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2012 Toyota Tundra Double Cab- 4.6L- V8. Jon Lancaster Toyota- Madison, WI

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2012 Toyota Tundra Double Cab with the 4.6L- V8 engine. Options include the new Convenience Package, towing and upgraded audio. This 4.6L- V8 offeres 310 Horspower and 325/ lb.ft torque.

That’s a crummy day here in madison wisconsin it’s cold the sun disappeared the winds blow and it’s got to be 12 degrees below zero that’s a lie this is a reason with john linka toda i’ve got a 2012 toyota tundra double cab this is a 4.6 liter v8 equipped tundra double cab and this is a little bit of a reconfiguration in terms of packaging by toyota this year

Interesting to see this not only did we lower the price of the truck from last year but we included some options that everybody wanted fog lights in the front aluminum wheels privacy glass in the rear sliding rear window towing package of course if you didn’t know towing on a tundra with a 4.6 is a class 4 hitch both 7 and 4 pin wiring engine cooler i’m sorry engine

Oil cooler trans cooler big alternator and 410 rear-end combine that with the 4.6 liter v8 six-speed automatic the 4.6 makes 310 horsepower 3 and 25 pound feet of torque so that engine replaced the old 4.7 about 2 or 3 years ago now it’s really a miniature 5.7 liter v8 its dual variable valve timing which the 4.7 did not have so that’s intake and exhaust cams being

Variable additionally they changed the the engine they have a timing chain versus a timing belt that change is intended last and life of the truck the tundra the 4.6 has got a 10,000 mile oil change interval with synthetic oil these are pre-wired to handle a trailer brake controller in the event that you’re going to tow so that’s what the seven pin is for there on

The left the 4-flat on the right is a typical trailering this tundra does not yet have a bed liner in it’s your choice what you wish to do drop in a plastic toyota bedliner spray in bedliner or leave it bare maybe roll out a rubber bed mat when i pop that tailgate open you saw how it fell down pretty nicely it’s an assist feature that we have so you don’t need to

Worry about the thing bang and and it just flops down we’ve done that since oh seven that’s nice feature this convenience package has got the under seat storage system in the second row i’m going to show you in just a minute i wanted pan back out so you can get a feel for that spruce mica this paint job was offered on toto starting last year 2011 model year pop the

Door open you can see it’s a double cab decent legroom the second rail for your friends curtain airbag deploys from the roof comes down and protecting a side-impact to roll need some cargo space flop the seats up the storage bins are new in part is convenience package so we can pop these open with these locks here and inside it’s all storage and sealed may be the

Tow straps maybe a tarp the tow bar goes in there so you can come back down and throw your friends in we go up front finally we get back to the 40/20/40 split folding bench which has been commonly asked for but rarely available in use years past so we have the ability to have two buckets up front with a center console that can be down but we can pop it up and put

Three across four six total people in the front seat they offer some storage here additionally they offer some storage underneath that cushion so if i pull this guy gets underneath there so you can take a look it’s actually intended to hold a laptop securely securely meaning out of sight if you look down there and certainly would fit i’m gonna hop in and show you

Some of the features that are newer so we can now adjust the headlights in terms of height we can raise or lower them deactivate the curtain airbags control the lights on the in the bed light since i’m the truck power mirrors of course they’re heated and power dimmer switch the dashboard instrumentation gives us transmission temperature gauge tachometer of course

The speedometer up top there it’s out of gas now but we’ll fill it up it’s a fuel gauge engine temperature and we’ll see the voltmeter and the engine oil pressure this is a console mounted shift you can’t sequentially shift it so you can move it to shift mode and change the gears plus or minus and because it’s a 12 we get rid of controls on the steering wheel we

Get bluetooth for your cell phone there’s two different controls the talk switch and the answer and end phone call buttons we’ve got cruise control and of course wipers with variable intermittent speeds i’m going to happen the back so a little bit more about the dashboard for years we’ve offered dual zone temperature control up front so we’ve got a primary fan

Speed and we’ve got a driver control and a passenger control over there on the right side there’s a usb port just below it so you can plug in and control an ipod or you can use a memory stick so if you’ve got those little usb drive things you can plug it in and the sail will read the music off of it stereos am/fm cd xm radio 2 glove boxes one up or one lower and

Coming back four-wheel drive rotary switch to select between two-wheel drive four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive low range temperature gauges up top as is the clock that’s a quick look at the outside of the inside of the tundra sit down so you’ll get motion sick i’m going to pop the hood on this beast take a look at the 4.6 underneath there it’s been running

What’s a great engine it’s quiet but powerful that is again truly a miniature 5.7 in the sense that its dual variable valve timing so the intake and exhaust cams are both variable it’s at 32-valve v8 engine so that’s four valves per cylinder for optimum power and torque ten thousand mile oil change interval on this tundra and toyota will take care of the first

Twenty five thousand miles of maintenance so your five ten fifteen twenty twenty-five thousand miles service intervals are completely done complimentary at any dealership in the us or canada timing chain in there there’s no timing belt replace at ninety give it an air filter at 30,000 miles spark plugs in one hundred and twenty it’s pretty straightforward so you

Have a gentleman that is a 2012 tundra double cab chris mica 4.6 liter v8 you have nate reason with john lancaster tota madison wisconsin y’all have a beautiful day

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2012 Toyota Tundra Double Cab- 4.6L- V8. Jon Lancaster Toyota- Madison, WI By Nathan Riesen