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2011 Audi RS5

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Winner of the 2020 Local business awards for the most oustanding business in an Automotive Sector!

Ladies and gentlemen my name is richard simons here at the old timer center in rydelmere what a hot-looking audi rs5 this is this is absolutely stunning in arctic white black wheels big panos sunroof just a beautiful car with the audi stainless steel wing mirrors that have even got the audi emblem that somebody is very enthusiastically put on there the old timer

Center has been buying and selling audis for 28 and a half years which means we’re getting pretty good at it we’re getting good at finding absolutely immaculate examples my offsider christian peggy founded the audi car club here in new south wales and he looked over this car and he said what what an example it is it’s in immaculate condition the adjustable boot

Spoiler that pops up there it’s very well priced pirelli tires perforated steering wheel and it’s only travelled just 100 000 kilometers the sport seats it is just gorgeous the condition and inside the 20-inch wheels we’ll just pop the boot open oh no we won’t because we need the key to unlock it um it’s because the key is actually in the ignition i love the

Fact that these seats they’re all electric and this section here you can just adjust that to come out a little bit further it’s a factory four-seater car ladies and gentlemen they started this series in about 08 this car’s got the additional bang olufsen sound upgrade and doesn’t it sound fantastic navigation bluetooth parking cameras paddle shifter transmission

Both original keys let’s get around let’s get a bit excited about this rs5 isn’t a beautiful day here down in rydlemy with the mcdonald’s wrappers all over the ground sorry about that automatic headlights it’s not been detailed yet it’s got memory electric chairs ladies and gentlemen i love the pearl white it really is beautiful there’s that beautiful big v8

Petrol driven engine you can see there there’s your original vin number there’s not a lot about this car that i don’t like and i think you will have to agree let’s start it up and let’s have a listen to it you would have to agree it’s one of the best sounding engines oh my god there’s your spoiler adjustment so we’ll pop that there pop it in reverse there’s our

Nice camera stick the navigator on so we can have a bit of a look at the map and everything’s working beautifully it’s got a jukebox in it as well i don’t know what that is really all about let’s pop the boot as we said we were going to hello hello there’s that spoiler we’ll have a look inside the back it’s got fold down rear seats which is a great option you can

See there there’s the id card australian compliance plate november 11 july 11 is the bill date you can see there it’s got a million codes there 331 kilowatts all-wheel drive this is a bloody beast ladies and gentlemen so my name’s richard simons i’m a jp i love doing what i do we won the local business award here in the parramatta region for the most outstanding

Business in an automotive sector we’re also the only australian car dealer to be a finalist in this year’s australian small business champions award we’re very thorough about what we buy we love what we do we’ll only buy the best cars in the best colors we have a hoist of our own in our showroom isn’t that sexy that washer jet that comes up there and washes

Your headlights 95699 isn’t that cool as well the little emblem there on the side whoo just horny isn’t it excuse me hello mr bike riders you might need a car so here in rydell me we’re at 29 to 31 antoine street ridelmir since 1994 we’ve been around parramatta rivers there the fairy wharf the concrete works and the jail is behind there the blue brake calipers

Look very nice on this car and it’s a good size it’s got a good boot you can fold the seats down go to bunnings and buy something and still go north 100 in one second or whatever it is tinted windows you can talk to us about finance packages mechanical insurance packages whatever you like we’ll detail it give you a warranty if you want one of these extended

Warranties because cars older than 10 years older new south wales don’t get the dealer warranty but you can buy one for a grand or two they’re not too bad and we look forward to meeting you if you’re on youtube go to and don’t forget it’s got automatic climate control different different sports settings i just want to show you before we finish off

You can see here comfort individual and dynamic so you can change the suspension setup and so forth we’ll probably give it a service before it goes as well and have a great day ladies and gents see you soon

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2011 Audi RS5 By Oldtimer Centre