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2011 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 4X4 Crew Cab

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Used 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 4X4 Crew Cab that seats 5 with a 5.7L V-8 engine in a Dark Grey stone color. Low KMS and is in excellent condition. Inside it features 2 tone cloth seating throughout with excellent styling, power adjustable seats, power windows, locks, mirrors, cruise control, A/M, F/M, Sirius XM radio, 12V and 115V plug. There is a large centre console with plenty of storage and room throughout. If you would like to have a better look at it come on down to Ponoka Chrysler located on the south end of Ponoka just off of HWY 2A.

Hi this is sarah with pinocchio chrysler today i’m going to take you guys and walk around on a used 2011 dodge ram 1500 slt 4×4 with crew cab under the hood it has a 5.7 liter v8 engine with a five-speed automatic this truck has just over 66 000 kilometers on it as we’re coming down the front it has some nice chrome detailing with your automatic headlights and

Fog lights and then some tow hooks down in the front here as well we’re going around this side you’re going to be riding on a set of 20 inch chrome rims with firestone destination tires you have your disc brakes on all fours and then going down the side we have a chrome step running board with again that chrome detailing also have a chrome signal light on the

Side of the mirror here and the mirrors are heated as well i’m gonna grab the keys and we’ll go on inside and have a look at what we got on the inside helping you into this dodge ram 1500 we have our keyless entry so i’m gonna unlock it and go on inside and see what else it has to offer all right so you guys have a look on the door here we have our power windows

Unlock and lock and our power windows it’s also a compartment in the bottom with drink holders as well going around to the driver’s seat we have our power adjustments there and then we have cloth two-toned seats they’re really nice we have we also have the two-tone styling throughout which is really nice as well looks really sleek i’m just gonna hop on inside and

We’ll see what else just bear with me for a second here all right so now that we’re on the inside i’m just gonna start the truck see up here we have our odometer and speed um gauges there so this truck has just over 67 000 on it and if you look here on the steering wheel you have your menu buttons to go through everything up in there you also have your outside

Temperature and your compass so we’re facing north and it’s 20 degrees outside such a beautiful day you have your cruise control down here on the steering wheel and then as we go into the center here you have your radio and cd player you also have your sirius xm radio as well down in here you have your tow and haul your traction control your hazards and then you

Have that 115 volt outlet as well which that will turn on down here you have all of our climate controls so you you’re with your ac and your defrost down in the center console area here we have some storage bins and then you also have some cup holders as well your center console you can open it up once and then you have um a power outlet in here 12 volt and

Then you open it a second time and then it is a deeper storage bin as well upon here we have a power button right there sorry that will open the back window for you nice feature all right so that is the front of our uh 2011 dodge ram 1500 so you guys wanna come on with me to the back and we’ll see what we have going on back there okay so here we are in the back

We have our power window button on the door here and then there’s a small uh storage down in the door here as well and also right in there this is a really nice clean truck there’s lots of um floor space there so lots of leg room and then you have your map holders on the back of both seats down here you also have another 12 volt plug and then some cup holders

On the floor there as well the seats have a 60 40 split and there is a compartment here that you can pull down and it acts as armrests are also drink holders there’s a spacious back seat with lots of room and then again there’s that back window that opens as well for extra airflow okay going around to the box of the truck you have a nice hard cover there that

Folds on back keep everything nice and inside your box that way if you’re hauling things you don’t want them to fly around or get dirty that keeps everything nice and protected coming down here you have the nice step back bumper and then you have your dual exhaust as well and then also your trailer plugs and your tow package went around the side there again you

Have that nice chrome step there and then we’ll go on the passenger side here in the back whoops lots of space as well those two tone seats and then again that 60 40 split sorry the sun’s kind of messing with my video a bit i’m not complaining though because it’s such a nice day all right and on the passenger side here you got some storage compartments down

In the door there again also those power lock and unlock and power windows again have your glove boxes here there’s one up top here and then there’s also another one down in there that still has the manuals if you have a look beside the seat here there’s another compartment there as well all right so that’s our 2011 dodge ram 1500 4×4 crew cab if you have any

Questions or you want to talk with our sales team i come on down to pinocchio chrysler we also have a wonderful finance team that can help you out with any of your needs we’re located at the south end of ponoka just off of highway 2a thanks guys

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2011 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 4X4 Crew Cab By Ponoka Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram