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Hey this is mike if you’re looking for a higher end uh chevrolet truck this one might interest you it’s a 2011 silverado in white and it’s pretty much loaded with a lot of stuff it looks immaculate it’s in really good condition it’s four wheel drive z71 ltz is the trim package it’s got a towing package there flex fuel see what the bed looks like you’ve got a

Bed uh bed mat there and uh c71 now check out the interior got the uh like this gray leather it looks really nice and you got a got a little cup holders there um seats lift up so you can put stuff there if you’d like and you’ve got a power supply a little pocket right here and then you’ve got a cup holder that flips down there in case you need that and you

Got your little pockets here in the back of the front seats got that wood wood trim there power windows all right let’s look at the front you got a little uh bottle holder there pocket there power doors when uh door locks windows stuff like that you got the memory seats and stuff you got the electric seats automatic headlights here’s your four-wheel drive

Controls you got tilt steering all right let’s come in here wow these are comfortable seats turn the radio down all right have you got that wood look at that wood grain it looks really nice you’ve got the leather wrapped steering wheel here we’ve got some controls here on the steering wheel you got volume controls here and there’s your gauges your odometer

Is reading 22171 right now you got your digital compass and your digital temperature okay and here you’ve got some pockets here or a big pocket and then you’ve got the cup holders and uh here yeah you have like a big arm rest here and has like a pocket in the center it goes in a little bit and this lifts up and you’ve got a usb power and a regular power and

A pretty good size a deep pocket there and uh let’s see here we’ve got the garage door controls you’ve got lights here you’ve got a onstar capability there you’ve got there where the the mirror here and the visor with the lights turn on when you open that up and of course that’s on the same on the other side and uh let’s see here i’m gonna put it in reverse

Doors lock and you’ve got a backup camera there to help you uh hook up to your trailer or whatever and it shows up right in the rearview mirror i don’t know how well you can see it on camera but it shows right there all right all right yeah the just the whole general feel of this thing uh oh yeah by the way it’s got the bose premium sound system and uh i would

Play it but i don’t think it’ll do justice on the uh when you hear it on that on this little camera that i’m recording on none of these dishes are tuned in oh there we go but um but yeah it’s got a really good sound system it’s got dual climate control here and here for you know your passenger and you and um adjustable foot pedals you can adjust those in and

Out so like say if you have your chair positioned you know comfortably with the steering wheel you and the the the pedals just don’t feel quite white you can um adjust the pedals in or out using that button and um you’ve got your two power supplies here but yeah the overall feel of this vehicle is just quality i mean the seats are quality the steering wheel

Feels every this thing is just a quality truck and um you know just the higher end type truck it’s not a this is definitely not a cheapo so um so yeah if you want to come test drive it um let me know my phone number and email address will be in the description and uh so i’ll see you next time let me know

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