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2012 RAM 2500 MEGA CAB 6.7 CUMMINS LARAMIE 206-257-3458 CALL OR TEXT

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2012 Ram 3500 LARAMIE 2500 MEGA CAB 95K MILES!

Good afternoon corey fraser here with castle auto sales today i’m going to be doing a walk around of this 2012 dodge ram 3500 or i should say 2500 it’s a 2500 cummins mega cab laramie super nice truck this one just came in a detail i believe i did a walk around the first day we got this one in but i figured i’d get a fresh one out there with the detail because it

Looks like a completely different truck but what we’re gonna do is we’re going to do the outside we’ll do the inside condition and features i’ll pop the hood let you take a look at the engine we’ll turn it over let you see the dash and all the lights and then we’ll go back to the engine so you can hear how it sounds but first we’re just going to get outside condition

Whatever features there may be men will get to the inside here in just a moment but as you can see i’m getting both angles for you as well so you can see condition for yourself huge reason why we do these video walk rounds saves a bunch of time on both sides and you have a great idea of what you’re coming in to see plus it’s for all of our out-of-town out-of-staters

We do offer transport and delivery options just give us a call or a text for further details cramped in here sorry about that guys but super nice truck lifts wheels tires tow mirrors rain guards for the windows we’ll be down on tires in a moment backup sensors tow pack backup camera bedliner again get these angles in here yeah it looks like a completely different

Truck after detail holy smokes cut and buffed it just gorgeous rig yeah these 6.7 liter mega cabs especially in this year range 2010-2011 under 150 k they generally fly off the shelf sure you know if you’re looking looks like they got aftermarket fog lights on there some leds let’s get to the inside condition and features let’s see if this guy oh i might ahead

Remote start alright see the woodgrain power windows power locks power memory seats us to get the condition of the leather leathers in great condition don’t see any rips tear stains sunroof up there the passenger seat center console some lint on it sorry about that guys let’s go ahead and open up this back door here those things open up so wide all right let’s

Get the it’s seeds here it’s like rear heated seats rear air it’s got some features up front factory tow assist power pedal adjusters steering wheel controls bluetooth there’s a mileage air 95k media center so media center backup camera i don’t think this one has nav i’d have to double check as you can see as a jake brake again the tow us has heated and cooled

Seats heated steering wheel and the four wheel drive and get that up there and let’s go ahead and pop the hood real quick turn it over in just a second alright 6.7 liter cummins now all of our vehicles that get plugged in diagnose safety inspected and let you hear it running here in just a moment this one hasn’t been tuned or modified this one should come with our

Warranty just give us a call or text for further details let’s go ahead and turn this guy on i’m not gonna jump climb up into this guy and i probably shouldn’t you the back yeah let me out here sorry guys just want to make sure you can see no chick in july it’s nothing like that there’s a backup camera and yeah this one does not have the to assist i mean the

De navi but let’s turn on some lights go back in the engine here so yeah well guys hopefully that helped answer some question you know if there’s anything i may have missed or you’d like me to come out to take photos shoot another video walk around frankly whatever we can do to help especially in the kovin era we’re happy to do it i just want to say thank you for

Your time in consideration and hopefully we can earn your business we’ll see you next time guys

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2012 RAM 2500 MEGA CAB 6.7 CUMMINS LARAMIE 206-257-3458 CALL OR TEXT By #FraziersFriends