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Hello and welcome to grand prairie niece n my name is janelle and today we’re taking a look at this 2010 ford f-150 xlt supercrew cab pickup truck in sterling gray metallic under the hood we have a powerful 5.4 liter v8 engine with 310 horsepower at towing capacity of over 11,000 pounds it’s a 6-speed automatic transmission 4-wheel drive of course so it’s going

To be great in every season we have a chrome grille here on the front of the vehicle fog lamps in addition to your headlamps great for low visibility days i’ma do have some tow hooks on the frontier as well and coming around the side you’ll see just how well maintained the exterior is we have chrome step rails helping you in and out of the vehicle turn signal

Indicator lights on your mirrors and they do fold in for parking in those tighter spots alright so why don’t we head on inside and see what the interior has to offer helping you inside your 2010 ford f150 we have a key and fob here your fob with your unlock locks button as well as a remote start so nice to have you have to go side to start your vehicle anymore you

Also have this nice keypad here on the door to get into the vehicle as well here on your driver’s side door we have those power side mirrors your power locks and windows and tons of pocket storage both here as well as on the passenger side jumping over this way we have an adjustable vents light controls a button to pull those petals forward and backward really

Nice to have so if you’re really short or really tall that accommodates you and we have these molded mass inside so nice to have it kind of contains all that slush easy to keep clean as well and here we have your power adjustable driver’s side seat in this beige cloth a couple little imperfections there but all in all still in pretty good condition alright so why

Don’t we help on into that driver seat here we are in the driver’s side seat now taking a look at the leather wrapped steering wheel we have steering wheel mounted controls for your audio system your voice recognition and your hands-free phone system and over this way we have your settings for your cruise control jumping towards the dash screen now you can see

That we have 140 6720 4.4 kilometers over towards the center now we have a nice big storage area up top and then we have your audio system if that screen looks like it’s flashing it’s not in person it’s just the way the phone videos it we have two adjustable vents next to that screen we have your radio am/fm and satellite radio we have your compass there as well

As your outside temperature below that we have your traction control and hazard light buttons 10 programmable buttons there for your radio as well below that some of those phone controls and your audio settings and then we have your climate controls below that including air conditioning and a rear window defroster and then coming down this way we have a cigarette

Lighter and we have your microsoft sync with auxiliary and usb inputs a nice big storage area in there great place to keep your phone there’s also storage next to the center area as well as a power outlet up there we have this pullout beverage holder for you as well but if you have that third passenger here in the front you can just tuck that away and an underneath

This seat we do have a little bit of storage as well as a nice place to just tuck away that seat belt and then jumping up this way we have your rear view here and if i throw it in reverse here you can see up on that rear view mirror is your backup camera as well so nice to have and then we have your interior lighting some sunglasses storage and of course a vanity

Mirror alright so next we’re gonna go check out that backseat here in the back seat we have very spacious seating for three passengers as you can see tons of legroom in here we have map holders in the backs of the front seats beverage holders and a power outlet for your back passengers and again with this one piece mad that goes all the way across making it really

Easy to keep this back area clean and this is a split folding bench so you can have some extra indoor cargo space you simply lift up on the seats and it flips up we also have a jack for you in this container here and as you can see that opens up a whole lot more space we’ll check out the box next just admiring at how well maintained the exterior it back here we

Do have a trailer hitch receiver underneath we’ve got your spare tire and inside the box we do have a box liner making it easy to keep clean and maintain the tonneau cover as well really nice to have to keep all your stuff dry and this one does have the third with me gentlemen i have to hold out step and handle here that flips up so you can safely get in and out

Of the vehicle with ease and coming around the other side again just looking at how well maintained the exterior is it looks really really good we’ll check out the passenger side backseat of course very similar to the other side but it does fold up as well just give you a look at the seat there it does flip up as well and now as you can see you have a ton of cargo

Space in here you can fit some pretty tall items in there as well and last but not least we have your passenger side front seat a couple of manual adjustments for you there and again continuing on with this well maintained beige cloth and we have your glove box owners manuals inside and there you have it folks if you’re looking for an affordable pickup truck come

Check out this 2010 ford f-150 xlt supercrew cab come check it out and take it for a test drive you can find us here at grand prix nissan 1031 for 160 sf here in grand prairie on the bypass next mr. mike thanks so much for watching and have great day you

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