2011 Ford Edge Review

The Ford Edge is a mid-sized crossover SUV (CUV) manufactured by the Ford Motor Company.

Well laci ever since the ford edge was introduced back in 2007 it’s been a huge hit it’s built in oakville ontario and it’s just the right size for many canadians as they’re looking for a vehicle that’s a little bit more upscale than say the older ford explorer now here we are in 2011 with a major refresh for this very successful vehicle not content to update the

Front and rear styling add a few interior tweaks and just call it a day nope ford went to town on this important people mover as they’re a company on a mission to provide industry-leading vehicles and innovation and on all of these fronts this new 2011 ford edge doesn’t disappoint in fact the updates were so dramatic that i chose it as my top pick in the mid-sized

Suv class for my latest book motormouth the complete canadian car buying guide lacey’s gonna get her autograph coffee in just a minute now the reason that the edge has been so successful is because of its size it’s roomy enough without being too bulky to park or maneuver even though the last model had a cohesive design this new model is more dramatic featuring a

Deeper grille more expressive headlights a wide array of reel options and overall tidier packaging the base model is only sold with front-wheel drive and starts at twenty-seven thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars the mid-range sel is offered with all-wheel-drive and it starts at just under 34 then there’s the limited and very aggressive looking sport wheel

Sizes on the base sel and limited are 17 or 18 inches either painted chrome or alloy the sport is fitted with 22 inch alloy wheels with black inserts now it could be argued that the outside updates really are secondary it’s the inside that sets his vehicle apart from its predecessor and the other vehicles in this class gone are the ill-fitting panels the stark

Looking center console and the cheap feeling plastic now for 2011 this edge has soft touch points on the dash doors and center console the one piece dashboard gives the impression of quality and this limited trim could compete with more expensive vehicles like the lexus rx not a three row vehicle like the ford flex or new explorer this five passenger configuration

Is perfect for most families and the space in the backseat in cargo area is ample now the biggest update to this ford edge is the available myford touch connectivity system with either voice commands the touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard here or by using buttons on the steering wheel this is all infotainment base with navigation phone satellite radio and

Everything available at literally your fingertips or through your voice it’s a rolling showcase of innovation just like the fusion hybrid there are two small screens on either side of the speedometer one side controls vehicle information the other entertainment and phone functions the five way buttons on the wheel controls these screens then there’s a large center

Screen which is divided into four sections for navigation heat radio and phone touch either section for more information or use voice commands to help keep the drivers hands on the wheel the base 3.5 liter v6 engine has a very impressive 285 horsepower and it really comes alive with the help of the shiftable 6-speed automatic transmission the 305 horsepower 3.7

Liter v6 that’s found in the sport model is the same engine equipped in the luxury version called the lincoln mkx so if you’re in the market for the lincoln mkx the less expensive edge might be worth a look most of the trim levels of the edge fall in the price range between thirty and forty thousand dollars so it’s right on par with the competition but the one

Thing that forward brings to the table is a high level of refinement it’s very refreshing and it brings the edge more upmarket it could be argued that the higher-end all-wheel-drive limited model for just under forty thousand is a bargain compared to the jeep grand cherokee and entry-level luxury vehicles i’m impressed with the improvements on this new edge the

Brakes are very smooth and they stop with authority and on the highway it’s incredibly comfortable and it passes with ease another reason to consider the edge is the suspension it’s a surprising balance between comfort and dynamics the new shocks springs and stabilizer bars improve handling but don’t make the ride harsh in fact the dampened ride is on par with

Many luxury vehicles as an example this test vehicle is fitted with winter tires but there’s no evidence of noise or diminished handling the edge always feels refined the improvements to the three and a half liter engine improved power but also fuel economy using eleven point two liters per 100 kilometers in the city and 7.4 on the highway in comparison that’s 15

Percent better than the nissan murano which uses a continuously variable transmission plus the edge has 20 more horsepower now i can vividly remember the original edge review i did back in 2007 actually you can go watch it at driving television calm basically my summary was this it does everything well it’s smooth its comfortable it’s going to be a nice size for

The average canadian family but it was rather basic now with this updated version it has gone from being basic to almost upscale especially when you look at this limited version almost bordering on entry-level luxury if you gave me this edge and you said this is gonna be your family car for the next five years i would be more than satisfied to drive it every day

So that top pick hey yeah well absolutely lacey there’s a lot to talk about with this new ford edge and for me and always centers on how does it drive and in that respect it really is improved they’ve done a lot to the suspension and it really feels connected to the road great on the highway and has a wonderful feel in the corners it doesn’t feel rolie polie like

North american cars of old also the inside is so much better and the old one had it was a nice feel of it had terrible gaps on the dash that’s all being cleaned up also the outside of its a handsome looking vehicle the overall shape is the same but they made it look beefier and then there’s the my for touch you know people come in they ask who are the leaders in

The auto industry and if you’re looking at connectivity and the inside the electronics that you can use on your vehicle ford is absolutely at the leading edge which leads me lacey to my dislike my ford touch it might be just a little bit too busy and show busy and it’s got voice commands i don’t like using voice commands i think that some younger people will love

It but a lot of people might just be overwhelmed what do you think well you know it’s a chi agree with you on the interior styling it’s absolutely stunning the fit and finish is beautiful and i really like the new steering wheel not only does it look good but it feels really good in my hands to the 3.5 liter engine is fantastic but i also really like the fact that

You have a choice of options you can get the more powerful 3.7 and later in the year the four-cylinder ecoboost will be available now on the downside the styling looks better but i got to be honest the front end just looks a little bit heavy and the nose is too big and it would be great if they offered a power liftgate on all of the models just not the higher-end

Trim levels and that my ford touch i agree with zack it’s a really cool amazing system but it is a lot of work and overwhelming in fact it takes like two seconds to press the button versus like 40 seconds to use the voice commands here’s the thing you know i think we’re creatures of habit my wife were a perfect example she is a vehicle that has just redundant

Radio controls like volume and also changing channels she never uses them she goes and turns it up in the center so we’re creatures of having and imposing this very advanced technology on people some people just go whoa it’s way too complex zack i just want to mention you are not alone you picked the edge as your top pick in your book just recently the automobile

Journalists association of canada picked the edge as their 2011 utility vehicle of the year way to go forward see all our reviews on the entire ford lineup and their competitors at driving television calm you

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