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2012 Ram 1500 Sport 4WD Crew Cab 140.5 | Crosstown Auto Centre

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View photos and more info at This is a 2012 Ram 1500 4WD Crew Cab 140.5" Sport with 6-Speed A/T transmission White[Bright White] color and Black interior color. This video is recorded and uploaded by Bailey Korchinski using cDemo Mobile Inspector

Hello and welcome to crosstown auto centers pre-owned superstore my name is bailey and today we’re gonna be taking a walk around this 2012 dodge ram 1500 sport this is a four wheel drive four door crew cab with a five and a half foot box in a bright white under the hood of this one owner truck is the fun-to-drive 5.7 liter v8 hemi engine and on the front of the

Vehicle we have a great-looking hood as well as color matching grille daytime running lights and fog lights and of course this pickup truck is car proof clean and accident free we have all the safety inspections car proof history reports and paperwork to show you as well and then we’re gonna be riding on top of mitto 20 inch all-terrain tires they’re sitting on

Top of a beautiful hard alloy black rhino rim that’s a gorgeous rim then you have four-wheel disc brakes and mud flaps all the way around they’re gonna come down here truck looks great no dings dents or scratches to the rear tire here looking down the cabin of the truck all four windows roll all the way down your rear windows are all tinted as well you’ve got

That sliding rear window in the back and then on the side we have our foldable side view mirrors they are defrosted and you have the convex and concave mirror plenty of fantastic features out here and again those rims but let’s go on inside i’ll show you a few things in there helping you inside your dodge ram 1500 we’ve got this great keyless entry system with the

Oem one-way remote start beautiful it’s gonna come in very handy and then of course the panic button so unlock once to unlock your door twice to unlock all the doors and on the inside of the door we have your power options including windows locks and mirrors your front two windows are automatic there and storage well there’s so much storage throughout the entire

Room including all four doors the floor in the backseat and this huge center console area so storage we’ve got you covered on the floor we’ve got carpeted floor mats and then we’re going to be sitting on very comfortable leather seating for five love this stitching and as well your friend to see are heated and ventilated your driver’s seat here is powered with the

Adjustable back lumbar support and then on the steering wheel we do have the adjustable foot pedals coming into the dash area very spacious and comfortable automatic headlights on the left here as well as your trailer brake everything looks great so handles handle to help me up because i’m a shorty just bear with me for a couple minutes and getting comfortable

Getting the key ready because if you look at the dash it’s nice and damn it says we’re all its start activated but we’re gonna put the key right in there start it up there we go tire pressure monitoring abs brakes and traction control and then looking down here at that evic display center or facing southeast it is a balmy eight degrees out and we’ve got our fuel

Economy up there so oh and then the kilometers i almost forgot about talking about that sixty one thousand one hundred and thirty one you still should have a little bit of powertrain warranty left but that’s all gonna depend on the in-service date so make sure you have a good conversation with your product advisor to know when the vehicle was originally purchased

How much warranty is remaining and all of the different options that you have so but what i wanted to show you is on the left hand side of the steering wheel we’ve got our eva controls so i’m gonna hit the back button we can actually look at our fuel economy we’re gonna go up there’s the radio station we’re listening to we’ve got our tire pressure monitoring system

Vehicle information a couple no messages at the moment but you know if you need an oil change it’ll pop up different settings metrics and of course you can turn the display off so it’s really fun and interactive and i love that it’s right in front of you but what is really right in front of you is this heated leather wrapped steering wheel love the heat and again

On the left hand side above those easy vic displays are your voice control and cancel mm-hmm so we do have the voice control and bluetooth you connect hands-free calling on the right hand side we have our cruise control and then you actually wrap your hand around the steering wheel you can actually turn so on both sides you can play with the stereo as you please

But of course this is a full-on hands-on driving experience with the heated leather wrap during what would you really take your hands off it i wouldn’t i just and what feels really nice as well as that we’ve got these great vents here blowing some air at us above that we’ve got a great-looking dash system or dash area feels really nice as well great materials and

Then we have the alpine upgraded sound system so right in the middle here we have our great touch screen stereo system right now we’re on the navigation system we’ve got our phone here but we’re gonna hit cancel so we do have am/fm satellite radio we’re gonna click on the radio media button we do have a hard drive a cd player which is mp3 compatible isn’t that

Fantastic and then right here we’ve got our auxiliary input as well as usb cords and what’s really nice is that you do have this split display screen so you can have your audio and then a picture or your audio and your navigation it’s all very customizable and fun to play with oh put it in reverse before i forget rear backup that’s awesome and then of course we’ve

Got our bluetooth hands-free communication our menu of course all the navigation system all voice-controlled all easy all fun to play with i recommend it well i just below that i want to show you a few other buttons that are a lot of fun to play with on the left-hand side we have all the four wheel drive locks in the center though all those buttons we have a tow

Haul mode you can turn your traction control off as well as your parking sensors you can turn them on and off because we’ve got some parking sensors on the rear and then we have a power outlet on and off it’s right here on the right hand side we have a hundred and fifteen volt power lab with an with the ground so you can plug anything you want that fits within that

Requirements easy plug it you can turn it on and off if you don’t really want somebody to be using it but yeah so that’s really handy all really cool buttons in here lots of fun and then below that we have our dual zone electronically controlled climate air conditioning a defrost as well heated ventilated heated steering wheel ventilated seats and heated please

So and what’s really crazy you turn on these ventilated seats i can actually feel who i can feel that air being wycked away from underneath me and it feels well it’s a little chilly right now but when it’s 30 degrees out it’ll feel wonderful and then right here we got our automatic transmission with a select shift cupholders power outlet and then this huge console

Area it is two levels look how big it is we’ve got our wheel lock in there lots of spaces to lose things manual maintenance folks everything you need nitrogen kit it’s all in here looking up here we’ve got an auto dimming rear view mirror we’ve got garage door openers and that power for your rear sliding glass window and then right here we have a tilt and sliding

Tinted sunroof we do have the shade of course that you can pull across if you don’t want any bright sunlight coming in but otherwise the interior is gorgeous it’s loaded with tons of fantastic features it’s nice coming into the back seat now you’re gonna love that these back doors open a full 90 degrees storage area on the inside of the door as well as on the back

Of both front seats their handles to help everybody in of course and then on the floor so you see on the floor we’ve got this beautiful carpeted floor mat that comes all the way across we’re gonna lift this up and get it out of the way and we’ve got more storage underneath so on both sides here under the feet we’ve got removable storage compartments you can take

Anything with you or take it out and clean it as well but i really like that it’s out of sight and out of mind and then right here across the back we have our 60/40 rear split back bench seat all the child safety locks and anchors that you’ll need and then we have that elevated center seat armrest with the cup holders if you want to utilize the 60/40 it’s so simple

You literally just lift it just like that the seat lifts up and underneath here storage love it absolutely love it under the bum eye sight out of mind close this up we’re gonna come on to the back now they’re on the bumper are those four rear parking sensors i was talking about and they’re situated around that dual exhaust for your hemi engine coming down here

We’ve got a four and seven pin wiring harness for your trailer tow package and then underneath the vehicle we have your full-size spare tire and the rest of the truck everything looks good coming into the tailgate now it is a lockable tailgate on the other side we have our rear view camera lift that down and inside here we have a spray in bedliner everything looks

Great we’ve got all the places that you need to tie your hook or place things into five-and-a-half feet oh haha looks great great styling of the entire vehicle as well coming into the back seat storage lift this oh and check this out so with that alpine upgraded stereo system we have a subwoofer so the like let’s see some storage area and put something awesome in

Here so that’s really great the entire sound system sounds really nice in the ram as well beautiful acoustics and then on your driver’s side again heated and ventilated passenger seat with the power and adjustable back lumbar support oh this truck was made for long road trips toen fallen driving around the city beautiful well you just want to say thank you very

Much for taking the time and walking around this 2012 dodge ram 1500 sport with me beautiful vehicle and if you have any questions or would like to book a test drive all you have to do is click or call we’re here at crosstown auto centers pre-owned superstore corner of 156 street yellowhead trail and we look forward to seeing you thanks for watching you have a great day

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