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2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

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Well hello everyone right now this is the 2012 hyundai sonata hybrid got led headlights led fog lights you got your blue drive only on hybrid trims got your led turn signal indicators kilo sentry got killer century on the passenger side door here’s what key fob look like lock unlock hold press and hold for the trunk press and hold for panic now uh you got

Kill sentry so all i have to do is leave the keypad with you or your pocket and then to lock just press this button that locks the vehicle and then to unlock it just press this button again and then it will unlock the vehicle got a power driver seat with power lumbar got cloth and care now all you have to to start the vehicle is have the k5 with you or just

Place it right here put on the brake and then press the button over here is your mirror controls window controls over here is your uh engagement brightness control as you can see got your tracking control off right here is your fuel release and your trunk release right here’s your fuse box over here you got your um your trunk release with a break to activate

It just push it all the way that locks it and that’ll be activated and as you can see it will show right there and then to deactivate just push and add they activate it and as you can see the brake light is gone right here is your headlight controls wiper controls got your radio controls um your bluetooth controls voice commands got your um your controls for the

Display right here to view just press this button got your average speed your ellipse time your trip data and got your energy flow which is kind of cool to see that only on hybrid um trims eco level total eco eco score average fuel economy all of that and right here you got your cruise control right here you got your your clock right here you got um your radio

Right here this one also has bluetooth and it’s xm and mp3 takes um mp3 cds everything very nice audio system right here got radio media phone it will ask you to pair a phone seek track scan setup basically your um setup settings menu and can folder you can turn on and off display and right here is your cd changer right here is your climate control you

Can choose different zones by pressing this button over here got front dear frost where defrost aisle mode off right here is your fan speed as you can see and right here you can control the temperature got storage right here we’ve got a aux and a usb port two power outlets got some storage right here with more storage two cup holders right here is the shifter

Manual mode got a glove box right here got your bluetooth microphone sunglasses container lights with a little right light right here got your services controls for uh from the dealer very nice car go ahead and unlock all the doors the driver side window is only automatic go ahead turn on the headlights fog lights hazards and pop out the hood also release the

Trunk storage two air vents two cup holders and got chunk paths through got a light right here guys tap right here so right here is your tire kit uh everything falls through the manual passenger seat got your owner’s manual so so go ahead and bring jerry’s side window back up hope you guys enjoyed the video please like and subscribe and thanks for watching

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2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid By That Mercedes-Benz Guy