2013 – 2018 Nissan Altima Armrest Latch Repair

Okay so i’m going to show you how to fix your armrest if will not stay closed and your latch right here is broken let’s get right to it all right the first thing you need to do is remove all these screws on the back of it you have total of six screws and i already did that now there’s a bottom a piece secured by uh taps that actually inside of it so after you

Remove the screws it’s actually not going to fall on you you have to leave this little taps inside you’re going to see in a minute basically you just need to find a tool uh don’t use screwdrivers because they actually uh really thick and you will damage the plastic and your leather right here just find these things you can buy them amazon you can get them at the

Local hardware store and just stick one in here and just kind of wiggle until you find the place of the latch like i just hit this one right here there’s another one over there and now you can just hold this side and continue working your way down and now the whole thing just comes out like that all right so basically this is what happened there is a plastic

Tabs right here on the bottom and over the years they just basically snapped and now these little springs don’t do the job by holding the this little ledge down because this latch right here this area right here need to be pressed down and in your case it probably sticks all the way up like that so that why that’s why it won’t close now what you need to do you

Just simply need to put something right here in this hole something to stick and in my case as you see right here i bought this at the dollar store this is just the foam tabs that you put on under your stool under your chair so you wouldn’t be scratching your floor wouldn’t be making any noise uh this goes obviously a dollar you just need to cut some pieces and

Stick them in here in this groove you can use something else it can be a rubber pad rubber piece i don’t know something that will actually press uh this letter here this uh piece against this and that way the whole thing just constantly will not press down you’ll still have a little restriction here so you actually can open that so first we need to remove this we

Need to get rid of these um springs you need them anymore we’re going to cut some pieces and i’m just going to show you how to put them in there and how much you need now just be aware this is a temporary solution and it’s just something you can fix it until you can get actual replacement and i can tell you right now you cannot just buy this piece you have to buy

Entire cover you can get lucky and you can find a good working piece at your local junkyard you can maybe find a replacement piece on ebay but i’m sure i i’ll show you this piece and the dealership probably going to cost two hundred dollars so yeah so this is just repair for uh one dollar now you have installed pad here resistant and as you see i pre

Basically paint this in black just so it won’t be so unnoticeable and so basically what this little pad do it do a job of the springs that was here broken now obviously if you have the whole ledge right here broken there’s really nothing you can do besides replacing the whole thing but let’s go ahead put everything back together and it’ll work right away the

Only problem with this type of repair is you’re going to lose the feature of this locking uh basically now instead of having two latches here two separate latches um you only will have one a latch and every time you need to lock this piece against your armrest lid you actually have to manually grab that and lock it just like that guys if you have any questions

Please leave them in the comment section below and as always thank you for watching so you

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