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2012 Toyota Avalon Limited Full Tour & Start-up at Massey Toyota

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All righty hey guys this is garrison over at massey toyota here in front of me i’ve got a 2012 toyota avalon limited this particular one is in your blizzard pearl exterior and we have the ivory premium leather interior now coming to our wheels no writing on yokohama avid tires these are going to be your 17 inch alloy wheels coming around back we do have rear parking

Sensors rear backup camera as well as dual outlet exhaust for a v6 now stepping in as you can see we do have dual smart keys as well as smart key access and push-button start put your hand behind the door handle to unlock her foot on the brake and press our button to start and this particular model only has 39,000 miles on it so go ahead and check out under the

Hood come underneath the hood we do have to weight is 3.5 liter to grz v6 engine it does have dual overhead cams producing 268 horsepower and 248 foot-pounds of torque to the front wheels through a 6-speed automatic this particular powertrain is used in many toyota and lexus products and it’s very proven so let’s go ahead and check out the interior now stepping

Back in as i said before we do have the ivory premium leather interior on this model it’s going to be a full power driver seat with power lumbar and power thigh extension fully perforated for your heated and ventilated functions as well now coming to our door panel we’ve got all nice padded materials up top padding and stitching down below in your armrest all

Automatic windows power locks and two-person memory settings for your driver seat and a little pullout storage cubby right there now if you to the left this jag when we do have our power mirrors traction control off we do have our fuel cap trunk release as well as our power rear sunshade right there now coming to our steering wheel it’s a four spoke leather and

Wood wrapped wheel we do have our audio our bluetooth our automatic climate as well as our cruise controls voice commands under display button for the little auxilary gauge underneath our tachometer over on the left automatic headlights fog lights and blinkers and over on the right we have our automatic rain sensing wipers now our dashboards all a nice soft touch

Material your padding comes down below as well coming to your audio system we do have am/fm satellite cd bluetooth streaming audio auxilary and usb inputs this is your premium jbl synthesis audio system as well pressing inject right there you can load your four – changer right here and then just press that again to close it all back up press map and you do have a

Full-fledged navigation system going to destination you can select from a point of interest input in a dresser or designate some presets down below right here we’ve got our dual zone automatic climate control system for our driver and front-passenger fan speed right there little storage cubby right here you can close that up here’s your six-speed automatic with

Sport mode and manual shift putting it in reverse we have a rear-view camera right there parking sensors and your automatic sunshade will go down cupholders underneath this little door right here he didn’t ventilated seat controls underneath here we do have a little line storage cubby right here 12-volt outlet and a neat little place to put your keys right there

If you wanted to closing that back up nice plush stitched armrest that does slide look inside of there we have our usb and auxiliary ports as well as a 12-volt power outlet glovebox is nice and damped lined with felt obtain auto dimming rear view mirror with garage home-like encompass mirror and vanity lights on our sun visor they are dimming we do have some map

Lights over here as well as some sun glass doors in our controls for our power sunroof so let’s go ahead and check out your rear seat now checking out your rear seat of course your eye fruit premium leather just carry through back here as you can see your rear seats do recline which is very unique in the class now stepping in but this front seat set for my father

Date driving frame as you can see i have absolute gobs of knee room foot room down below as adequate as well coming to our door panel all your materials carry through with your padding and stitched leather on your armrest door storage right there as well dual seat map pockets would have rear vents nice padded and stitched armrest right here some storage as well

As your cupholders right there a little ski pasture and you do have rear adjustable headrest your power sunshade right there up top some map lights as well as some damped cornering handles so let’s go ahead and check out your cargo area and we’ll wrap up the video now coming around back you can open up your trunk and if she’s front waist there’s a button inside a

Button on the key fob as well as a button underneath your avalon logo right here pressing that will pop up in your trunk it has a nice line trunk lid with emergency release up top your hinges do go in there on separate cubbies so you don’t have to worry about those crushing carga little storage cubby over there with your on cargo net front floor mats right here

And then underneath our cargo floor if i can get underneath it we do have a matching spare tire as well as jack so if you were to ever get a flat it would match the rest of your alloy wheels and so that’ll be it for this 2012 toyota avalon limited now if you’re interested in this vehicle or any of the model out here at mass each way it is feel free to contact them

All the information is in the description below so thank you guys for watching and i’ll see you in my next video

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2012 Toyota Avalon Limited Full Tour & Start-up at Massey Toyota By Massey Toyota