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2011 Nissan Armada Platinum Start Up, Exterior/ Interior Review

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Much thanks to Texas Nissan of Grapevine and it’s new management for allowing me back to their dealership to review more vehicles. For more information on this particular vehicle or any others, visit them off of Hwy. 114 and Hwy. 26 in Grapevine, or visit for pricing.

Well hello viewers how’s it going today i present to you this 2011 nissan armada platinum today we rocked here at texas nissan of grapevine in grapevine texas and as you all know with all of my other videos this is going to be an in-depth tour of the armada platinum we’ll start the engine show it off and go over some of the performance specifications as well as a

Lot of the unique features on the interior as well as exterior so without any further time to waste let’s just go ahead and start it up and let the engine run for a while now as you can see by this fob here in my hand this has nissan’s intelligent key and it’s actually very simple to use you have basic commands via the fob such as lock unlock open the power liftgate

Set off the alarm and also access to a valet key used to unlock and lock the doors and glovebox and possibly start the engine should your actual smart key run out of batteries this particular armada platinum where’s the blizzard exterior with the almond leather interior one of the other features via the intelligent key is this little black button on the door there

Is no touch pad on the back of the door but if you push it once that’s locked push it once that’s the driver’s door that’s the rest of the doors if dark marbled wood accents power telescoping and tilting steering wheel fully adjustable seats with adjustable armrests a full touchscreen navigation as well as a bose stereo system let’s start the engine with

This intelligent key you can do it one of two ways as you can see there is no push button start there’s simply a little device and you push in and turn to turn on if it recognizes the fob however if your smart key has run out of batteries you push the little tang on the back of the key releases a keyblade which you insert into a standard style keyhole in the back

But today i’m just gonna be using the intelligent key you simply have to have it in your personnel grab the little device push in turn on it’s a beautiful sounding engine it’s a very fluid steering wheel even for a big truck very taut has a six-speed automatic transmission first second third fourth and then drive you also do have a reverse backup camera very nice

Automatic onetouch driver’s side window this our model platinum is powered by nissan’s vk 56 five point six liter v8 that produces 317 horsepower and 385 pound-feet of torque this engine is also used in the infiniti m56 qx56 and nissan’s vehicles such as the titan and we’ll go ahead and grab the engine a couple times just to see how it sounds it sounds extremely

Healthy very nice this vehicle has five miles on the odometer we’ll go ahead and turn on the headlights as well as the fog lights as well as the hazards wherever they are and we’ll check out the exterior of the armada just for a little bit of notice this vehicle is a little bit dirty due to recent rains in the dallas-fort worth metroplex this armada actually

Shares some of the same exterior styling cues as the nissan titan which is essentially the truck version of this see you at front parking assist as noted by the sensors on the front platinum version whereas a chrome grill has these massive 20 inch chrome clad aluminum alloy wheels on michelin sport tires give a nice set of running boards power-folding adjustable

Mirrors puddle lamps you have turn signals hidden into the front of the mirror make chrome roof-rack chrome exhaust finisher this armada is also flex-fuel compatible which means it can run on e85 ethanol and regular unleaded gasoline you can see the rear parking assist is your rear mounted backup camera this is actually the biggest suv and the nissan lineup

Others include the rogue murano pathfinder and then this it’s a very beautiful vehicle indeed we also have a power tilting and sliding sunroof as noted also on the interior come over here at the driver’s door let’s just go ahead and move on to the interior of the armada like i mentioned it is the almond leather interior nissan offers to tan leather and tears you

Get blonde or the almond leather power adjustable driver’s seat as you can see power-adjustable liftgate these are the power adjustable third row windows adjustable pedals and you can turn the parking assist off and all your other powered options are here on the door you have automatic driver and passenger window onetouch in both directions the rest of the power

Windows power door locks window locks power mirrors as well as power folding mirrors and two-person memory seating the power folding mirrors are actually pretty simple to activate you simply just push this button here and it folds the mirrors in push it again fold them out very simple although this armada is very big and you might expect a lot of road noise that

Is actually very quiet and very comfortable in here as you can see the fully adjustable arm rests much like that of a captain’s chair you have to 12 volts cigarette lighter outlets ipod auxilary input you have twin heated seats for the driver and passenger as well as a heated steering wheel tell me what it also comes equipped with xm satellite

Radio we also have day and night mode as well you also have all your air conditioning controls down here and your navigation can be displayed either by touchscreen or simply by the command center right here so you have settings like phone general information you can get real-time fuel economy and then you can just generally choose between which one and even

One tip that i wanted to mention even though this vehicle says there are zero miles to empty as you can see there are actually 25 miles left on the tank of gas so usually you have enough in the reserves to get you to a filling station it’s a dual zone climate control but one unique feature about this navigation set of display is the availability of a compact

Flash card insert slot that you can put like a slot from your camera or something like that that you may have music or something saved on it’s a very beautiful vehicle indeed and this one also has four-wheel drive you have adjustables between two wheel drive for high and for low or just an automatic setting to automatically adjust to whatever terrain you may be

On we’ll go ahead and shut the engine down grab the key and we’ll check out the rest of the armada it’s quite the big vehicle indeed rear seat pockets full entertainment system and cubby display along with rear air conditioning and cd player and control you see the third row of seats get this up here oh well anyways you get the idea i also did mention that it

Has a power assisted lift gate and you can actually do it one of two ways you can simply lift the lever here or use the remote herb sorry power-folding 60/40 split older morose eating you can fold the seats just by this button here and to close it you can use the remote like this or simply just hit the close button very nice you also have full carpeted floor

Mats very sick i might add y’all saw side-impact airbags fold-down dvd monitor and you can choose your different things like you can control the radio from back here and you also the rear air conditioning controls like i mentioned also a rear storage cubby for things like cds maybe dvds i don’t know quite the beautiful vehicle indeed as your headphones and

Dvd player this is your different controls for the sunroof as well as you can control the rear air conditioning from the front very nice while viewers i hope you enjoyed this in-depth look at the 2011 nissan armada platinum if you have any questions about this particular armada or any of the others you might see here i texas from the sun of grapevine please feel

Free to contact them at texas nissan calm thanks for watching everybody

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