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2012 Dodge RAM 3500 Laramie Longhorn Crew Cab Diesel Dually Truck Walk-Around Video

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Brian here with helps sell my rv calm out of louisville kentucky where all rvs and trucks are for sale by owner i’m gonna do a walk-around on this beautiful fully loaded 2012 dodge ram 3500 laramie longhorn diesel dually truck overall truck is pretty much in excellent condition and if the dealer was going to take it in on trade i think they would agree with me

This is this is fully loaded it does have a lot of features as you can see the front does have the upgraded bumper and brush guard it is made by warren this is about a five thousand dollar setup here it does have the 12,000 pound warn winch on the front and that all that was definitely a five about a five thousand dollar price tag on the front end it is equipped

The truck is equipped with the 6.7 liter 350 horsepower inline six turbo diesel engine is a crew cab 4×4 does have the aluminum alcoa polished wheels these are 17 inch wheels all the tires are pretty much replaced here within the past couple years this tire show you the manufacturing date right here 25th week of 2015 and the rear dooley’s on this side or the same

Date 2015 and all tires are in excellent condition does have running boards found out running boards do you have the chromed outside means chromed out handles port handles there we go pop up the tow mirrors here you can pop them up if you’re towing a 5th wheel toy hauler or horse trailer you can just pop them right back down you do have the beautiful marker lights

There beautiful ram badge laramie badge there in the paint everything is in excellent condition does have tinted windows this is a long bed it’s a 8 foot bed and it’s excellent condition i’ll show you that your dooley’s as i said their 2015 the tires there are all michelin’s these were made the forgot the week but they’re definitely 15 and they’re in excellent

Condition here’s your aluminum polished out cool wheels nice long-horned badge on the center hub there does have the upgraded suspension in the rear does have airbags show you the airbag there back up kind of the idea of the side here beautiful truck as i said it’s fully loaded pretty much has every option that they offered in 2012 again it’s four by four you

Have the integrated backup camera there nice beautiful ram badge eight foot bed it is lined i’m not sure if it’s factory or if it’s a line-x aftermarket but it’s definitely they definitely did a great job on the liner ground liner and check that is in excellent condition you do have a 7-way pigtail up front there the owners i did have a sliding camper a lance

1172 fully loaded sliding camper in this that’s why they have a 7-way pigtail up front there and you do have a suddenly pigtail hook up here of course you do have a hitch receiver on the back i’ll show you the undercarriage here at rear end i believe is a 410 rear end that they put on the 3500 dooley’s you do have course have the parking sensors the monitors it

Goes beep-beep-beep show you all the ram badges there beautiful track color is black on the truck the date on the rears some here here we go on the driver’s side the date on the tires are the 42nd week of 2016 and of course they’re excellent condition the owners just replaced these tires and i believe the one up front on the driver satin again it’s a crew cab i

Don’t know if i pointed that out go ahead and show you that date on this yep 42nd week 2016 go ahead and show you the inside here nice beautiful come down running boards this is fully equipped it does have the all leather with the beautiful stitching and the leather insides going to be a brown power everything power locks power windows power heated mirrors does

Have full power seats they’re all memory your seats a beautiful leather and stitching nice long horn badge on the seats all the seats are in excellent condition and i believe they’re heated here we go nice long horn badge there this is all leather beautiful stitching huge storage space you do have a charging port here just 12 volt charging port and more storage

Here not sure if they’re calling this as somewhat of a cooler or not you do have another charge port here i believe the center console was an option hey this is equipped yep with that with you have the heated seats and then you can cool them off you do have a heated steering wheel and of course heated seats on the other side for the pilot and co-pilot as i said

It’s four-wheel-drive here’s your four-wheel-drive switch over i’m gonna hop up in here turn on beautiful smart wheel nice ram beds there this is a it does have the smart wheel with the hookups for voice command it is bluetooth ready your stereo where’s your phone caller everything like that this is your automatic cruise control all that and it’s easy to figure

Out when i zoom in here show you the mileage currently on this truck sixty one thousand six hundred and forty three miles and they are not work miles this is not a work truck it never was used as a work truck you can definitely tell when you look at it it was just used basically for camping this steering wheel it’s full power you can i’m sorry adjustable and you

Do have power adjustable pedals down at the bottom here we do have an awesome integrated very control system on this thing six-speed automatic transmission and you can actually manually shift down and shift up it does have an alpine stereo system it’s all touchscreen i believe they’re calling this this might be a eight inch i think they’re calling this probably an

Eight inch another 2014’s there are eight and a half inch touch screens but this looks like probably an eight inch touchscreen it’s full interactive smart devices whatever you want to do okay this is your exhaust break you can set an exhaust break this is your tow haul pretty much a gesture transmission if you’re pulling something and then this is your park assist

So when you’re backing up and you’re hooking up to a trailer you don’t want that park assist activated you don’t want to be beeping and beeping and beeping so you can turn it off right there and it will stop the beeping because it will drive you nuts all right and you have to glove compartments one here one there nice place to put your cell phone and up here you

Do have a garage door opener option if you want to sync it to your garage door oh and you do have a sunroof power sunroof you can’t forget that okay just turn this off oh and you do you can’t control as far as looking to see how you are on your truck you can toggle little buttons here and you can see where you are on oil pressure fuel economy even tire pressure

Pretty much tells you where you are on the hoe coach or the whole truck sorry right in the back here i do want to point out before i forget there are weathertech liners up in the front copilot and pilot seat and in the back here it’s about a five hundred dollar package of weather tech liners nice storage you have a little coolers here up underneath there calling

Those coolers looks like they’re often for i guess electronics but you can put some ice in there put some drinks beers whatever odds and ends and all this flips up fairly easy if you want to store something pretty big does have a dvd player that’s integrated up in the top here and you do have charging ports here oh how do you want to point out these saddlebags

Beautiful saddle bags in the back but this now show off the seats as i said this the truck is beautiful i had pretty much excellent condition do you have a kind of a woodgrain look here on all the doors nice chrome of course the power windows let’s go around to the other side i do want to point out the fuel cell on this they’re calling it i believe a 34 gallon

Diesel fuel cell on this panel all around give you a pretty good idea on the condition again coolers on each set and this is a nonsmoker wood grain i was talking about weathertech liners and the copilot seat area pair of seats looks like the sun’s getting me all right on the lighting you want to come and see the truck just call the number on the ad you deal directly

With the owner if you liked this video i’d appreciate it if you give it a thumbs up on youtube and if you want to keep track of what’s coming available for sale by owner in the louisville area as far as rvs and trucks you can follow help sell my rv calm on facebook twitter pinterest and youtube thank you for watching and see you next time

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