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2010 Ram 2500 Mega Cab 6.7 Cummins Gets Airlift Air Bags Ultimate 5000 Pound Helper

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Camera is a Sony a6000

Hi guys so tools you’re gonna need to do the airbags um if you can get a ratcheting wrench that would be awesome um i’d recommend a ratchet wrench nine sixteenths you’re gonna need six millimeter allen wrench um if you can get um an allen wrench socket or an allen socket whatever you want to call this six millimeter that works awesome and if you want to get an

Impact a little 3 8 inch impact 9 16 is deep that works good um to do the bottom to do the side bolts um it doesn’t really work that great that’s why i used a ratchet wrench just to put it on um so yeah i had a couple issues with mine because it already had airbags on it previous by the previous owner and i had to take that bracketry off so i ended up having

There’s a big torque big impact um and you do need a torque wrench apparently i didn’t use a torque wrench because uh i’m awesome and i’m cool and if you’re cool and awesome you don’t need a torque wrench but anyway um but yeah for the most part that’s pretty much all you need nine sixteenths six millimeter allen wrench nine sixteenths wrench at 9 16 socket um

Some type of way to cut it it recommends a razor knife not scissors because scissors crush it and when the scissors cut they they cut to an angle um anyway razor knife 9 16 wrench ratchet wrench whatever you can get wire cutters for the zip ties uh 9 16 deep socket and you’ll need a i believe it’s a half inch for the valve stem to tighten those this is what i

Used you don’t have to use one of these that’s just what i used because i have them um and i don’t want to torque on them too much so hand torque works great anyway so here’s the video all right guys welcome back half fast 719. i’m gonna be installing these on the dodge you can see it says dodge ram 2500 3500 kit number seven five seven two nine five um five

Seven two nine seven eight eight two nine five eight eight two nine seven eight eight two nine five and we got the kit 8829f so 8829 what what’s going on here why can’t 88295f which is 88295 it’s one of those it’s the middle one the middle one uh i’m fine i don’t reach that far anyway i’m going to go through the instructions real quick probably not with you guys

So i’ve got three choices this is just the standard one zinc sink plate this is the one i got the ultimate then this is the ultimate plus comes with steel braided lines which whatever um anyway there’s the components that’s how it’s supposed to look installed tools um tool list blah blah blah jack the truck up removing the joust bumper miner already removed um

But i’m gonna flip through this really quick read some junk read some stuff and uh basically just get under there and install it so i’ll just i’ll just show you my truck real quick ouch anyway this is my mega cab you could see i already have schrader valves out here right there boys let me get under the truck i just lost my glasses anyway you could see i have

Red lines already going all right i don’t know where i was at some kid wanting to make some money for me to vote or something to that effect i don’t get involved in politics anyway i have lines they already installed it looks like a firestone kit looks like it was already here so what i got to do is i just got to take this bracketry off here bracketry off over

There and uh mine’s going to be a little more labor intense i guess you could say i am not using these lines if you just saw how much dirt came out of there so i’m gonna have to pull these lines out oh man oh man you see how much dirt coming out of that okay i’m not using these lines so what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna cut all these zip ties off camera obviously

Cut all those and uh yeah just start getting into it not sure how much you guys will see how much i’ll show you but uh yeah basically i just need to take these allens out cut all the zip ties and uh basically i just got to remove these lines all the way back to here oh my let’s pinch it anyway oh man def look at that yeah gotta love df that’s what you guys are

Breathing this is what america and people are breathing all this crap all this white toxic stuff because of def but it’s good for your environment shut up so i don’t get into all the politics all right guys i’m gonna just start getting into it don’t know how much you’ll see like i said but um yeah i might just throw them on and call good and then just show

You guys what i did all right uh i’ll be back or i’ll be back well guys i’m kind of at a standstill so i assembled these so those brackets i have to install on the truck but these bolts oh i cannot get these allen bolts out so i’ve already twisted one allen wrench i’m just trying to get under here real quick with an impact maybe let’s see i sprayed the top of

Them with wd-40 these bolts those allen set screws they will not budge at all as you can see i have the other one here so i’m gonna try sticking an impact to it and uh yeah let’s see let’s see what we got let’s see where i can set you that might work i might not see if i can get in here and of course not maybe the front i don’t want to one an extension or

Nothing where am i i’m gonna get a bigger one and i’ll probably break that socket i’ll back i don’t know if you guys will be able to see it or not but going anywhere let’s see got the biggins still recording sure am good okay we’re gonna break that little socket but whatever suck it my brother for the wind again man oh this thing’s hot got it out so

They are locked tight right they do have loctite on them so i’m gonna eat them with a torch and uh see if i can’t loosen that loctite up and zip them all out with the big put the big in i’ll be back all right guys got the airbags just mocked up in here ended up getting all those bolts out a little heat and a big impact so got it in here so now i just need to

Get the brackets and uh uh i gotta loosen these bolts because i don’t read the instructions it says leave these loose until you get it all in there and um get it all in there centered and then you can run it how you want it it says you’re supposed to have it like tilted or something stupid i don’t know why i don’t know why you wouldn’t want it just straight up

And down since i don’t know i didn’t build it so anyway we’ll get brackets put it all in and then i’ll probably just run all the wiring or the hoses and uh yeah go from there so i’ll be back all right it’s the next morning got her all done one-handed airbag airbag ended up having to use a different exhaust clamp look at the lines ran i’m gonna buy a a t a t

So that um i can just run them both off of one and then this way if an airbag blows out it won’t be all lopsided and that’s the stupid heat shield but we’re all in we’re holding pressure i’m gonna go for a drive i’ll go for a drive i got eight pounds i’m gonna go pick up my trailer and then possibly pick up a parts tractor little yanmar parts tractor for my

Tractor so waiting for the guy to message me but more than likely i’m probably gonna go get my trailer anyway i’m gonna leave here once i have some food cooked and uh come home start installing windows and hopefully uh kid will come look at my uh whatever that’s called breaker box breaker panel about upgrading it to a newer bigger newer bigger one so anyway

I’m gonna go pick up the trailer and everything see you guys on the next video i don’t know what the next video will be maybe doing fork seals there’s a lot of videos out there doing fork seals i got a lot of to put on i want to change the oil in it i think my brother-in-law said he just changed it but you guys know me i like to do it just to know um tools you

Will need for the ah i’ll i’ll do another video do it in the intro anyway all right guys thanks for watching subscribe stay tuned for the next video later

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2010 Ram 2500 Mega Cab 6.7 Cummins Gets Airlift Air Bags Ultimate 5000 Pound Helper By Halffast719