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Hello and welcome to grand prairie nissan my name is janelle and today we’re taking a look at this 2012 nissan titan sle crew cab in red under the hood we have a powerful five point six liter v8 engine with 317 horsepower a towing capacity of over 9,000 pounds so great for hauling your holiday trailer this summer it also has an automatic transmission of course

Four-wheel drive so also get in the wintertime nice chrome detailing here on the front of the vehicle tow hooks fog lamps in addition to your headlamps for low visibility days we even have chrome step rails to help you in and out of the vehicle and it sits on top of 20 inch chrome clad alloy wheels with 20-inch mud and snow tires as you can see are practically

Brand new we have chrome side mirrors with both the concave and the convex mirrors they’re heated and powered and they do fold in for parking in those tighter spots alright so why don’t we head on inside and see what the interior has to offer helping you into your 2012 titan we have two fobs here on the left we have your unlock lock and panic button and on the

Right a remote start so nice to have in the wintertime you don’t have to go outside to start your vehicle anymore so coming inside now here on your driver’s side door we have your power locks and windows as well as those power and heated side mirrors two programmable buttons here for your power adjustable driver’s seat tons of pockets storage both here as well as

On the passenger side coming over this way we have a nice little storage area up top and below that we have an adjustable vent a button to move your pedals forward or back this is really nice if you’re really tall or really short so handy and then we also have your parking alarm there carpeted mats throughout the vehicle and here we have your power adjustable and

Heated black leather seat it’s just gorgeous and it’s in great condition alright so next we’re gonna hop on in to that driver’s seat here we are in the driver’s seat now taking a look at this leather wrapped steering wheel we have steering wheel mounted controls for your cruise control as well as your bluetooth phone connectivity and your audio system alright so now

We’re gonna start it on up as you can see only thirty three thousand five hundred and eighty-seven kilometers so still tons of life left in this titan make sure you talk to one of our product advisors about any remaining warranty that might still be on the vehicle well head towards the center now or we have a nice little storage area on top of your stereo system

It is a rockford fosgate stereo system so it’s gonna make your music and movies there is a dvd player it’s gonna make it sound great two adjustable events next to that we have your cd dvd am/fm and satellite radio an auxilary input programmable buttons here for your radio as well and this is a six disc changer here below that we have your dual climate controls

Automatic temperature control so once you set that temperature it’ll keep it for you and everyone here in the front gets to decide their own temperature there’s your auxilary input your heated seat controls traction controls and tow mode leather-wrapped gearshift for your automatic transmission beverage holders and a pen storage area over here more storage here

And a beverage holder for those larger ones and then here in the center console is your dvd player you even have rca inputs headphones and a remote and your back passengers do have controls for this dvd player as well so really really nice to have for those long road trips coming up this way we have your dimmable rear view mirror with your compass your interior

Lighting sunglasses holder and this beautiful sunroof just makes it feel bigger and brighter in here letson all that natural light and of course we have your vanity mirror with a light and an extendable sun visor here alright so let’s go check out that back seat here in the backseat we have spacious and comfortable seating for three passengers continuing on with

This really well-maintained black leather we also have this folding down armrest and beverage holder for your back passengers but if you have three you can easily fold it back up so i’m going to hop on in to show you this dvd player so it just pulls down from the roof right here it’s a good size again so nice to have for those longer road trips and then there’s

All the controls for your passengers as well as headphone jacks so you don’t have to listen to frozen for the millionth time coming down this way we have two adjustable vents for your passengers as well back here and beverage holders and a power outlet map holder in the back of the driver’s seat and carpeted mats down below and these seats do fold up for extra

Indoor cargo space you simply pull up on the sleeve er and if you bear with me for a moment i will lift up the seat and now you can see a ton more space open up opens up there coming back here that center of that window does roll down and there is a rear window defroster as well back here a lockable tailgate slow-releasing and we do have a bedliner super easy to

Keep clean and maintained and then down below we’ve got your spare tire coming around the other side again just looking at how well maintained this exterior is it looks great and we’ll check out the passenger side backseat of course very similar to the other side it does hold up as well in the same way so if you bear with me again i’ll fold it up and now you can

See you can fit nice big things in here if you need to carry them inside and last but not least we have your passenger side front seat well maintained black leather it is powered it’s heated so comfortable for your passenger and we have your glove box with all your owner’s manuals inside and there you have it a 2012 nissan titan sle crew cab come check it out and

Take it for a test drive you can find us here at grand pre nissan 103 1 for 100 steen theft here in grand prairie on the bypass next to mr. mike’s thanks so much for watching and have a great day

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