2013-2022 Ram 1500 Mopar Front Tow Hooks Install

We install factory Mopar tow hooks on a 2019 Ram 1500 Classic.

What’s going on guys eric from the whiskey guys here and in today’s video we’re going to be putting factory tow hooks on my dad’s 2019 ram 1500 classic so as of right now they’re just blocked off with these block off trim panels um he’s had a set of tow hooks for a long time so we’re gonna install those today i’m gonna show you how to do it what he has here are

Two two toe hooks one’s left one’s right he has this here and he also has the bracket associated with it to mount here we have the two bolts to secure the back part of the tow hook to the frame we have two bolts there alrighty so like i said we got the two bolts here i got them out of the packages and then we get the two toe hooks with the bracket mounting

Brackets here so we got those the other thing we have open this up the bezel pieces they come on wow the tow hook we got the tow hook bezel pieces that will replace those block offsets so got those and they came with new bolts with all these parts that my dad has i will put down in the description the actual part numbers you can get these at any chrysler

Ram dealer but i’ll link everything down below so you can do this yourself and order it from the dealer so definitely definitely check that out and call your local dealer to get these parts or if you can find them at another place definitely get them but yeah we’re gonna we’re gonna install these tow hooks and we’re gonna get under there i’m probably gonna put

The the truck on a uh on a ramp because so i can fit under there so we can get this done alrighty so i’m gonna put the truck up on ramps so i can get under there alrighty we’re up on ramps so first things first we got to get these block off plates uh removed so looking at the ones that are cut out for the tow hooks on the back side they have four bolts that

Go into these uh little clips threaded clips here so my assumption is that they’re on the back side of these ones too alrighty so let’s shed some light on this so if we look here we got the two bolts right there and the two bolts over here too so we’re gonna loosen those up and get those out those just slide right out there we go i’ll do the other side real

Quick and slide this one out there we go that one’s out as well let’s throw those to the side and we’ll go get our new ones there we go and we’re gonna put our new bolts in got that in do there we go one installed alrighty so we have the tow hook here um you see this bracket this bracket’s going to actually bolt to the frame horns of the vehicle so we’re

Going to take the bolts off to get this bracket to where it needs to go onto the frame and then re-tighten those bolts down once we get it on so let’s go get those off all right get a better look here it’s gonna be these bolts right here this one and this one right back here i don’t know if you can see that or not it’s right back here so these two lower bolts

On the frame horns so we’re gonna loosen up all right now that we got both of those nuts off there we’re gonna grab our tow hook we are going to slip it on through flip it through the opening slide that onto the studs there get your nuts back on just finger tight for the time being all righty now we’re gonna go grab those bigger bolts i was talking about i’ll

Show you what we’re gonna do with them all right so these got these bolts here you want to make sure that that bracket where the nut is right up in the corner here that that bracket seats properly and then you take the bolt the bolt here and we’re gonna put it right here up into the frame maybe we’re gonna put this up in there thread it in so we’re gonna

Tighten this down and then we’ll tighten the ones up on the top here alrighty so these bolts are actually 18s i was using the 19 don’t do that using 18. we’re gonna get this tightened up there’s a certain foot pounds you’re supposed to put them at i’ll post those in the description below too let me get the top bolts tightened up like i said these are 18s not 19

So all right that’s type 2 all right so let’s take a little look there we go tow hooks my dad’s been wanting this for like three years nah no more than that probably like five he was actually gonna put it on his old red dodge um which was like a 15 14 or 15 regular cab short box but got him on there looking good all right let me get the driver’s side on real

Quick and then we’ll get it off the stands and see what it looks like on the ground alrighty got the tow hooks on looking good i think he’s gonna be very happy oh so so definitely definitely subscribe to the channel check the description down below i’ll have all the part numbers there so you can do this to your ram 1500 classic or ram uh i think it goes

From 09 to current i think they’re still making these in 2022 so definitely subscribe to the channel thanks for watching guys have a good day or night or whatever you’re having see you guys bye me

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2013-2022 Ram 1500 Mopar Front Tow Hooks Install By TheWiscoGuyz