2012 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab Walkaround at Apple Chevrolet in Tinley Park, IL

2012 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab Walkaround at Apple Chevrolet in Tinley Park, IL by Lou Villarrubia. www.applechevy.com

Janet slew over dapple chevrolet trying to get this video out to you really quickly so i’m a lot of breath i was running around trying to get the cars out into the shop so i can get you a better sneak peek of this specific unit again this one’s black in color you’re looking up front we got the fog lamps down low there the grills valley the color keyed more than than

A like a chrome grill i think you spoke of a chrome grill that was like three hundred f s annex and aftermarket accessory i think it’s from gm but i can double check that and make sure as i scroll across the side of course you got your chrome bumper there you got the chrome clad wheels those are 18 inch rims a little closer look at those i said paying through of

Course it’s a four by four it’s an off-road package so it’s going to have a greater height than the vast majority the colorado’s that are offered there’s your chrome door handles chrome clad wheel again z71 packs the off-road package of course you can have your skip plate there you’re locking differential your trailer packages back here chrome door handle yet again

Get a nice bed liner let niner just make bed liner in here so you’ve got that taken care of already for you nice little sliding rear window to boot little flares and just all the way across nice little low body side molding there to protect the the structure of the panel’s themselves just in case you know you’re running into shopping carts or other doors from other

Vehicles just all the way through they got the color keyed mirrors to black just like the vehicle want to bring you right inside windows and locks of course power mirrors cup holder so you can see more some some more chrome refinement all the way through inside the vehicle door handles also bucket seats up front so there’s no bench here so this is certainly going

To be a five passenger animal to up upfront and then really quickly you got the full bench of the back seat those are the mats in the plastic there are you sliding my window a little closer look at that in saipan through again you got true for door here so the crew cab i think it’s what you wanted anyway child safety locks you got a power seat here power lumbar

Support and your he did a seat element there high and a low daytime running lamps you can shut those off if you choose also and then the bubble senses darkness on the dash and we’ll put the lights on for you automatically so you can just leave it on auto and forget about it you’ve got a lamp for your bed you’ve got the fog lamps to boot that you can control from

The inside of course the vehicle has onstar six months free you got your compass and temperature gauge more cup holders up front so you get a total for two and the doors to in the center console a little arm rest here click that open get a short storage facility there and then a larger one beneath it cd player mp3 capable you got your push-button transfer case also

Too will the four-wheel drive and what have you hazard button little speaker up here obviously to speak to your on syrup which i’m sure you’re very familiar with leather wrap steering wheel this is your viewpoint as a driver what else of course you’ve got your five year 100 on the powertrain three-year 36 is your bumper to bumper this one has the i5 3.7 liter its

242 horse if i’m not mistaken and i believe the fuel efficiency i think you’re at 16 if i’m not mistaken and then 21 on the street 21 on the expressway so 16 on the street 21 the expressway and again please excuse me for rushing through this i just want to get this out to you before my internet department takes off if you have any questions please give me a shout

I’m also no when you get in tomorrow i have all that information ready for you at my desk hopefully we’ll hear from you soon i’m here till nine o’clock so if you have any questions about these very very quick overview feel free to give me a shout i’m here till nine and then back in the office from one to nine tomorrow hope to hear from you soon a real quick look

At me so you can find me in the showroom hey that’s me and we’ll see you tomorrow and we’ll lock this thing all up i’ll see you about one or soon after thanks again

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2012 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab Walkaround at Apple Chevrolet in Tinley Park, IL By Apple Chevrolet