On the passenger side and your storage compartment there glove compartment here little pocket right here and you’ve got to get ac adapter there you got a place here that will fit all full-size file folder you get the papers and stuff there we’ve got a nice firm high-quality cloth seats and so to give you an idea on that side here in the back here’s the back door

Got pockets everywhere speaker and got the cloth seats this does fold down and you’ve got cup holders and armrests there and you got cup holders here you’ve got a power supply there and two vents the rear passengers so they can have some air conditioning or heat you’ve also got some heat vents underneath the seat there and speak it underneath the seat this lifts

Up and in here you’ve got some storage space pretty good amount of storage space so i’m both this side and that side i’ll show you that a minute but you could put stuff in here and it’s not going to roll around and get in the way you put stuff in there it’s secure it’s out of the way and also underneath here we got a some more storage this matt alright that like

That and this right here comes out so you can put ice in here put drinks and then just dump it out use it as a trash can use it for whatever you want to use it for but when you’re using it when you’re not using it it’s completely out of the way you know just just like the storage underneath the seat you’re done i mean it’s completely out of the way you can have

All kinds of stuff stored in there you wouldn’t see it wouldn’t be in the way at all so and you can see the back passengers have plenty around i mean the front seats are almost all the way back if not all the way back and there’s plenty of legroom they’re so nice how quality big comfortable seats in the back because this is a crew cab you see the large back door

Take a look here the back wheels the tires look really good a detail there in the video really good tires and and you’ve got the bedliner already installed we’ll have to worry about that and here’s the towing package here and you’ve got your driller plugins here nice we’re in here in the backs for drive bighorn is is rant ram trucks at school and looks like the

Spare tire looks brand-new – maybe unused i don’t know the fuel cap is on your driver’s side which is inconvenient now this is the the inside of the back you got the same pocket as the stuff on this up and you’ve got the storage underneath the mat there just like on the other side and you’ve got your storage here and i’m into it i don’t know if you could tell in

The video but it’s pretty deep i mean you could put a pretty good amount of stuff in there and be completely secure and out of the way and won’t roll around and so i mean i think that’s a good feature here’s the inside of the front door as you can see you get a hockey here you got cup holders here i like water bottle holders or whatever and some storage there and

On this side we’ve got the power seat and we’ve got the lumbar support as well and if you have the trailer break assembly they’re already installed we’re going to worry about that it’s only good hop in all righty see if there could i sure won’t interfere at the camera too much here’s a steering wheel you have like say on your radio you’ve got a volume here but

You can also adjust the volume on the back of the steering wheel here see that turn your hands like that you turn it up or down this side you can change stations and on the front of the steering wheel you see these big these buttons here up and down and left and right those are for the see if i can get this without too much sun glare you see this menu i’m gonna

Go ahead and start pushing these buttons and go into here like that and i can go into that and scroll up and down and has a different information as far as the vehicle and tire pressure given actually see the tire pressure et on each wheel individually and stuff like that so i mean there’s lots of stuff in this venue and play around with it while you’re parked

Hopefully but um you’ve got to see right here top left where has ae that’s the digital compass and on the top right digital temperature right there as you can see it’s a hot day so that’s why i got hum in here with the air conditioner on there is your you know your your gauges are big and easy to read and all that stuff and trek has pretty low miles a little bit

Of our twenty thousand miles on it you got automatic headlights and all that good stuff here’s your for drive controls right here and here’s your radio you got the auxilary input and satellite radio you can also pair your cell phone with the bluetooth system and answer your phone by pushing the button there so it’s pretty cool with me it’s fairly basic but you do

Have a satellite and you have the the ability to pair a phone you have the cd player mp3 player and you have auxilary input so it’s not too basic now see this little thing right here you can see that kind of i don’t know what it looks like but anyway it’s that is the exhaust brakes so you could turn that on and when you let go the gas it’ll use the the compression

Of the engine to help slow you down there’s your two and hall button this is for your ac adapter to turn it on and off and and you got the tire light load inflation not sure what that means so i guess if you have a i’m not sure what that means maybe if you know let me now here’s the the climate controls here pretty basic your fan and temperature and where do you

Want it to blow up stuff like that and right here is like a pocket pretty good size too and it is way back in here and all these pockets have like a rubber lining you could pull them out and clean them and stuff here’s the more pockets here looks like a little place for business cards here you got a power supply here and get the pockets there there’s cupholders

Another pocket here and here’s your big nice arm rest in the middle with that embossed ram which is really cool and it’s like a clamshell i guess you could say this top part lifts up you got a power supply there and a big broad shallow place i guess you could put like a tablet or small laptop right in there close that down lift up the whole thing and you’ve got

A large large area there for putting whatever and you got little pockets there on the corner it’s just in case you put something small and a little place to put pens here in the back so kind of like a little mobile office and a work truck all-in-one you got all the dim mirrors up there here’s your garage door controls see if you can see that right here right here

Is your little infrared sensor so you can get your temperatures right in the vehicle here’s a little tap lights and right here is for your sliding glass you see that and you see that back there that’s what this is for and you got mirrors of lights same thing on the other side and anyway let me know if you’re interested in this vehicle we want to take it for a test

Drive my name is mike this does have heated side mirrors by the way so if you’re interested in this vehicle let me know my phone number and email address will be in the description and i’ll see you next time thanks

Transcribed from video
2010 DODGE RAM 2500 SLT CREW CAB By MikesCarInfo