2011 s60 Volvo No Crank No-Start – Diagnosis Fixed

Welcome to my video so this video is on my car having issues um it’s a weird thing to me anyway because um it’s not cranking and it’s not starting but it’s getting all the powers i don’t think i left this card the lights on on this car overnight i mean the battery seems to be good but um i you know i parked it overnight last night i’m pretty sure i checked

Everything to make sure that um everything was off before i left it um and woke up this morning got in my car turned it turned the key and all i got was uh click it was just one click um which really sucks um considering all right so here’s what i did so far all right i checked the battery i thought maybe it was the battery was that was dead but i don’t

Think it’s the battery considering uh if the battery was dead nothing else would be working but just in case i actually did try to jump it with a power pack and it just clicked did the same thing nothing else uh happened just clicked um everything else seems to be working the radio works fine the um vents work fine fine um obviously the ac is not going to

Turn on but everything else seems to be fine uh in this car including the alarm um and uh you know i i’m i you know it could be at this point it could be the fuses it could be the relay could be the starter but um i did get the starter changed out like a while ago like not a while ago but you know last year so i’m hoping it’s not the star that’s the issue it

Would be up an absolute pain if it is to start this issue because i’d have to go and buy another starter and try to get it to work etc etc it’s you know something that i don’t want to redo and i don’t think i’ve bought a brand new starter starter i bought was a rebuild starter from a shop that was rebuilt um and i’ve heard so many stories about these rebuild

Starters that you know we manufacture starters that they actually just fix one single component uh and uh they leave all the components alone and stuff like that but um it’s amazing to me that they actually rebuilt these things considering they want the core back and the core looks like crap when you bring it in for the most part but regardless um i did test

The fuses um all the fuses seem to be okay there was nothing off about any of the lights on the dash it doesn’t seem off you know a lot of cases if there’s a fuse that’s the issue you would still get as at least a crank but it just wouldn’t start up and uh there was a dead fuse somewhere normally um in these scenarios you have no lights at all on your car no

Lights lighting up nothing like that nothing working but that’s not the case here unfortunately i was hoping it’d be a simple fix now i had to consider it to be the relay it could be the relay that’s causing it but i do hear click so that’s pretty much the solenoid firing off and uh i’m told that you have this if you have to read the solenoid firing off on the

Car uh on the starter you can hear solenoid click or some clicking sounds i mean not cranking sounds but clicking sounds if you can hear some uh clicking sounds at least one click or if it’s firing off like click click click click click click something like that i mean something like that it could be like a week it could be um a week battery or it could be or

Could be your start as dead because if your relay was really dead uh just relay to the starter was that you wouldn’t be able to you really wouldn’t be able to hear anything coming from the car now here’s the thing about it um i did get out of this car i did try to bump it like uh you guys know that trick sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t uh if you hit the

Starter motor a couple of times um you know with some uh a crowbar or whatever and try to start afterwards but it will probably work better if you try to hit it while somebody’s um you know trying to turn it on um but but uh nothing happened so i’m gonna assume that the starter is dead um now this issue um funny thing is i had a issue like this a couple

Months back i had an issue like this a couple months back and uh you know i was eventually able to start it and and it hasn’t occurred since i believe what i did was i took it off the i took one of the posts off the battery put it back on and i did a couple of things that i don’t remember because it was like six months ago i said a couple more six months ago

Uh and uh it was it’s been doing this sporadically and the thing about it is that um you know when it did happen sporadically i did knock the starter with you know you know i go on crowbar and um you know it it did start every single time this didn’t happen all the time it happened every once in a while every once in a while i mean like once a month really

Sporadic i don’t know what the what the deal was with it don’t know what the deal was was with it but it would start up every single time it didn’t start up this morning so now we’re gonna have to um probably take a look at uh getting a starter and putting it in here’s the deal um so basically with me trying to figure out what the issue is um i had to figure

Out whether it was a crank or no crank scenario this is a no crank no start scenario if it was cranking uh the starter would be fine and it could be a couple other things like a fuse the fuel pump um you know a relay or whatever maybe i’ve had that happen where a relay needed to be to be taken out and cleaned and put back in had that happen before this situation

Is an absolute no start whatsoever now i did use a power pack for it and the power pack that i bought was walmart it’s rated for you know four cylinders i don’t know if it’s powerful enough to get this car started i don’t know if it’s powerful enough to get this car cranking but it was fully charged all right and on a fully charged pack like that if it wasn’t

Even able to get this car started i should have been able to just turn the key and then hear a slow crank or something like that you know a no crank scenario i mean i wasn’t even hearing uh multiple clicks if you were if i heard multiple clicks um like click click click click click click click click you know it would it would be like the um you know it would be

At least i would i would have an assumption that you know i would i could be able to start if i did uh jump it right not the case here wasn’t able to um you know i heard one click and it was a faint click but i i heard one click uh and um you know what just to be sure anyway i mean i already test out the fuses i uh you know everything else seems to be working

Fine um i’m probably gonna buy either a battery meter and see what where the battery is at right now um or i’m gonna try to get a jump uh probably gonna try to get a jump from somebody hopefully it turns over now i know uh there might be other you know i know that uh you know being in this situation if you don’t know anything about cars you might think well how

Come it’s not the alternator here’s the thing is that here’s the thing why it’s not the alternator um it’s not the alternator probably um i’m just going to assume it’s not the alternator because no it’s not even an assumption i know it’s not the alternator all right because uh normally when the alternator goes out it goes out on you while you are driving or at

Least have the car on the engine running uh reason being is that the battery um you know the battery and starter starts up the car the alternator charges you know all the components on the car all right so if your alternator might if my alternator was dead to begin with and everything was uh was well was okay i still would be able to actually start this car up

But uh y’all it’s not the alternator because this car did not die while it was running now in a rare case where you know i i could have had an alternator that was going out and i drove on a dead alternate all the way to my house and uh the battery just died on the spot as i parked it but here’s the thing about it i i checked my headlights i checked my headlights

And my headlights the beams are strong my high beam is strong um you know you know it’s i’d pretty sure definitely sure it’s not the alternator it could either be um an absolutely dead battery or it was the starter um that was um that that’s just dead which is unfortunate considering i don’t think i put uh any more than a couple about 10 20 i’m gonna say

Like maybe 25 000 miles on the star before it died on me uh next door i’m gonna get i’m gonna definitely get um a uh a starter from the junkyard on off of ebay an oem view starter or whatever because uh i’ve had so many issues with remanufactured parts rebuilt parts uh had issues with a rebuilt alternator um and this is a rebuilt starter all right i had like

Two alternators that i had to change up before i had before i got this one in my car and this one is one from the junkyard and this lasted me longer than the other two rebuilt are alternators this starter is a uh manufactured rebuilt starter and uh you know it is the starter that’s that went out on me i will definitely definitely buy uh a used one from ebay

Uh preferably an oem uh or uh starter um you know but uh that’s the way it is uh with uh these situations all right guys so it’s the next morning uh i am now in my car and it does start um i was able to get a chop yesterday and uh try to get it jumped nothing worked everything was the same just one click nothing else besides that one click and uh you know at

That point i knew that it was the starter it couldn’t be anything else other than the starter so i had to buy a starter from ebay uh a lot of these junkyards actually list their stuff on ebay and uh picked it up from a junkyard that was listing it the same day put it in and it starts up so it was the starter that was the issue um so you know good stuff

Considering uh you know things could be worse but it was the starter didn’t need to figure much out after that the car drives fine not a problem um yeah so if you guys have any comments about this video please leave your comments in the comment section please give me a thumbs up and please definitely subscribe uh for more videos guys all right i’m constantly

Putting videos up about my car cars that i’m fixing etc etc alright guys take care

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2011 s60 Volvo No Crank No-Start – Diagnosis Fixed By Peter L