2012 Range Rover Evoque review

Range Rover eneters the compact crossover market with the very stylish and fun to drive Evoque.

This is the all-new evoke from range rover a compact crossover that’s turning heads because it looks so cool you might be wondering why is range rover getting into the compact crossover market they’re the builders a big offroad trucks that are heavy and ultra luxurious and very expensive well the main reason is that they need to offset just how much fuel those big

Gas-guzzling suvs use with the new corporate average fuel economy standards they’ve got to bring the amount of fuel as an average that they use across the board and by bringing this compact crossover the market they can reduce the amount of fuel that the company is seen to use overall and also it’s going to allow a lot of people to get into a range rover that never

Would have been able to afford one in the past now one thing i want you to think about when we go through this review is that this vehicle wasn’t built just by a range rover range rover used to be owned by ford so you’ve got ford here they also owned volvo which is now being sold to gili motors in china and you have range rover land rover and jaguar that was sold

At atom motors in india but this vehicle was in the works for a while so the basis of this crossover platform is a volvo xc60 and inside its got some tweaks from jaguar and under the hood it has a ford engine that’s right a ford engine so keep that in mind as we have a look around there’s some things that definitely have pulled from different parts of the family

What really makes this vehicle cool is the sleek profile down the side higher window at the front lower window at the back and you might think to yourself outward visibility would be horrible and it’s not the case because the seat sits low enough that your eye line is right where the windows are and that really makes it a drivable vehicle also they’ve gone with a

Nice big oversized side mirror other companies could learn from this like porsche with the cayenne as little itsy-bitsy mirrors this one is much more practical now around the back the back window really is quite small once again it’s right at your eyeline so it doesn’t really affect you too too much if you’re tall or short it might be different for me it’s fine the

Cargo area the back is not huge and keep in mind that this is a compact crossover in the kind of crowd that you’re appealing to with via like the x3 from bmw and the glk from mercedes this is pretty much in line the range rover evoque is an interesting vehicle on the inside i mentioned off the top you had that ford umbrella in the past you had jag and range rover

On this side and you had volvo on the other side they’ve since been sold off but this vehicle was planned well before they divorce and you can see some of the influences inside the evoke the center panel here the console as a floating design it’s hollow in the back almost exactly the same as the xc60 even the finish in the center looks very volvo like the seats

Are heavily bolstered and they have long seat bottoms which reminds me a lot of jag seats now speaking of jag the shifter in the center here when you turn the car on it pops up you can rotate it back and forth takes a little while to get used to but after a while it becomes very comfortable and then when you switch the car off it disappears again that’s directly

Out of a jag product and the inside materials remind me more of volvo materials than you would expect from your traditional range rover now this vehicle is comfortable in the front it’s very roomy it’s got this beautiful massive panoramic moonroof here it can come with a fixed panel or the optional full glass panel we have in the top model the backseat really is

Quite roomy once you’re in now that’s why i think this two-door version is really only for people who are single or a couple if you’re a family you’re probably going to need to get that four-door model but if you need a compact crossover and you want something that nobody else has this evoke has it in spades well first of all range rover did not make their own

Engine they didn’t use a jag engine they’re using a ford engine remember off the beginning i mentioned that ford used to own range rover well this vehicle has the ecoboost four-cylinder that’s right a four-cylinder engine in this vehicle with 240 horsepower from a 2-liter direct injection turbo charged engine now this is going to be very exciting for anybody that’s

Interested in a ford in the next little while and in this evoke it does a fantastic job you can drive it in regular drive you can put it in sport mode and you even have the paddle shifters here if you like now i have picked a particularly twisty and somewhat bumpy road along the mountains here and this little vehicle just dances in the corners because it’s built

On a crossover platform gone is all that truck heaviness that you get from a typical range rover and now you get a car based platform the same one that’s used for the volvo xc60 and for the land rover lr2 it just dances in the corners it’s got great performance from this engine and anybody that’s looking for a range rover that wants some fun this one delivers

At the end of any review you have to ask yourself did range rover hit the target that they were going for well i would say absolutely they made a lighter vehicle much more efficient vehicle a more dynamic vehicle to drive it has beautiful handling that turbocharged 4-cylinder is fabulous and it definitely has the style that’s going to get people into showrooms

And the price starts around $47,000 and goes all the way up to about 62,000 you can get the two-door or the four-door i predict that there’s going to be a lot of people looking at this vehicle instead of say a bmw x3 or a gl k4 mercedes you know why it just looks so cool

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2012 Range Rover Evoque review By Motormouth