2011 AUDI A4 2L TURBO | Great mix of sporty and luxury

Movement EP 001 | 2011 AUDI A4 2L TURBO.

Welcome to a new 10 part series of the new motorsports kenya car show now in this year’s are going to the grade on track we’re going to be going off-roading we’re going to be having many many challenges and most importantly we’re going to be reviewing normal normal road cos now today we have the audi air for 2011 2-liter turbo with the 80 series there

Are four platforms in this particular one from 1966 to 1994 there’s the b1 b2 b3 and before and this ones were known mostly for their boxy design with the second-generation how he came up with the audi a4 series there’s the b5 b6 b7 b8 that were here with us today and the b9 platform so in a b8 platform howdy produce many engines for this car now

You could get here at 1.8 liter turbo a 2 liter turbo like what we have here a 3 liter supercharged or a 3.2 liter na now this is always going to be the beast the rs4 iris what came out with a 4.2 liter v8 sadly that’s what we have what we have with us today this is only 200 horsepower but you know 200 horsepower nairobi roads it works we’re going

To go on the roads today we’re going to see it working now one advantage of the audi a4 is a quattro system 7-speed s-tronic gearbox when i tell you that this thing works on our canyon roads without too much power trust me it works well this been an s-line package you get certain differences from the regular audi air for now some of the differences

Is such as suspension you guys can see this audi air force it’s a little bit lower than the normal odf oh another difference is the wheels this one comes in 18-inch rims and these are dorsal right here making it look a little bit wider another difference is at the back you have a boot spoiler that makes it look more sport if you’re after looks with a

Already been more of a daily driver you know you need practicality so let’s talk about the trunk the trunk is a foreigner and 80 litre capacity trunk now when i talk about 180 liters might be a little bit hard to understand but just think of it you could pour 4 and 80 liters inside here and it can fit now physically you could fit golf clubs in here you

Could fit large suitcases in here and most importantly you actually have a spare wheel you know many cars you see nowadays don’t really come in spares come with all these fancy gadgets terryback it pumps butter this at least you’re sure if you go in machine ani you’re safe so of all see you next year of the audi a4 let’s all see how it drives when

It comes to the transmission the audi a4 has launch control which is a bit of a gimmick but it works so – pretty much control you put it in sports turn off traction foot hard in the brake it rise to 3,000 rpm so you lose it for 100 in around 6.3 seconds which isn’t too bad i see also depicts the great falls are really good so if you’re looking for

Something in sporting this walk for you personally this is one of my favorite cars for very many reasons so i’m gonna give you a couple of reasons why i really like the air for one if you’re looking for a very comfortable daily driver considering your options such as the bmw 320i of the mercedes benz c 200 the cgi variant my personal opinion would be

Go for the audi reason being it’s very sophisticated when it comes to its looks like from the leds at the front and the interior field now this is an s line trim in the s line trim the interior is kinda like blacked out so you have abc pillars that are black and the roof line is also black the seats you also have an s line badge on the seats and the

Seats actually really nice there are kind of like bucket seats so they hold you in place or even if you take a corner they hold you very well so it’s kind of nice another reason someone would consider and how dfo the audi a4 the 2-liter turbo quattro can be considered to be sort of like a sporty sedan now i’d call it a sporty sedan for 200 horsepower

But you know you should also consider you could get an audi s4 you could get a bmw three could get a c63 but you see for daily driver that’s kind of economical and refined like right now i’m doing i’m doing 50 kilometers per hour and you know the refinement you guys can hear me very well but as soon as i as soon as i opened my window see you could

Barely hear what i’m saying because the car insulates rude noise very well which is quite nice but all german cars do this from your hook so against you mercedes they all insulate you very well and you also feel very secure and when it comes to the safety of the air for and other german cars this guy is a very particular comes to safety safety is

Always number one priority you know other manufacturers especially from japan they might decide to cut some costs here and there so if you buy in your 80 old car from japan you only get two airbags and maybe abs by knowing you’re getting a german car you get all the features from esp you have ten ten airbags plus you have traction control you have

All these features now with the f4 you also get the quattro system now let’s talk a little bit about the quattro system quattro basically means all wheel drive all wheel drive you guys know it all wheel drive is all wheel drive is whereby it powers all four wheels and if it detects sleep it can send more power to one side or the other side and if you

Lose traction the car can actually save you so if you’re driving around in the rain or if you’re driving in the mud god forbid you drive around in the mud because if you drive in an audi why would you be mudding around when it comes to safety with the air for the quattro system is actually very very nice and we know it came out in the with the audi 80

Series back in the nineteen eighties webite won a lot of group b rallies if you guys are fond of rallies and you’ve watched howdy when the group b rally is back in the day those guys only had like 300 horsepower just okay the sam which had like 500 horsepower but back then the restrictions were notice strict us today but when the audi a4 not an audi

A4 when the audi 80 series came out to the quattro system this guys dominated the whole series was a quattro system it’s amazing one of the reasons amazing is a normal oil drive system has a transfer case that’s very heavy and the oil drive system is always very bulky but when how the engineers came out with the quattro system it was a smaller unit

Everything was housed in one transmission unit so everything was behind the engine now when it comes to the quattro system again there were two types of quattro pocket currently there two types of quadrille there’s those that come in the linear engine variants and these those in the transverse engines with the transverse engines these are somewhat

Like the audi tt at audi tt-rs howdy rs3 so these are the engines that are left to right so you have the gearbox on the complete left and they attach to a sort of transfer case that can send power to the back now these are primarily front-wheel drive cars but if you detects if the car detects slip it can engage a clutch pack and send power to the

Rear so with these transverse engines you get the boost of best of both worlds so if you’re looking for very good daily driver lots maybe a little bit economical and fun to drive and you can track it if you want to it’s a perfect car but with the linear engines which is such as the audi a4 the audi a5 a6 the linear engines whereby engine is front to

Back so if you open the hood on this one you’ll see it’s quite a long car and so with the transmission in this it’s behind the engine so you get a sort of tunnel in between you so if you have a passenger you’ll notice you have a hump so when makes the car feel cocooned in here so the transmission is quite big in this transmission is from the engine

All the way to around cuts in some around here then connects to a prop shaft to the back now when when how dat series came out this was the pioneer in od system the audi quattro system was very original to this which makes it back to its origin so let’s talk a little bit about a transmission now the transmission is a 7-speed s-tronic gearbox it’s

A dsg gearbox what a dsg gearbox is it’s a dual clutch gearbox so with a dual clutch gearbox you have two sets of clutches you have clutch set a and you have clutch set b clutch set air has the odd number of gears so like we this is a 7-speed so with cloud set it you have gear one year three gear five and gear seven with even with an even gear set a

Clock set b here of two four and six so let me see if i can demonstrate what it does now with this type of system let’s say you’re driving around in fifth gear or let’s say fourth gear you’re driving around in fourth gear so if you drive around in fourth gear fifth gear and third gear are always going to be pre-engaged so if you shift down it’s very

Immediate so you see shift down you accelerate it’s very immediate in quite a lot of fun so the shifts the advantages the shifts are very quick but yes it’s a very fun gearbox and if you’re a car enthusiast you’ll have a lot of fun with this especially if you like dsg fads like all like all vw audi guys but when it comes to reliability of the 7-speed

In this particular one this one comes it’s something called a dry clutch system and they are known to after a hundred thousand kilometers 150,000 kilometers delaware the clutch pack will wear out so you need to think about our when it comes to servicing but you know okay my transmits a lot of fun now when it comes to the engine of the audi it’s only

A 200 horsepower cookie 211 horsepower engine it’s only 211 horsepower but from a 2-liter turbocharged engine you get quite a lot of performance out of it the main reason being it has quite a lot of talk it has 350 newton meters of torque and you can feel the torque coming in from around 1,500 rpm yeah 15 rpm to around 5,000 rpm is when you feel most

Of it most of the grunt of the car now the reason i’m talking about torque is you know i talked about this being more of a daily driver when it comes to being a daily driver you need to talk double cars are good at producing talk now when you’re driving around and you feel like overtaking someone they push you feel when you’re driving that’s what

That’s what torque is how fast the car pushes you along now you guys always know hey don’t if you guys know but turbo diesel cars have a lot of talk if you guys have driven a land rover the turbo diesel’s one or the prado with the turbo diesel you know what i’m talking about also another reason talk about talk talk also comes in pulling power so

With tractors plus 100y tractors are diesels and only produce 40 horsepower but they have a lot of talk they say the 2-liter turbo is not the most reliable engine this is a fact for all all the air for drivers especially the pre 2011 ones this odd this how these came out of the factory cut a lot of difference now some of the defects are akima the

Audio such as undersized pistons in the engine so the undersides pistons this cars had a lot of issues with oil consumption whereby all would seep through the pistons and you know it gets a lot of misfires you get a lot of blue smoke in the exhaust and many guys didn’t really know what was going on so in 2011 how do you correct this in japan and all

The other markets whereby they recall the cars and fix the issue so if you buy an audi a4 from 2011 it should be quite safe now another issue apart from the pistons is a timing chain most guys who buy cars in kenya you buy a second-hand car sell seven-year-old car six year old cars et old cars and most of them come from singapore or japan mileage is

Always going to be an issue this cars come in the round averaging around a hundred thousand kilometers with these howdy’s they have a timing chain system a timing chain system needs to be replaced every roughly hundred thousand kilometers so you import in your car make sure that timing chain service is a one thing you do reason being if the timing

Chain or to snap you do a lot of damage to your engine you probably need to buy a new slim engine which is going to cost you way more than what a timing chain is going to cost you some other issues i talked about misfires misfires are always going to be common in all vwd groups vehicles especially the coil parkes coil parts fail after some time so

You may think about changing coil packs and oil consumption always also is also a bit of an issue but apart from all these issues it’s not a bad car comfortable reliable if you take good care of it it performs well economic economy 2-liter turbo right now we are doing 8.4 kilometers per litre but trust me i’ve driven this car a couple of times you

Could do 14 kilometers per litre if you wish so it’s something that it just depends on your it depends on your right leg which is just depends now when it comes to competition i talked about the bmw 320i mercedes-benz c 200 cgi if you’re looking for a driver focused car you probably go for the bmw if you’re looking for elegance you probably go for

The bends but if you’re looking for something that’s all around something that stands out from the crowd something that’s a little bit more unique something that’s very tunable is how these are aged in a balloon if you guys attend my single tti no hole you can through this who come for my single tt you see the audi’s are performed there they’re very

Similar to this but this one is stock but at one point we are very similar to this so when it comes to performance modes it’s very friendly so guys this is going to be a 10 part series i want you guys in the comments section to list down five cars you guys would like to see it can be anything even if it means us flying down to south africa or europe

And reviewing a couple of cars it’s all about having fun so that marks the end of the video today i hope you guys have enjoyed so please like share subscribe to our channel more content is coming soon this car have been spectacular hopefully the next cars on the show you guys are all to enjoy same way i enjoy the cars so next time

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2011 AUDI A4 2L TURBO | Great mix of sporty and luxury! By Daimlar Motorsports Kenya