2013 Audi RS5 Test Drive & Review

Select “Original” quality for 4K resolution. Sponsored by Audi of Alexandria. Steve takes us on a test drive of the ultimate accessory the 2013 Audi RS5. This beautiful performance coupe from Audi is a limited production, high performance model of Audi’s A5 and S5. With more horsepower, faster 0-60 and excellent performance, the 2013 Audi RS5 improves upon the already exceptional S5. Soundtrack Link:

They say accessories don’t make the men but you can’t believe everything but i’ll admit most accessories you can do without except one rock n roll sorry i just like to make noises when i’m behind the wheel of the rs5 you know the s5 is really nice with a supercharged six but there’s really no comparison to the sound and the feel of a 4.2 liter v8 450

Horsepower 317 foot-pounds of torque but when it’s coupled with the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission like this which is really smooth as silk it gives you a nice firm acceleration not quite the throw your head back acceleration you might get with a higher torquing vehicle but plenty of activity to make it fun behind the wheel and you put it in the s-tronic with

Your paddle shift put it in sport mode like that crank it into here let’s lower it let’s lower it revving it revving it zero to sixty four point five seconds you’ve got a top track speed of 174 miles an hour but the red line at about 8,500 it just puts a smile on your face it really does now it’s really nice when you have this much performance basically coupled

With the quattro all-wheel drive system you have the torque vectoring rear differential it’ll break the inside wheels allowing more power to go to the outside wheels and then you have your sport differential which will provide even more torque to the outside rear wheel to give you a tremendous amount of control i wish i was on a race track and that’s really

What a lot of people feel with this car it is a race car that you can drive on a day to day basis i think i’m gonna take it to the autobahn right now that’s oh that’s right that’s in germany never mind forget it we can’t do that sorry fans someday though someday that little burp i like that yeah it’s got a little to it on the exhaust you have you do a flap on

The exhaust of course at the higher rev it will definitely open up you have of course excellent stopping power they have that new wave shaped rotor that’s supposed to lighten it up by around six pounds which you know i think for dealing with the car that’s basically 4,000 pounds and weight you need all the help you can get you’re looking at 16 miles per gallon

Around town 23 on the highway with an average 18 and the nice thing about that is in the least in the states you don’t have to pay that gas guzzler fuel tax now some people might look at this and say is that an a5 no i don’t think so others might look at it and say is that an s5 oh it is an rs5 and you can see it from the front with that in your face broad love

It or hate it honeycomb grille and the lower air intakes are larger and meteor and even angular lines on the outside it’s very sophisticated but aggressive it’s a nice balance of the two you also have the integrated rear spoiler which is automatic as soon as you hit 70 miles an hour it rises up and then when you lower down to 50 miles an hour sets it down and

You also can control it with your fingertip to impress your family and friends check that out this really makes for a fun daily driver you have room for four adults two people can actually sit comfortably in the back and you do have about twelve point four cubic feet of cargo space for your cargo carrying needs now the interior has a nice aluminized treatment

Even on the exterior mirrors carried off into the interior to the beautiful new door handles kind of space-age high-tech beautiful fit and finish i mean they the bolstering on these sport seats is very very nice and firm and secure plus they’re accented with contrast stitching and piping and the napa leather only feel better with time not overly accessorized

Steering wheel which is really what i like i think some auto manufacturers go too much on the steering wheel that’s why i like the mmi because it’s really at your fingertips on the center console and it’s been simplified a bit you have a beautiful flat bottom steering wheel nicely thick and perforated leather throughout really comfortable and of course the nice

Shift knob here you know i’m in comfort right now but you can put in comfort you can put in automatic you can set up the individual settings but let’s just put our money where our mouth is stiffening up the dampers tightening the throttle response i mean this is a fun sporty handsome sexy machine yes yes is a ye bar desu and it could get a chance feel it for yourself you

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2013 Audi RS5 Test Drive & Review By Rosenthal Automotive