2011 Audi A7 First Drive

The Audi A7 Sportback is an executive car / mid-size luxury car produced by Audi.

Ever since the introduction of the midsize luxury sedan the design has kind of stayed the same you’ve got a hood a cabin and a trunk this is what designers call a three box design cars like the 5 series bmw the e-class from mercedes in the audi a6 i’ll use this 3 box design there have been recent changes to the tried-and-true sedan to make them more appealing like

Taking the silhouette of a coupe and grafting it onto a four-door car with vehicles like the mercedes cls the passat cc and the hyundai sonata basically taking a sedan and smoothing it out now there’s even a newer trend to add a hatch the bmw 550 gt and most notably the porsche panamera have turned the luxury sedan into something completely unique well this is

The all-new audi a7 a car that’s being able to combine all three you’ve got a luxury sedan with a coupe silhouette and now a hatch that makes access to the back even easier this audi a7 is built off the same platform as the new audi a6 it’s kind of like getting a porsche panamera on the cheap but don’t be confused the a7 and the panamera have nothing in common they

Don’t share common architecture the regular sedan is going to be fading away as people don’t want to be limited by that traditional three-box design this is the answer the a7 has a very well hidden hatch in the design but once open it reveals a large space only limited by the rake of the rear window the back seats fold for more room and there is a ski bag for tidy

Or transport when closed it’s hard to tell there’s a hash at all just like the panamera there’s a rear spoiler that’s deployed it speeds over a hundred and thirty kilometres an hour and drops down at speeds below eighty kilometres an hour or it could be manually operated well the inside of the audi a7 is a rolling showcase of luxury and refinement everything we’ve

Come to expect from audi now front and literally centre is this screen the multimedia interface or mmi from audi and this pop-out screen and the whole architecture of the inside is very similar to the new audi a8 one of the most unique wood applications is the oak trim that has a matte finish showing the grain and texture of the wood the centre console also has a

New touchpad four preset radio stations but it also lets the driver enter the address and the navigation by simply swiping letters onto the pad the mmi or multimedia interface system is in my opinion the best computer system in the business today because it’s so intuitive and simple to use just spend a day with this car and you’ve got it mastered now just like a

Coupe there’s no window frames that gives it a kind of a sexy look now backseat space headroom definitely is at a bit of a premium legroom seems okay but not nearly the ample space you get in a porsche panamera that is absolutely massive in the back but just like the panamera it’s only a four seater car there’s no seat in the back so if you’re somebody that takes

Extra kids to soccer practice you don’t want an audi a7 you want an audi q7 now as i mentioned the audi a7 and the porsche panamera have similarities in design and the approach to the way they look but that’s really where the similarity ends his automakers have had to improve their fuel efficiency to meet tougher regulations and customers demanding more from each

Tank of fuel the era of the v8 is slowly fading this car is a supercharged 3 litre v6 with 310 horsepower and 315 foot-pounds of torque that’s more than bmws 535 the power comes on with a whoosh that is so relaxing and effortless that you’ll never miss a v8 engine it pulls from lights with ease and is a brute on the highway really an amazing engine how’s this zero

To 100 kilometres an hour in just five point four seconds that’s nice but that’s not all now how do so has an optional system called drive select literally just that you can select the kind of drive that you want you can drill into the car settings you know comfort you can have an automatic setting the changes depending on the road conditions and also dynamic or

What i like is individual you might want the steering to be heavier and the throttle to be lighter and the suspension to be softer or any combination of those the only problem is when you get the steering into the dynamic or stiffer setting it can feel a little bit artificial almost like it’s too heavy on purpose but it is a cool system and worth the extra money

There’s an optional package that provides added safety and convenience for things like blind spot warning crash avoidance and adaptive cruise control this allows the car to creep in traffic without the driver going back and forth from the guest of the brake he got a bit that’s pretty handy i’ve been saying it for quite a while i believe the days of the traditional

Sedan are fading away you just have to look at vehicles like the new bmw x1 that takes a bmw 3-series in a crossover and mashes them together it starts at just over $68,000 so it’s a good-looking date and it’s a cheaper date that’s a win-win how does the a7 stack up to its competitors see all the reviews at driving television calm

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2011 Audi A7 First Drive By Wheelsca Official Channel