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2011 Ford F-350 Super Duty Lariat Crew Cab – Start-Up & Full Tour (Power Stroke 6.7/4X4)

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*As for the current aluminum-bodied F-250 through F-550 SD, an F-600 tier was recently introduced, slotting only below the F-650 which uses a different cab and chassis.

This video will be a full tour and documentation of this 2011 ford f-350 super duty lariat crew cab this s350 is painted in sterling gray metallic of course you got secure code also has power running boards aftermarket the front door panels do have storage areas and of course you got power windows door locks and mirrors also got power folding mirrors and the

Driver’s seat also has two-person memory this one has a black interior with leather seat upholstery and some camo seat covers both front seats are fully power adjusted and now that we’re behind the wheel let’s go ahead and start up that 6.7 power stroke on the key you’ve got the buttons for lock unlock panic and remote start dating back to 1948 the ford f

Series has been not only the best-selling pickup truck but also the best-selling vehicle in general in the u.s for decades the f series is incredibly popular and there’s one for just about everyone no matter what someone may need a truck for via towing recreational use off-roading construction work and so on there’s more than likely an f series that will perfectly

Suit the needs of any buyer who’s interested in a ford truck it currently ranges from the light duty half ton f-150 which is the most popular of all all the way up to the commercial class 7 f-750 for many years the f-150 had the same general styling as its three quarter ton and one ton counterparts for 1997 however that changed 97 saw the f-150 get a full redesign

And 1999 saw the f-250 and upgrade redesign but with separate styling from the f-150 these heavier duty trucks were also now branded as the f-series super duty to this day the f-150 still has different styling than the rest of the f-series lineup the first generation of the new f-series super duty lineup the f250 through f550 to be exact made its debut for 19.99

These trucks actually did not receive a 100 percent redesign until 2017 when an all new aluminum bodied second generation of swords was unveiled the 99 to 2016 super duty did however get plenty of changes and updates over the years to keep it up to date but if you park say a 99 f350 next to a 2016 f-350 you can definitely see the resemblance especially in the cab and

Bed structure so for 2011 the first gen super duty i’d say got its last significant update which built upon the 2008 refresh for one it received a brand new front end from the firewall forward also the 6.4 liter power stroke engine which had been used since 2008 was replaced with the new 6.7 liter power stroke which was the first power stroke engine to be developed

In-house by ford ford is still using this engine today so i’d say it was a success also for 2011 a new gas engine and a new transmission debuted the 2011 f-350 super duty comes as either a regular cab super cab or crew cab trim levels for 2011 include xl xlt lariat and king ranch lariat models can be had only as a super cab or a crew cab two engines are available

For the f-350 which include a 6.2 liter gasoline v8 and a 6.7 liter power stroke turbo diesel v8 the latter of which being what this truck has the transmission is a six-speed automatic and your drive train options include rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive in ford’s 2011 pickup truck lineup the one ton f350 super duty is slotted between the three-quarter ton

F-250 and the class four f-450 competitors included the ram 3500 along with the silverado and sierra 3500 from gm the instrument cluster houses six analog gauges including your tachometer speedometer turbo boost gauge temperature gauge transmission temperature gauge and fuel gauge and in the center there is a digital info display which is controlled via the

Controls and steering wheel on top of the steering column your hazard light switch it has a four spoke design leather wrapped multi-functional steering wheel there are grips all around the rim as for controls on this side you have your cruise control along with your information display controls and on this side are your audio and voice command controls along with

Hands-free phone you do have power adjustable pedals the steering wheel is also tilt and telescopic the parking brake is foot operated headlight controls air vent panel dim got your high beam turn signal and wiper stock it does have a column gear shifter it is freaking out because the parking sensors but and the parking brake being engaged but anyways does

Have a backup camera tow haul mode an interesting thing about this is that it has low gear selection and manual shift ability going down the center of the interior there is a tray up top some wood grain trim your touch screen infotainment system a lot of physical shortcut buttons along with presets cd player your volume power and tuning knobs air vents on

Either side below that are all the controls for your dual zone automatic climate control along with the controls for your three stage heated and cooled front seats on this side are your four wheel drive controls and on this side you have a power outlet along with your hill descent and traction control another power outlet coin holders trailer brake controller

And you got an aux port usb port a little bit of storage some cup holders and this truck does have bench seats you can fold this part up to reveal storage and if there’s nobody sitting here you can fold this entire middle seat back down you have two cup holders a little bit of storage along with another storage area and the cool thing about this truck is that

It comes with its original sticker so we can check out what it was originally optioned out with this one’s got the elariat ultimate package which added the sunroof the navigation system memory seating heated seats it also has cool seats also that rear tailgate step also with the fx4 off-road package grab handles on the a-pillars both sun visors do have vanity

Mirrors with lights got an auto dimming rear view mirror and on the overhead console got your overhead lighting sunglass holder and your one touch automatic power sunroof controls of course as part of that lariat ultimate package you can also simply open it as a vent and finally you’ve also got to open or close back window so radio takes you to your actual

Radio options got am fm siriusxm media takes you to where you got in the cd player or hooked up via bluetooth sound settings then push menu takes you to your display settings so you put it in day or night mode and whatnot different system settings that kind of stuff push map takes you straight to the navigation map and the display button will turn the whole

Display off anyways we’ll go ahead and roll down the driver’s window now and take a look at the engine bay driver’s window is automatic down now this truck is sporting a lift along with these aftermarket 20 inch eight split spoke chrome rims from fuel off-road powering this f350 is ford’s power stroke turbo diesel 6.7 liter v8 engine it’s a push rod power plant

With four valves per cylinder along with high pressure common rail injection in 2011 trucks it’s making 400 horsepower at 2800 rpm and 800 pound-feet of torque at just 1600 rpm that is of course after the software update that ford came out with a few months post-launch the original ratings for 2011 were 390 horses and 735 pound-feet this engine is paired to a

Select shift six-speed automatic transmission and the truck in this video does have four-wheel drive it has a solid axle front and rear suspension along with four wheel ventilated disc brakes max conventional towing capacity for four-wheel drive single rear wheel f350 crew cabs with the power stroke is about 14 000 pounds or 15 600 pounds with a fifth wheel max

Payload i believe is roughly 4 400 pounds so the fuel cap is located on the driver’s side also got the cap for your diesel exhaust fluid back door panels also have storage areas can fold up the seat bases to reveal some storage using a power outlet in here behind the seat backs there’s also some stuff behind there both front seats have storage pockets in the

Back besides the ones on these seat covers grab handles and the b pillars you also got a folding center armrest with two cup holders and a little bit of a tray now space back here someone who’s about six foot or six foot one put the driver’s seat where i had it if i was driving and room is decent of course i got about leg room is like this i can’t really put

My feet as much under the seat it’s kind of stuff underneath there but headroom is no problem at all at the end of the day this is a crew cab one ton pickup so you’re not going to be cramped back here more than likely although i will say the generation that came after this was it seems to be a lot more roomy i will say some of the roomiest back seats i’ve ever

Been in have been crew cab pickups and this is a crew cab pickup it’s not quite as spacious as some of the newer ones but you’re real it’s not cramped back here plenty of headroom and of course this is with the driver’s seat as far back as it is right now dual exhaust with long bed models like this one you get about 77.3 cubic feet of bed space here’s a quick

Demonstration of the tailgate step anyhow thanks for checking out this tool of this 2011 ford f350 super duty and as always stay on the lookout for future tours

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2011 Ford F-350 Super Duty Lariat Crew Cab – Start-Up & Full Tour (Power Stroke 6.7/4X4) By Cal’s Car Corner