2011 Freightliner Sprinter

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So here’s my 2011 freightliner sprinter 2500 the 144 inch high roof crew van first things first i’ve got three keys to smart keys one dumke the dumpee can only open the doors can’t start it but it’s useful when i go surfing or something just keep it in on me car is like mechanically perfect there’s just cosmetic things things let’s go over them first off slight

Dent here kind of hard to tell from afar that was from hitting one of my garbage bins they tend to do this the wind blows him over and i wasn’t paying attention ran one of them over see i hit my trailer hitch on my tacoma pickup which i used to have so that the driveway here it’s pretty much it decides fine also from another garbage bin incident was this just a

Scratch i’ve put this kind of how am i looking ramp but it actually works really great on here i was moving a bunch of furniture and got tired of stepping away up here so go ahead of that and it’s been holding for years so um there’s still some stuff in here um let’s see one other cosmetic thing i glued a light strip on here and i can’t get the glue off so a little

Bit of that left i didn’t want to pull on it because it was just gonna ruin the headliner so um okay i think that’s pretty much it for any cosmetic stuff now let’s go on to the van things i’ve done to it because otherwise it’s basically a pretty much bone stock sprinter van like didn’t really come with too many options i just got the base white thing those are the

Dealers a lot i insulated most of it with this it was not really i was trying to cut out the sound sort of because it sounded like a file cabinet on wheels so i put you won’t be able to see it button here i put what this kind of asphalt paper on here on to all of large surfaces i tried to get about seventy percent coverage and that actually made this makes a huge

Difference the only these doors for example flying when you when you shut them that’s like a nice solid flint man this is really ring when you’re driving it i also added the insulation just to keep it tempered in here when i was like park the campsites or you know like parking lot 1 i’m surfing or windsurfing the thing would like it’s super hot in the summer on the

Inside and i didn’t wanna leave the windows open so i’ve got that all the way in the headliner basically the entire man except for the floor has had that edit since obviously i didn’t need insulation to keep the heat out from the floor it’s in the doors the store too used to make a clanging sound now it’s got like a super solid sound yeah you just hear when you

Not kind of stuff make sure you in comparison with my newer van that is not the case still haven’t gotten around to it because it took a few weekends to do that had that kind of sound before we went over bumps and stuff that made that sound to it doors are sources terrible kind of all right but i found it pretty annoying everybody what else oh yes sound system

On the back up camera so just didn’t come with a backup camera most of the stock ones didn’t at the time so i headed one that’s right here i mounted here with this good mount somewhere else to effect a good choice stick it to here too and rather than having turn on when it goes into reverse i actually kind of like to see what’s out the back because it weighs well

Almost the doors open which shouldn’t be you won’t know what’s behind you so i just put the switch here and that turns that on this also i hire i replaced the stock radio i replace the speakers that are in the doors makes it sound a lot better but i can’t play it for you well i’m taking a video with my phone it’s got a remote the switch also means you can keep the

Radio on when the car’s parked so that was kind of cool to otherwise the stock gun would turn off once you open one of the doors so again you’re hanging out summer and i want to listen to music what else here’s me forward for the service that was too much service needed 20,000 miles i had the oil changed twice the door latch was changed under warranty because it

Didn’t want to unlock from the inside the egr was also changed under warranty that was earlier on and that was i think about it well if the alignment i did the alignment recently the oil changed the i was along like a month ago it’s been smogged what else just racial stuff anything else can’t think of much start it for you pretty on exciting though don’t think i

Can drive it while holding a palm safely you can pop the hood you’re still pretty clean in here i need to be refilled about every thousand probably about you for that he would be down another brick well maybe i can’t drive a little bit how i got a ticket to misty make sure there’s no police coming there are all right track this guy oh yeah my back doors open uh

I would bet it’s a close that you know fundamental some extra parts i butt pads it doesn’t need them but i bought them cuz they’re on sale so you get them this old those are two different things for doing like a full radio i don’t need those you can just have them this car drives pretty darn awesome especially in close quarters like versus my transit that i have

Now that thing that stinks like in tight spaces it’s just not nearly as are you sure you also get a really awesome view in a sprinter this is a transit like i feel like i’m an aircraft control tower or something all right well this machine works and i want to put the phone down because the two blocks are a police station so what else can i do i’ll flora for you okay have a good one

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2011 Freightliner Sprinter By Peter Vieth