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2012 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS Automatic P.O.V Review

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Hey guys welcome to car guy 1999 reviews today we have the 2012 chevrolet camaro 2ss this one has the automatic six speed but it’s still a good amount of fun um not gonna lie i was a little apprehensive about it but it is a riot let’s go ahead hop on in take this thing for a ride here with my buddy ronan just bought this thing it is sweet actually i’ll do

Windows up a dream little baby feel free to adjust the temperature that’s perfect as long as there’s airflow that’s all yeah you’re gonna use these to actually change the direction of this fan oh why’d you do that ship oh that is a pain but whatever as long as it’s not blowing on the camera we’re good stay sweet all right first we’ll do some off-roading this

Is great that’s the one thing about doing stuff in the sunset it’s right in my eyes ain’t that the truth yeah i can tell you they definitely did view out of the car as an afterthought yeah i mean these aren’t as bad as the sixth den the new ones those are absolutely awful yeah it’s what i’ve heard yep it’s like playing traffic roulette that doesn’t sound like

Fun no it’s not it never is of course while you’re filming you’re sitting here you’re like this feels like forever but then you look at the video and it was only like 25 seconds right so you’re like oh that wasn’t bad yeah exactly look at the little moped no gotta love the rambo squeak oh yeah that bike is running very high octane if not race fuel how can

You tell the smell yeah batteries catless didn’t really know they had cans on bikes like that yeah it could be this too i know this thing is almost 10 years old no it’s definitely am i’ve only done that a couple times and not with the paddle shift still scares me a little bit but i love it every time oh my first fast car scared me too the focus was my first

Fast-ish car yeah that was an st right yeah like 252 horse but you move up from a car with 130 horse to that and you’re like oh wow this is quick and they get into the challenge you’re like oh wow this is really really quick oh are you kidding me at work i i got to drive the um edge st those are fun i put that thing in sport but that thing i did not expect it

To go that quick they’re awesome i love those things oh they’re fun the thing with v8s though i mean turbo’s sort of replicated it’s just the low down torque i love an n a power band it just is good and i’m first personally an american v8 fan so although italian v8s do sound good i’m not gonna say they don’t oh they do i mean they sound so good that what the new

Z06 has a flat plain crank sounds like a 458 oh it sounds like a ferrari from what i’ve seen of it though it looks killer centra nismo you don’t see those around no you don’t because they’re awful you ever seen a joke nismo around yeah those are awful yeah although they had a concept and they put a gtr motor in one of those i saw that that thing was interesting

Looking that wasn’t bad looking though to be honest i personally never hated the looks of the juke i didn’t like the regular juke but the nismo looked good yes honestly they did a good job well they did okay with the juke actually thinking about putting like a heritage grill on this at some point that would be cool like the synergy concept from sema yep i just

Like it because it it makes this it would make this thing more like the camaro it’s based on which is the 69 i believe yeah what was the first year of them 67 yeah i think a lot of the design from this came from the 69 though because i at car show about a month ago i saw 69 and had the same fender gills but so that’s what leads me to think it’s based on the 69.

I haven’t driven this road in so long i forgot they repaved it yeah i love that this thing has a heads up display i because those weren’t that common in 2012 as far as i know well thank you for not pulling the move of every teenager ever by saying yeah i want to come out i’m going to get a v6 base model it’s not really a true camaro in my opinion yeah it moves

Pretty good doesn’t lose traction on first that’s good i mean unless you’re being stupid with it which i don’t plan to be i said that about the challenger and that went out the window pretty quickly yeah about a thousand miles and i’m like yay fun sideways fair enough one thing the camaro does the best and mustang rivals it but like the ss 1les and everything

Yeah handling camaro i believe is the best handling one the mustang comes very very very close but if i had to choose one for track duty camaro and the camaros do sound very good yeah it has a nice little pop to it when you started after driving it for the first well after driving it for the first time in the day and you get used to the blind spots very quickly

Yeah they’re not awful no i will say though i do like i love the pre-facelift design for this generally i do love the gen 5. yeah i i like it before like before they did the mid uh facelift yep yeah what was the first year of these 0809 i believe something like that i believe it was built in i don’t know for sure but i believe it was built in 0.9 and produced as

A 2010 model year because i believe 5th 5th gen was 10 to 15. yeah that was yeah the challenger came out no wait that’s where i’m getting away from i will say though i i love this thing but challenger definitely nailed the retro logos yep i agree with you although the gen fives they are pretty good about being retro if you look at it the right way it you could

Tell you could see the um hints from the uh 69 camaro that’s for sure i’m gonna end the video down in here because i haven’t been down here in a while all right sounds good oh you don’t see those i need much around anymore all right thank you guys so much for watching please like share subscribe i’ll see you all in the next one

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