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2010 Hybrid Toyota Highlander Limited w Remote Start

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Hello this is david asco from summit toyota of akron showing you our extremely clean 2010 toyota highlander limited it’s got great tread the wheels you can see here all four of them are extremely clean like brand new got the tire pressure sensor monitors there this is the hybrid you see it also comes with the standard fog lights on the limited it’s gonna have

Sunroof moon roof which is tilt or slide full leather power seats for driver and passenger driver’s side adds lumbar support with the power as well gonna give you a quick look inside i don’t see any scratches scratches dents or dings or anything on this this is an amazing shape great service records can be found the carfax on our websites by the here

You’re gonna see that you’ve got the heated windshield all you’ve also got a 110 115 volt adapter to plug in electronics there’s the power rear tailgate i’m gonna see that right here now this does have the third row seating it’s currently laid down this also has the privacy cover that you could pull to hide any personal belongings that you have also you do have

The dvd unit flip down there’s going to be inputs right here as well as another 115 volt plug for any types of after you know any type of electronic toys video games that type thing cigarette lighter style charger here now with this flipped up you do flip up the third row seating as you see here you just pull that handle on the strap and the seats flip right up

You just got to take this out spring-loaded comes out real easy go and press the up here to close the gate it’s got the bathroom standard backup camera let’s see what else we can show you a hands-free bluetooth controls for your radio from sorry for your cell phone radio controls you’ve also got your temperature control from the wheel heated seats for driver and

Passenger to get another charger here you can control climate for driver for passenger for your rear passengers and again this is the sunroof moonroof this is just an amazing shape it’s got the premium audio system – with the jbl cc here it’s got the wood trim and the doors carries over the wood trim in the console two cupholders there two more there additional

Storage down here you get your rear captain seats that you’ve got so these do also fold down flat so you can get additional storage this can flip up for a another passenger in the middle for three in the second row or there’s also another attachment that stores down here that you could take this out put that and it’s just a cup holder or not a seat passengers can

Also control their climate from back here here’s a close-up look at the dvd player trying get you a good look at that so i plate to come and see it give me a call my name is david dads go from summit toyota baccarin thank you very much for watching my video have a great day

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2010 Hybrid Toyota Highlander Limited w Remote Start By Summit Toyota of Akron