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2010 Lexus RC-F 10th Anniversary Edition

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Good afternoon billy from lexus of kelowna here i’m just taking a minute to shoot a video of a pretty unique vehicle we have here in the showroom 2019 lexus rcf 10th anniversary edition um pretty cool car limited run of these cars um very special exterior paint and interior color combination um if you’re looking at this car then i’ll show you a little bit about

It so basically what we’re going to go over in this video is just the condition of the car which is nothing short of excellent so i’m going to start right at the front here go into the details no chips no scratches not a mark on it um on the bumper even the lower bumper all right we get really really close here see a couple tiny little things here but other than

That this car is an excellent excellent shape all right back up to the hood here no chips in the hood headlights are crystal clear and i got this lower apron is in really good shape too coming around to the front quarter those nice black rims no scratches no dents um nice thing about having this matte finish it really accentuates the condition of the body um

So looking down the driver’s door here nothing to make note of everything is an excellent excellent condition right back to the rear quarter right rooms are in great shape and our nice carbon fiber roof up top here and an active carbon fiber spoiler so that does go up and down there’s a button inside the car to activate that parking sensors backup cameras all

Right really clean here no marks on the back bumper truck’s very clean got that nice mark levinson audio system in the back here really good sound system keep on going here we got so we’ve got a nice quad exhaust which is very typical of an f-car they all have it really um going around to this side here no marks nothing on the body everything is in excellent

Shape room’s in good shape all right open the door here and then we have that very special interior color even the carbon fiber is inlaid with blue accents these really nice f-sport seats all right even in the back not a scratch on them this car is in like new condition really another wrapped steering wheel could be up badges on the seats continue around here

In the front quarter i mean that’s a really good point out small scuff on the rim on this side here let’s uh it’s about the only little bit of damage on the car which can’t be fixed if uh if you’d like to do that um so we’ll jump inside the car here real quick i’ll go over some of the features inside again super clean door sills are in great shape all right

Driver’s seat really clean no cracks no creases memory seats got the special edition badging here as well just turn on the ignition real nice digital lcd dash i think it’s very clean on this car different dynamic drive modes nice roof liner almost like an alcantara style quite but nice sort of diamond pattern on it as well and then all your creature comforts

Right voice command heated ventilated seats you know parking sensors use your active spoiler auto headlights part you know i already said parking zones are blind spot monitoring pre-collision system radar crews lane departure alerts this car does come equipped with apple carplay let me just see if it has android as well apple carplay it looks like what it was

Equipped with um and then all your other features here your garage door openers emergency assist that’s a subscription-based package and a nice alcantara style trims all in all really cool really unique car especially this color combination um it’s not a lot like this out there so um it basically sums up a condition walk around on the car here so i appreciate

You taking the time to watch this video once again 2019 lexus rcf 10th anniversary edition just under 7 900 kilometers on this car

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2010 Lexus RC-F 10th Anniversary Edition By William Robins