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To be completely honest were bit surprised by the expansive growth of the so-called full door coop segment the trend started in 2005 by the mercedes-benz cls has grown to include cars like the vw cc aston martin rapide and even crossovers like the bmw x6 now audi is getting in on the act with the a7 a car that blends elements from a sedan wagon and coupé together

To create a tasty new concoction hello and welcome to our comprehensive kelley blue book review of the audi a7 if you want to sleekly style full door that can carry a surprising amount of cargo and effortlessly soak of highway miles we think you’ll like the audi a7 you won’t like the a7 if you need room for five passengers even though there appears to be enough

Space for a center rear seat howdy opted to keep the a7 a four-seater in motion the audi a7 delivers an appropriately german driving experience the ride is comfortable but not overly soft interior noise is minimal and at speed the vehicle feels composed and extremely stable those who relish the concept of grand touring will find a lot to like here yet on curvier

Stretches of road new sevens precise steering and capable chassis deliver satisfying handling drivers who want sporty you’re steering quicker gear changes and sharper throttle response can use the standard outie drive select system switch between comfort and dynamic settings though we found the automatic mode suitable for most driving flatten the throttle and the

A7 supercharged v6 propels it forward with gusto while the transmission delivers quick smooth shifts which is a good thing because with eight speeds the gearbox shifts frequently power finds its way from the transmission to the ground via audi’s quattro all-wheel drive system greatly improving the a7 s capabilities on slippery roads one of our favorite features

Is this touch sensitive pad called mmi touch which comes as part of the navigation system with it the driver can easily select radio presets and input navigation destinations by drawing letters with their finger another highlight is the optional night-vision assist feature displaying an enhanced view of the road ahead this system can also identify pedestrians

And warn the driver if they step into the vehicles path quite possibly the most distinct aspect of the a7 is its exterior design the graceful roofline sloped smoothly towards the rear creating a coupe like silhouette upside it looks great downside getting in and out of the backseat can be a challenge partially making up for the marginal ingress and egress is a

Nifty height adjustable powered hatchback the large rear opening makes loading oversized cargo exceptionally easy and typical audi fashioned the interior of the a7 is beautifully outfitted with rich-looking wood inlays pin brushed aluminum trim and soft leather a few of the controls are oddly placed for example the engine start button and radio controls located

To the right of the gearshift lever for the most part the interior seems smartly arranged front seat occupants enjoy ample headroom while those in back are less fortunate rear seat legroom is good but despite a sculpted headliner headroom is limited for anyone of greater than average height one thing we can’t complain about is the cargo area with a substantial

24.5 cubic feet of trunk space and rear seats that can be folded nearly flat to accommodate oversized items the a7 makes a surprisingly good cargo carrier standard features include a sunroof xenon headlights with led running lights heated 12 way power front seats 18-inch wheels keyless engine start free zone automatic climate control in an audio system with ipod

Integration standard safety features include stability control traction control and six airbags supplementing the standard feature list is the premium plus trim which includes options like 19-inch wheels front and rear parking sensors and a navigation system featuring mmi touch a 7 inch screen and imagery from google earth buyers who choose the prestige trim

Also enjoy keyless entry ventilated front seats horizontal climate control and a bose audio system other options include 20-inch wheels adaptive cruise control a blind spot warning system heads-up display heated rear seats a heated steering wheel and power folding mirrors power comes from the supercharged 3 liter v6 producing 310 horsepower and 325 pound-feet

Of torque the standard all-wheel drive system lets get that power to the tires with traction by automatically apportioning torque between the front rear axles although 60% of the engine power is directed to the rear wheels very normal driving even with an efficiency sapping all-wheel drive system and the ability to spring from 0 to 60 miles per hour in five point

Four seconds fuel economy numbers for the a7 are decent but city figures on the high teens and freeway numbers in the high 20s the least-expensive a7 checks in at around $60,000 with the premium plus and prestige trims adding around thirty six hundred and sixty three hundred dollars to the bill respectively fully deck out a prestige trim and the price tag can top

Eighty thousand dollars in the realm of four-door coups the a7 is less expensive than the mercedes-benz cls-class but much more expensive from the vw cc to find out what consumers are actually paying for the audi a7 right now we suggest you check the kb be fair purchase price in terms of resale value howdy’s tend to perform reasonably well over time we expect the

A7 to be no exception and that’s our comprehensive kelley blue book review of the audi a7

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