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What’s it like to drive a quarter million dollars’ worth of Bentley? Kelley Blue Book’s Micah Muzio finds out in this video review of the 600-horsepower Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed.

If your idea of excess is eating a whole pint of ben & jerry’s in one sitting prepare to have your mind thoroughly blown with an msrp of two hundred and forty five thousand dollars this bentley continental flying spur speed is roughly forty nine thousand times more excessive than that five-dollar pint of bonnaroo buzz a quarter million dollars worth of leather

Wood and metal might seem crass in an era of austerity but as a beacon of vehicular splendor it’s hard not to marvel at the flying sperm have you ever met anybody who just commands attention maybe it’s how they dress or how they stand but for whatever reason they radiate importance the bentley flying spur is that in automotive form gracefully drawn and physically

Large at nearly seventeen and a half feet long and 5500 pounds the flying spur has a visual gravitas that bridges the gap between bentley’s sporty or continental coupe and their stately mulsanne flagship like a jelly doughnut the flying spurs glaze might be tasty but what counts is what’s inside diamond pattern stitching vast swaths of leather brill walnut trim

Yes it all looks grand but looks don’t tell the whole story the flying spurs greatest charms come from how it feels and how it smells the cabin is filled with this oddly sweet aroma this leather is smooth and supple metal bits are solid these hinges and these organ style vent pulls move with a solid well crafted feel and good dodd look at these lamb’s wool rugs

I challenge you to imagine let alone buy more decadent floor mats it’s easy to get caught up in the expense but momentarily ignore price and you’ll be free to bask in the luster of the spurs impeccable craftsmanship bentley or not there are imperfections notably the laggy audio interface hey and the fact that the cup holders right here meaning you can either

Store a drink or rest your arm but not both standard bentley flying spur features a 552 horsepower twin turbo charge – w12 engine but this is the flying spur speed the speed addenda means that horsepower jumps to an even 600 enabling the ford or continental to hit 60 and 4.5 seconds wait a bit longer and the big bentley eases into a 200 mile per hour of maximum

Velocity the engines ample output is directed to the ground by way of a six-speed automatic transmission and standard all-wheel drive given the cars weight and performance it’s not surprising that fuel economy is a modest 11 mpg in the city and 19 on the highway flying spur is really the kind of car in which you’re meant to be driven case in point the turn signal

And windshield wiper stocks are at the four and eight position nice and low for underhanded chauffeur style steering but choose to drive yourself and there’s plenty to enjoy the multi lean front rear suspension is self leveling you’re the lifely compliant the handling is composed and capable and it’s just a few inches of right pedal travel you can unleash all that

Speed promised by the name approximately 180 seven thousand dollars gets you in the door of a bentley flying spur make that two hundred and twelve thousand for the flying spur speed of course that price neglects all the must-have options like an eight thousand dollar rear seat entertainment package $2,700 veneered rear picnic tables a seven thousand dollar 15

Speaker 1100 watt name audio system and the previously mentioned $800 lamb’s wool rugs tack on enough enhancements and it’s easy to arrive at our cars two hundred and forty five thousand dollar asking price or more the bentley continental flying spur is a big deal and it knows it but like anyone with real position authority or class the flying spur doesn’t need

To convince you of that fact it’s content being exceptional whether anyone’s looking or not you

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