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2012 Ram 3500 SLT Dually Crew Cab 4×4 Diesel

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Don’t miss out on this immaculate 2012 Ram 3500 SLT dually crew cab 4×4 that just came in on trade. It has one previous owner, is in amazing condition and comes with a Car Proof/ full AMVIC licenced inspection. Under the hood it has a 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel engine with a 6 speed automatic transmission. This truck has so many great features to offer and is waiting for its next owner to arrive. Some of the great features it has to offer throughout are keyless entry, remote start, comfortable cloth interior with seating for 5, power adjustable driver’s seat, cruise control, leather wrapped steering wheel with mounted audio controls, CD player, Sirius satellite radio capabilities, Uconnect/Bluetooth, rear 60/40 fold up seats and an 8 Ft. cargo box with trailer brake controls, trailer tow package and a lockable tail gate. Come on down to Ponoka Chrysler and check it out today!

Hey guys this is sarah thorn upgrade search name i’m taking you on a walk around on a pre-owned 2012 ram 3500 slt dually crew cab 4×4 in a beautiful black paint coat under the hood at the 6.7 liter cummins turbo diesel engine with your 6-speed automatic transmission and as we’re coming down that front you do have your automatic headlights of beautiful chrome detailing

With two front tow hooks and your fog lights coming around this side you are going to be riding on 17-inch wheels with a setup terra track hercules tires with plenty of tread left on them in there in wonderful condition you do also have your mud flaps on all fours and a nice chrome step running board going down the side there coming up you have your nice badges with

Your around 3500 heavy duty badge and your cummins turbo diesel engine badge let me keep making our way if you do have your trailer tow mirrors there that do fold in with your side signal indicating light alright so i’ll grab the keys we’ll head on inside we’ll keep looking around ok so helping us into this ram 3500 we do have our keyless entry our remote start

And our panic button let’s unlock and we’ll head on inside ok so heading in on the driver’s door here you can see there’s beautiful styling with that black and the gray contrast it looks really really nice you have your power locks windows and mirrors and some compartments in the door for storage with drink holders coming in on the driver side floor here you do

Have some nice thick rubber floor mats there that have been covered with classifier lovely service department and having to look here at the driver seat you have beautiful cloth interior again with that nice contrasting colors and you do have your power adjustable driver’s seat there i’m gonna hop inside and we’ll keep looking around alright now that we’re out of

The wind it’s very windy out today so hopefully the start up video wasn’t too bad for you guys but having a look here at this darling you do have your nice ram and limb there on the steering wheel you have your cruise control settings here and your you connect bluetooth phone their interview wrap your hands around the steering wheel there is audio controls on both

Sides i’m going to care up at the adama turya have your compass so you’re facing northeast you also have your outside temperatures nine degrees and your kilometres is 114 thousand nine hundred and thirty kilometers on it bring us into the center here we do have a cd disc drive there with all of your tuner controls you have your am/fm your satellite radio and then

You have your preset buttons here where you do have 12 presets so if you hit them two times each one has two presets coming down we do have our diesel by croteau and all our hazards and 115 volt plug activation light there and if we keep going down we have all of our climate controls here with our ac there is your 115 volt plug there and there’s a nice compartment

For storage here a deeper one in the center there with a 12-volt plug a phone holder or ipod holder to drink holders and then a nice large center console here with that nice ram logo on it again opening that up there is compartments for storage and you also have another 12 volt plug in there if we open that up a second time you have a nice and deeper compartment

For source so there’s tons of room for storage in the center there alright so that is the front of our ram 3500 we’ll head on into the back and we’ll keep checking it out okay you’re heading in on the back now again you my beautiful son you also have your power would awesome they’re in compartments where storage in the door coming in on the floor here you have a

Nice thick rubber flow mat there that runs all the way along the back seat there and then underneath there is a preference for storage on on the back of the seats are you do have mat holders and there is a 12-volt plug down in here and two cupholders on the floor down there again you have that beautiful cloth seats in the back everything is in excellent condition

Everything is in great shade smells good looks nice very well-maintained truck you pop that down and you have an armrest or two drink holders these seats are also awesome to give that 60/40 split where you can fold the seats up to get them out of the way but still have room for passengers and then there’s compartments for surge underneath so like i said there is

Tons of storage in here around the back you do have an 8 foot cargo box on the back to back tires rolling on the back there with your trailer tow package another nice rambler they’re picking up a lot of tail box for tailgating sorry when they would insert in the back scratched running board on this time m12 if we head in the back end of those things not

Going all the way around for there and if you plot these seeds up again with feathers lots of room back in here and this does open against appendix oh caesar sigh here again there’s that nice posse like i said everything is very well maintained this trucks in excellent condition you know the tool glovebox is there for storage and a compartment domain here and

Again that name forever so you guys are interested in this truck you want to take it out on a test excellent great finance team waiting pub go we are located just on the south end of nova just off the highway to eight have a wonderful day guys thanks for watching

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2012 Ram 3500 SLT Dually Crew Cab 4×4 Diesel By Ponoka Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram