2012 gmc acadia power steering pump replacement

Okay youtube friends this is a 2011-2012 i’m not sure what year – what year but this the gmc acharya and will be probably the same in the cadillac and the chevy trailblazer or whatever i don’t know so correcting me okay what happened here has been leaking a lot now right now what you see here in the floor because i drained the host ian pump right here i lives in

That boat right there was the drain line for the whole steering pump what happened here is a it kinda leaking also have a stiff turning when you turn it kind of stood so i will say that the power steering pump is bad that’s why the leaking and also have that step turning sometimes hard and sometimes stiff and most of the time it like that so i checked any other

Pressure line there’s no leaking and only leaked here number one could be that see right there or or the pump i would say the pumps more than anything so that’s why i’m going to replace the pump okay okay on top of that number 16 and kind of tight in space but you can put your wrench right here you can see that you can turn a little bit very little okay and you

Can do it but very tight that’s where your braids loose you probably can use a hand okay you’re coming from the exhaust side over here you should be able to get that easier then on the passenger’s side and from here just reaching over this hose here do that i got that loose already and then take this bolt right here out and then there’s one in the bottom you

Can’t go through here so when camera really helped me at all here so this is number 15 okay so just let you know number 15 okay so only they come off so there’s one more in the bottom right here okay right there you can see right there you can use a flag distinction should go through right here and you should be able to pop that thing else easy it flag the swivel

Go all the way through outside here and pop so that’s easy for me okay you know the poll came out but for to see which way it can get out easier maybe watch the other side from here remove the heat shelter or blocking the way right here and when you remove that you just yank the post in host a little bit and then you should be able to get out from here okay let me

Put my cameras away so i can do two hands okay this line right here is on the way a little bit but we just pull a little bit and then to create a little big gap so you should be able to pull the power steering pump from my here now when you go get your power steering pump make sure you’re renting their oh am polar and installed kid which is part number right here

Two seven zero 31 okay that is the one you need it for install the one pole when you use this one right here install this one’s in and put these rings covered that and that’s a 17 socket i can use hand but too slow okay come off so the leaking part is the seal right here is bad so that’s why i’m leaking and put this one back up the same thing with this right here

I don’t have socket that long enough so this is manually by hand yeah starting to go in already okay now install it complete the ready to put it back in the car so i’m not going to show you how to put it back in there i think you pretty much know how you take him out and how you put it back already okay before you can go start you need to top off the fluid first

So when you talk about that start the engine and doing turn by turn okay all the way and all the way and one couple time okay make sure the vehicle being a costume is bleeding the air out from the rocket piant in the reservoir okay so now it’s quiet now you can’t hear you cannot hear the posterior and rhino more okay all right i think that’s enough i’m going to

Load the vehicle to the ground and to see any leaking first before i load the vehicle after you bleed it make sure you add it more fluid because they are pretty low right now and add it to the level it should be alright thank you for watching and now the wars and burning from the trip to the exhaust pipe all that stuff so after a while you should be clear out on

Those smoke right there okay thank you for watching subscribe bye bye now

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2012 gmc acadia power steering pump replacement By All Tsab