2013 Audi S4 Test Drive & Review

The 2013 Audi S4 is here! Steve gives us a thorough tour of Audi’s new midsize sports sedan.

Well here it is the 2013 audi s4 the powerful big brother of the classic a4 with german engineering and fantastic design and technology both inside and out audi has kept the same power plant but they’ve enhanced the exterior styling just a bit with their longer lower sloping hood line brand new led headlamps and fog lamp treatment plus audi’s classic dual blade front

Grille which is accented with a little curvature this year and a more aggressive lower front fascia and of course you have a beautiful rear diffuser housing those quad exhausts that sound so unbelievable as you’re driving this wonderful machine well let’s see what it looks like on the inside now the aerodynamics of the vehicle enhances not only the performance but

Also the comfort of the ride that’s what helps it get from 0 to 60 in 4.9 seconds and attain a top speed of up to 155 miles an hour with the proper tires but it’s the ergonomics on the inside that make all the difference to the driver as well as the passengers and audi hasn’t minced on providing the luxury and the comfort and the convenience for those individuals

As well you have of course your seven-speed automatic transmission but you can get a six-speed manual should you so desire but everything is very simply controllable that’s what i call the nobulation of the vehicle it’s got a very high rating on nobulation nice knobs one of the things that audi’s done is they’ve simplified the center console and you have your

Individual controls for navigation telephone radio and of course your media settings and your four areas to maneuver around your screen and the simple toggle push and turn i have to admit though audi you put your cup holders right here and if i have this forward i’ve got a single cup holder and if it’s a big bottle like i like to have then it makes a little bit

More of a challenge but thankfully you have your side pockets so it’s not a big deal and one of the big pluses for the s4 is having the google map capability here and you can get destination control voice activation 3d feedback it’s it you can even send with the audi connect your destination from your pc or your smartphone right to the uh system itself so you’ll be

Ready when you get in the car and that’s pretty cool one of the nice things you can also do is watch dvds either through the dvd disc or your sd card and that’s really kind of cool i know that sounds i love this guy turn this up it’s her it’s really great it’s really really great and that’s a big plus this year what’s great is this is also a wi-fi hotspot and

You can control up to eight devices in this machine while driving in this car you get the idea right wi-fi hotspot all right well here we are in the back seat it has adequate room for two adults and possibly a third individual along the way not a whole lot has changed back here nice leg room very comfortable seating and you do have your 60 40 split folding rear

Seat which always is a convenience that a lot of people with family have you’ve got 12.4 cubic feet of cargo space with the back seats up and up to 34 with both seats down so that’s kind of nice now when you have cupholders i forgot they’re right there idle smoothly and takes off nicely s stands for sexy sleek stylish and sporty and that’s exactly what the

S4 is all about i like the fact you can shift it into sport mode take control and it gives a little fart noise from the exhaust all right out of sport mode sweat interns now the standard a4 has a 211 horsepower engine you know the four cylinder turbo whereas this with a six cylinder supercharged 333 horsepower and that’s an increase of 122 giddy up which is

The equivalent of 248 kilowatts for our european funds and with 325 foot pounds of torque you’re looking at 440 newton meters of torque i feel so smart now what’s great is that you’re sitting 1.2 inches lower than the a4 and you can really feel the road better there’s a lot of nice feedback now the electric power steering some people love it some people not so

Much but i find because it’s adaptive as well it’ll you know make it easier at lower speeds and tighter at higher speeds it just makes it a comfortable ride for steering purposes you know what’s nice is you now have the drive select and you can choose from a comfort mode sport mode automatic or independent mode you can set it up whatever way you want but for such

Things as your engine and transmission the dynamic steering your adaptive cruise control sport differential and even the engine sound itself with the horsepower and torque at your feet you just want to keep it in dynamic mode more often than that but if you’re around town comfort is great comfort is nice especially if you have passengers but if you’re by yourself

Dude let it rock put it in dynamic put it in sport and control the phone ah i love the quattro all-wheel drive it gives such a feeling of control throughout and of course you have your electronic front and rear differential plus you’ve got the crown gear center differential which is manually controlled to help adjust the torque evenly throughout so it’s it’s

A monster road hugging machine it’s nice to have the adaptive cruise control simply because it keeps you a safe distance from the cars ahead of you and in an emergency stop it’ll give you an audible warning and even apply a bit of the braking system to help keep you safe and them safe too check this tight turning radius this is sweet i have no idea how many feet

This is and i know you want to know but i don’t know and i really at this moment in time don’t care this is fun you know addy’s done a nice job of insulating the vehicle to where you don’t hear a lot of the external noise but you can still hear the exhaust snow quite nicely and of course that works well with the stereo system in here we have the bang olufsen

14 speaker 500 watt five to one surround sound system and it just really cranks in here so it’s a nice combination of beautiful ambience with just a touch of exhaust you know one of the things that um audi has added for the uh vehicle this year is pedals yeah there’s a brake pedal there’s an accelerator and there’s a dead pedal but they’re aluminized and they

Look really nice and they feel just as nice as they look blind curve cornering capability tight these sport seats are extremely well bolstered throughout the biggest change people obviously notice under their fingertips is the steering wheel which is three spoke flat bottom gives it a nice racy feel and it’s very thick double stitched so it feels good to the

Grip as does your shifter knot which is brand new this year too for those of you with a short-term memory loss what was i saying oh yeah yeah for those of you with short-term memory loss you’ll never forget what car you’re driving because audi has been nice enough to put the s4 logo right on the tack on the steering wheel on the shift knob and right behind your

Head audi knew the s4 was a winner to begin with and all they really wanted to do was upgrade it with their exterior appointments and a little bit on the interior and then some nice tech upgrades and it’s really been a a lot of fun driving it and experiencing it and i recommend when you get a chance you do the same check it out love that sound you

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2013 Audi S4 Test Drive & Review By Rosenthal Automotive