2011 Ford F450 Lariat Super Duty Dually video overview and walk around.

Let the camera be your eyes and ears as we take you for a tour in and around this gorgeous hard to find dually. You’ll feel like you’re right here with us as we demonstrate all of its functions and features. Thank you for looking!

Good afternoon folks ari here from direct auto outlet in fair oaks california i have this hard to find 2011 ford f-450 super duty this is equipped with the legendary 6.7 liter power stroke turbo diesel combined with six-speed automatic transmission this is the lariat trim so it has just about every bell and whistle you could possibly imagine build sheet on this

One is very plentiful you have the leather interior privacy glass running boards premium aluminum wheels you have the heated seats the cooled seats navigation system backup camera you have the self leveling rear suspension system here once you put weight on the back whether it be on a trailer or payload in the bed the rear will lift itself up or down depending

On adding or subtracting weight to keep you level keep you safe on the road vehicle is absolutely beautiful and stunning through and through many times when you’re looking at these super duty trucks oftentimes they are used for what they’re intended to be used for which is work construction hauling and unfortunately that kind of lifestyle does lead to a whole

Lot of dings and dents and scratches dirt and grit all around the vehicle not the case with this one every once in a while you’ll come across a beautiful example of one that resembles more a mercedes or a corvette for you know lack of better examples and in which it’s been taken care of in a beautiful fashion and has been treated with pride of ownership if you

Look around this vehicle looking at the bumpers there’s no dings there’s no dents looking around the body it’s very clean looking at the inside there’s not an inch of dirt on the carpet somebody owned this vehicle used it but loved it at the same time brand new tires on this vehicle you can still see the little spikeys on the bottom of the tread factory running

Boards i love the 450s versus the 350s because you have this wider front track rear end i’m sorry front end which allows the turning radius of this thing to be absolutely incredible the 350s turning radius it leaves something to be desired but on the 450 as you can see these fender flares bulge out the front end is wider it’s a wide track front end and it makes

For a beautiful driving experience this thing makes a u-turn like no one’s business like many other fords in the past you do have your key code keypads right up here on the driver’s door looking at the interior of the vehicle you’ll notice that the leather is in pristine condition with minimal signs of wear and tear no smoke odor in this vehicle no pet hair no

Rips no cracks all your electronics in proper working order power windows and power door locks are standard you also have your mirrors that extend out for camping camper mirrors rather for towing two seat memories driver and a second driver automatic headlights carpeting is nice and clean floor mats are present and accounted for you have your bluetooth here all

Your multimedia functions as well as cruise control on the steering wheel four cup holders you have your upfitter switches here that can be programmed for additional accessories such as a winch light bar or other items heated seats cooled seats dual zone climate control touchscreen gps navigation system with a six cd in-dash changer lots of power outlets over

Here including usb three and a half millimeter auxiliary 12 volt power outlets two wheel drive high four high and four low settings you also have your power rear center window and you have your tilt up as well as a slide back function on your moon roof here love the tilt up option because on a hot sunny day you can tilt it up and you can vent prevent the

Vehicle to keep it from getting too hot inside go ahead and jump in here and show you a few other items you have a built-in brake controller here which will eliminate the need of having an aftermarket one added on you have 120 013 miles just about to hit 120 and 14. absolutely stunning vehicle you have dual front airbags dual side air bags side curtain airbags

For the front and rear keeping everybody safe and secure visibility in this vehicle is excellent you’re sitting on top of the world no blind spots mirrors extend out quite nicely you have the larger one up top smaller one on bottom allowing you to see your rear axle see where that dually uh rear end is going keep a good eye on your trailer these are also defrosted

Mirrors so they will not fog up on you four cup holders which should be plenty additional storage spaces on the side and you do have a removable tray in your center console an organizer and tons of space in here folks this is also removable another 12 volt power outlet here for your phone or other devices i love these upfitter switches gps navigation system

Works beautifully some additional storage space on top of the dashboard over there and you do have two additional cup holders for the rear occupants in the center there don’t really want to get out of so nice and cool in here but the show must go on go ahead and unlock all the other doors for you oh let’s demonstrate the rear camera throw it into reverse and

You’ll see your rear and projector on where your vehicle is going all right let’s go ahead and pop the hood unlock all the other doors and take a look at the rear the rear of this truck here occupants will be wrapped in comfort and luxury tons of legroom shoulder room and headroom for any size occupant nice tall roof over here even if you’re six foot five or

Six foot six you’ll find plenty of comfort back here your rear occupants will have their own heat and ac vents 12 volt power outlet and 150 watt ac you also have this fold down center armrest with cup holder as well as two additional cup holders up there in front occupants we’ll be able to get in there quite easy with this running board and grabbing onto this

Handle right up top here and pull themselves right in fuel filler door nice and clean inside premium aluminum wheels and your rear camera and your lockable tailgate your tailgate is a multi-function tailgate so you can’t pull out a step put this forward and you can extend out this this bar over here which will allow you to grab onto step onto that step and pull

Yourself into the bed the bed is a spray-on bed liner bed is in pretty good shape you do also have additional power hookups for a fifth wheeler gooseneck as well as your standard four and seven pin connectors vehicle is an absolute stunning condition you have your parking sensors virtually no rust or corrosion on this vehicle exhaust pipe nice and clean rolling

Over on the passenger side you’ll see just a beautiful well maintained pickup here folks 10 years old with only 120 000 miles gives you an average of 12 000 miles per year which is a way below average not only our state average but way below average for a super duty these things are oftentimes used around the clock with hundreds of thousands of miles accumulated

By this age child safety locks are standard equipment finally taking a look over at the passenger side here in the front you’ll see the same theme throughout folks just lots of luxury full power seats leather in very good condition books and manuals present and accounted for no rips or cracks on the interior no cracks on the dash just about every bell and whistle

And luxury option you can imagine this truck will get the job done and keep everyone inside quite comfortable a lot of truck for the money folks these trucks are getting more and more expensive as time goes by a fully loaded version of this truck today would far exceed a hundred thousand dollars they’re becoming harder and harder to find as you can see there’s

Uh virtually no sign of any leaks or separate from this perspective sounds perfect and just about clean enough to eat off of folks you can find this truck and many others on our website which is www dot direct auto outlet dot com you can also phone us down here the lot at any time at area code and have a 916-765-7575 day

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2011 Ford F450 Lariat Super Duty Dually video overview and walk around. By Direct Auto Outlet