2011 Honda Insight

Hi welcome to a quick walk around video for our honda insight it’s a solid red as is the way with honda red it seems to come like it from the factory different panels seem to react slightly differently to the paint so i would say that looks a little bit darker than that like the door handles look lighter than that it’s not been an accident or anything like that

It just seems to be our honda red is i mean you might not even notice it at first glance just where we see a lot of these things i can pick it out so i’m just making you aware of that before we before we get going um right just 16 inch alloy wheels they look in reasonable condition just a little bit of sort of moisture getting under there cause a little bit of

Corrosion but in general not too bad at all indicators in the wing mirrors uh privacy glass you can see starting there going all the way around the back rear parking sensors just down there foreign nice big boots i’ll try and operate this one hand see how i get on yeah not too bad so that’s present the load cover you have like a false floor here got a little

Hatch for you to access your everyday bits in there is lucky milner and then there’s wheelbase and sponge and whatnot we’ll leave all that in there of course spare wiper blade if you want to access the whole lot you pick up that tab there and then there’s all your bits and bobs there there’s a canister of the gunk for filling up a spec um tie puncher but there

Isn’t a compressor so i will pop one of those in there if you come to borrow the car it’s missing just let me know because we’ve we’ve got spares of these if i’ve forgotten to put it in there but i should do that straight after the video foreign that’s the exterior i’ll show you the roof as well let’s have a look inside we’ll start at the back electric windows in

The back child locks are just there like a gluey gray sort of cloth two-tone sort of darker here more blue here got your isofix points via two outer rear seats if you’re not using the middle one that folds down gives you an arm rest with two cup holders in there this comes over to assumingly make a sort of proper three-point belt got some curtain airbags just up

There if you can see the logo you’ve got grab rails and you’ve got lighting for the back there as well good leg room because it’s quite a big hatchback magazine holders here and you can see side airbags on the front seats there as well no mats in the back i’ll take you around the other side which is obviously much the same but just how you get the full picture

The seats are in lovely condition um no rips or tears or indents or anything all look good moving to the front now electric windows in the front of course you’ve got a airbag cut off for this one here but i don’t think that no it doesn’t have isofix points so you just be using a traditional seat belt mounting for that if you were to put another car seat in

There no mat there either driver’s got one though it’s a rubber so heavy duty one but that’s the only mat in the car uh airbag up here glove box there not a huge amount going on pop over so the driver’s perspective now foreign electric windows door locking and window locking there’s your owner’s manuals i’ll include a picture so you can see exactly what’s in

There you’ve got seat height adjustment for the driver’s seat as well that again is in superb condition like nowhere on here at all looks really good i jump inside now so electric mirrors they’re power folding as well i’ll do those just to show they’re working yeah everything working as you should there your economy button if you want to use as little fuel as

Possible traction control turn your parking sensors on and off there and you had lamp hands there uh auto wipers and yeah auto lights got a multi-function leather trimmed steering wheel it’s got flappy paddles for the automatic gearbox cruise control just over here this one cycles through the options on your onboard computer and this one changes your volume and

Everything for your radio and switches tracks and stations there’s the mileage as you can see 80 210 so that’s that’s really low mileage actually for one of these for the year there’s your odometer there’s your radio so that’s got fm and am no dab cd is a single slot there and the auxiliary and usb so the auxiliary point is just there just underneath the radio

The auxiliary is in the armrest we’ll go to that in just a second little cubby hole there got your aircon controls just here aircons blowing lovely and cold not in either regas or anything it’s really ice cold so there’s your cigarette lighter another cubby hole cup holders heated seats there’s your automatic gearbox there’s your traditional handbrake there’s

The armrest inside which is a little cable there for the usb input other than that we’ve got airbags up here vanity mirrors here lighting controls here regular mirror doesn’t look like a rear um sorry an anti-dazzle one just looks like a regular one and that concludes just about everything that i can see on this car um if i’ve missed something please just phone

Up and we’ll check for you straight away obviously i’m going to include as many pictures as i can of the inside the outside and any paperwork we got with this car so if you’re from distance and you want this one delivered you should have a really you know clear and transparent idea of what to expect when the car arrives if there’s anything at all you’re not sure

About please just phone up and we’ll we’ll go through it with you uh if you’re local to us and obviously you can pop in and check it out for yourself please do so just after you make an appointment first okay thank you very much for watching

Transcribed from video
2011 Honda Insight By Leon FSL Cars