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2012 Nissan NV2500 High Top Cargo Van Elite Auto Outlet Bridgeport Ohio

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Hey everyone this is mike from elite auto outlet in bridgeport ohio my phone number 740-633-8888 trying to find the right angle for this video because uh what we have here today is a 2012 nissan cv 2500 cargo van and it’s a high top roof model so you can stand up in this thing i’m six foot three and i can stand up in the back of it with no problems which is pretty

Cool because this would make a nice little conversion for a van or a little small home camper or something of that nature it’d be great for hauling cargo you get so much extra room when you add that big roof pop on top so i’m gonna do a quick walk around on the vehicle i’m gonna show you any imperfections on it um give you a better idea of the condition of the

Vehicle uh this game it used to be actually a fedex vehicle uh fedex delivery so it does have some high mileage just 215 000 miles on it which you would never know by driving it because it drives like a vehicle with a hundred thousand miles longer or less drives really nice so i’m gonna do a quick walk around i’m going to show you the inside i’m going to start it

Up i’m going to let you hear the motor take you through some of the features wait till the same image goes by um this one is powered this is a 2500 nv 2500 sorry i might have said cv before but uh this is a three quarter ton chassis van so this is the bigger uh upgraded model from the 1500 it’s not the biggest 3500 so allows you to have a little more capacity than

You would on your standard 1500 nv and this one has a 4 liter v6 motor so it doesn’t have a huge motor but it served his purpose of what it was for which was for delivering packages and that’s what this would be a great courier vehicle it’s got brand new tires all the way around all matching starfire solaris hds let’s go ahead and do a quick walk around i’ll

Show you the vehicle uh this is the s model too so it has a lot of nice features like that power windows power door locks keyless entry power seat it’s got the chrome mirror caps it’s got um navi uh rear back up camera also a nice sound system so yeah let’s get right into it this is how it was traded in um so you’ll see there are little rock chips that they’ve

Actually tried to take care of and and and mask a couple of bugs still on the front too i haven’t cleaned it up this is how i bought it i wanted to get the video online to show you a person that was looking for a high top van so you’ll see the front’s in great shape got one little thing in the bumper right here and you got a little thing right here also going

Down the side of the van i think there was one little mark right here i mean there’s no major scratches dents or things maybe a little something right here now it’s just dirt nice reflection off the chrome caps interior is in great shape too no smells or anything like that it was definitely a non-smoker vehicle these don’t have a lot of carpet in them here too so

You have a lot of you really don’t carry smells like a vehicle would uh it has all of the e-track in here as you can see these are all e-track attachments for pallets and things like that i believe that this seat actually will fold forward and flat so you’ll have a compartment like a desk when you’re going down the road if you need to stop do some paperwork doors

And everything operate as they should tires are just as nice in the front as they are in the back cool thing about it too this one does have a trailer hitch it has the backup sensors for your backup center sensors the doors open all the way up and you can open these doors and fold them all the way past as so so you have 100 access to that rear end that’s

Why it’d be great if you have like a pallet delivery of some sort you could put two three pallets in this thing no problem and a forklift could load them right up i hate to sound cliche but this this truck with the mileage it has on it you have to drive it just to believe how nice it drives because it drives so nice this side great shape nothing really to notate

The place has been touching up right there right there nothing crazy this thing’s just in great shape good tires up front too we’ll place my right up there on the top it looks like look at the condition in the front of it really great shape door panel has a little place right here where it looks like somebody rested their arm all the time that’s your automatic

Windows power windows mirrors hitch power seat a little place on the seat that has some stress on it it’s cracked it’s pretty cool how they make the sides of the seats vinyl though take inside here start it up you’ll see in here too which this is a really nice place if you have to be in this truck which most people who are in these trucks are in them for 10 12

Hour shifts they have a lot of nice creaser creature comforts like you get this nice console which is very nice because it’s got a lot of storage in it a place to put your pens and different nods and ends cup holders galore you got four cup holders here and we’ll get this thing cleaned out a little bit more like i said i just brought it back and had somebody

Interested in it so i wanted to i wanted to take some pictures and take a video of it real quick it has not been cleaned up but that does show you what the driver who had this thing they took good care of it you know all the original books are here uh your keys are here you’ve got the keyless entry i mean what’s cool too because it’s a nissan you get the the

Fun things on the steering wheel like the automatic volume you get your bluetooth capability here so you can answer your calls on the fly this one does have cruise control also change your source to your radio like i said it’s got navigation it’s got a backup camera not that great of a backup camera but still nice to have when you have a van this large um you

Got the two rear windows in the back with the uh with the mirror so you can see out the back uh let’s see what else we got i’m gonna set 215 283 the 4 liter v6 it’s a great motor um i just watched a video earlier of a nissan that had that motor in it had over a million miles and it just said this one this like i said this van is a must drive you have to drive

This band to really appreciate with the mileage how nice it performs also just just how it sounds everything i mean it sounds great go ahead and rub the motor up so you can do it and it’s geared for a bigger truck you know this isn’t like a a pathfinder transmission or anything you also have the ability to manually shift on the fly i’ll show you under the hood

And then we’ll wrap it up i just want you to hear the motor and hear how quiet it is i mean it sounds great it sounds like a vehicle with fifty thousand miles on it and it drives like thousand miles long so there you have it that is our i’ll just back up here and pull the camera out that is our 2012 nissan nv 2500 high top cargo van if you have any questions

Give me a call my name is mike my phone number 740-633-8888 make sure you like and subscribe to our youtube channel we got a bunch of subscribers uh just reached over 8 000 actually thank you very much for everybody who subscribed and uh check us out everything works on this van as it should it has no check engine lights um it’s been well taken care of the oil

Changes has been done intermediately it has an oil change it’s going to be doing a couple hundred miles um ice cold air conditioning really nice delivery van thanks a lot have a great day

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2012 Nissan NV2500 High Top Cargo Van Elite Auto Outlet Bridgeport Ohio By EliteAutoOutlet10