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All right guys as you guys can see i got the two fans out now my original thinking on this was when i actually spliced and put in the the the one plug that wasn’t a match to the other plug i was thinking to myself that both six cylinders one’s a hybrid one’s not a hybrid what could be the difference as far as you know voltage fan speed they’re all they’re both

Designed to cool the engine and the condenser right for a 6-0 hybrid why would there be a difference in the fan except for maybe the plug because one’s a hybrid one’s not a hybrid but as you guys can see there is a difference as you guys can see this fan right here seems to have a bigger motor a different sized motor the motor looks different you guys can see

The pattern on the motor it’s a little bit different from this this seems to be a smaller motor it seems to be a smaller motor all right now i wasn’t worried about the plug since when the plug wasn’t a matching plug to the one that is in the vehicle that came with the vehicle but it seems to me that the computer might might might be reading it as a different fan

And both fans are on all the time etc etc um so again yeah as you can see the plugs are different too the plugs are different on here the plugs are different the plugs are different uh this motor seems to be bigger than this motor like i i don’t know why they would do it that way this motor does not have this this one for just the regular six does not have the

Two um a spot for the two fan computers this one does so so you know me switching it out should actually just correct the prom with the fan with the fans constantly on on top of that if you guys can see the blades on here these blades are thinner the ones on a non-hybrid are thinner than the ones on the hybrid i don’t know how much of a difference that makes it

Probably will make a difference it probably wouldn’t well no no no i’m wrong on that because the the blades are different the blades are different for each fan this one has a bigger blade okay the blades are pretty much the same the blades are the same on here the design pattern is different the fans this seems to be have this seems to have a bigger the new the

The the one that’s supposed to fit into the hybrid has seems to have a bigger fan so if you guys ever run into this problem where you guys need a fan and you got to go to autozone and they say that they don’t have the hybrid and you think maybe the regular fan should work on both you’re going to spend 200 um on something that you probably need to correct later

On which is probably just to buy another fan this fan from ebay cost me like 100 bucks 116. this one cost me 220. uh there’s no way i’m gonna be able to return this even though autozone has one hell of a return posse on most things uh but i wouldn’t be doing it anyway since i actually got three months use of it um you know it’s junk it is what it is sometimes

It happens sometimes it happens that’s the way it happens sometimes uh it is what it is and i did get three about three months use of it it was a very very very hot summer but i’m gonna put this back in guys have any comments leave a comment in the comment section uh please subscribe and please give me a thumbs up alright guys take care

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