2010 Toyota Tundra Platinum Review

View photos and more info at This is a 2010 Toyota Tundra with 6-Speed A/T transmission Silver[01D6,Silver Sky Metallic] color and Black interior color. This video is recorded and uploaded by cDemo Mobile Inspector

Hello folks welcome to sherwood park toledo located at thirty-one autumn all rodent sherwood park alberta canada today i’m gonna be showing you this 2010 toyota tundra platinum now the most suitable features on this platinum is its power moonroof its navigation system along with its heated and cooled front seats now i’m gonna go through a couple more features on

The inside and outside of the vehicle just to get you better familiar with this 2010 toyota tundra platinum let’s get started now a couple of the exterior features that you will see on this platinum is its daytime running lights you also have your fog lamps taking a closer look on the front bumper you are going to see your parking sensors your block heater will

Just be located over there as well and you have your 20 inch aluminum alloy wheels now you also have your running boards taking a look up top you have your foldable mirrors as well as your heated mirrors and the couple we’re going to be taking a look at today is silver now to start off with we’re gonna be taking a look at your front – as well as your front seats

Just so you have a much better idea of how much space there is now you have your black leather into your seat surfaces with your power driver seat with lumbar support over on your left hand side you will see your mirror controls power folding mirror and then you’ll also find your power tilt telescopic steering wheel as well now on the inside of your driver’s side

Door you have your seat memory controls along with your window locks power locks and winter controls now a couple of the controls you’ll see here on the steering wheel include your volume control seat function mode select bluetooth voice recognition and your cruise control now i’m just gonna close in on the exact kilometers just so i can show you exactly what it’s

Currently sitting at now if you take a look just on your bottom left or right hand side sorry you’ll see your traction control on it off as well as your open and close for your powered rear window now if we take a look years senator – as well as your touch panel display you’ll see a couple of different options on here as you can see on the left hand side you have

Your hazard lights as well as your info and select and setup but you also have your sonar so you can turn on and off your parking sensors so if we take a look up at the top there as you can see in that top right hand corner there it’ll actually show you if your parking sensors have actually been turned on now with that info button it’s actually going to show up

Just on your multi informational display with that distance to empty as well as couple of other additional features now as you can see with your center – here you do have your navigation system but if you go inside the setup menu you’ll see your general clock voice nav and a couple of other additional features it does have that premium jbl sound system dual zone

Climate control settings with your usb and auxiliary input heated and cooled front seat release for your driver and passenger with three different settings depending on how hot or how cool you would like it now it’s matted to a automatic transmission you’ll also find the toe hall feature just on the side here and if we take a look just at the top here you have your

Auto dimming rear view mirror with antegrade garage door opener and digital compass but you’ll also find your open and closed as well as you tilt up a non feature for your power moonroof sunglass case holder and then i’m just gonna close in on the multi enforcer here touch panel display so when you put it into reverse as you can see this is where your backup camera

Will show up and you have that nice back view of the vehicle just to make things much easier for you when you’re backing into a stall or if you’re trying to hook up your trailer finally we’ll be taking a look at your rear cargo area as well as your tailgate now located on your rear bumper you’re going to see your parking sensors just located right across you have

Your connectors for your towing spare tire will be located underneath your rear bumper on the back of the tailgate you have the back up camera as well as the log at the tailgate now closing in on the rear cargo space as you can see you have that carbon cover in the back here i should say the tonneau cover so the nice thing with that is that you can actually have

It folded up just in case you have some cargo that’s sitting in the back that sits a little higher and then you can have it strapped down just let the front there if you’re not using it the other nice thing with that is if like today in particular if it’s raining out and you don’t want your cargo boat necessarily getting wet then that tonneau cover definitely

Comes in handy now as you can see you have those cleats just on the side as well as on the front there that’s part of your bed rail system so the nice thing with those cleats is that you can actually read us and then place them all in one side of the bed rail system take them out all together just spending what your needs are for with the cargo and then over on

Your left right front and back side you’re gonna see a couple of areas where you can tie down some loose cargo just so it’s not shifting your back while you’re driving thank you so much folks for watching this video today if you have any questions on this 2010 toyota tundra platinum please visit us we’re located at 31 audubon road in sherwood park alberta canada

The phone number is seven eight oh four one zero two four five five or please visit our website at sp toyota comm get us by email once again folks thank you so much for watching this video today if you have any comments or any additional questions please leave them in the comments section located down below then that makes you have a great day and i hope to see you next time

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2010 Toyota Tundra Platinum Review By Sherwood Park Toyota