2013 Chrysler 300 Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, & Test Drive

Help us grow so we can bring you more videos! Like us on Facebook @ As the flagship vehicle within Chrysler’s lineup, the 2013 300 proves itself worthy of that title. Its imposing size, elegant interior, and potent powertrain choices result in a full size sedan that feels truly premium. If you’re in the market for a RWD large sedan with the presence of a luxury car but not the price, make sure and put this vehicle high on your list.

As the flagship for the chrysler lineup the 300 has some pretty big shoes to fill and has some pretty high expectations to overcome now this vehicle is the brand’s full-size rear-wheel drive offering it was first introduced in 2005 and when chrysler introduced this vehicle they started off basing the platform off of the previous generation mercedes-benz e-class

A pretty good place to start and you can see what i have here is a 2013 model this represents kind of the second generation this vehicle got an extensive update in 2011 when chrysler pretty much threw out two of the v6 engines gave us some new transmissions and then updated the styling you can see at the back the 300 has this really long chrome strip going along

The bottom end of the taillights it kind of reminds me of something like a bentley especially at the front now the 300 is available in six different trim levels what i have here is just the base 300 from there you can choose the 300s the 300 c which has the hemi the 300s limited and then the john varvatos and then there’s two srt8 versions but that’s a completely

Different review you can see at the front when chrysler updated this car for 2011 they added led daytime running lights those are standard on every trim level and you can see at the front as well you got some more chrome and then that big chrome grill with the chrysler winged emblem again it kind of reminds me of a bentley which is probably why a lot of people really

Like this vehicle because it offers you kind of that faux bentley look but at a chrysler price levels one thing i’m not too craving crazy about are those small 17-inch wheels i would probably recommend the 300s trim at least just because you get much better looking up black finish 20-inch wheels along with the black finish accents now even though this one is the

Base model it comes standard with chrysler’s push button start and smart entry so basically keep the key fob in your pocket or your purse to lock the door pushes button or that locks the doors to unlock it just touch the door handle and that unlocks the doors for you now looking at this interior again this vehicle got a significant update in 2011 and the interior is

Just much improved the previous 300 c was criticized driving a cheap interior and that’s just simply no longer the case now when you step inside the vehicle it’s a somewhat low to the ground but this is a full-size sedan you got a a nice easy step in height now the one thing you’re probably noticing is that huge screen along with those really beautiful gauges but

Anyways push button start i get its standard so basically put your foot on the brake push the button to start the engine and then what you’re hearing is the company’s corporate 3.6 liter pentastar v-6 that’s the standard engine in every 300 you can operate you the v8 if you want now looking at this interior first of all it’s just a really big step up if you guys

Have seen the old 300 you’ll know that this interior is just miles and miles ahead the windows are automatic up and down for the driver and the front passenger and then in terms of the materials it’s all really high-quality soft touch dash board materials leather stitching over the instrument panel hood looking at the door panels it’s soft touch again right here

With a nice aluminum door handle this is actually real aluminum the wood grain is probably faux but you have some nice aluminum trim contrasting it and then leather stitch right here more aluminum trim looking at the center stack right here the star of this vehicle is the 8.4 inch you connect touchscreen system now out of the three american brands chevrolet with

Their mylink four with their myford touch chrysler jeep dodge got it right with the you connect the controls are pretty simple and it’s just really fast respond you can see anytime you touch any portion of this vehicle like any touchscreen portion it’s just fast it the processing speed is much faster than my ford touch or chevrolet mylink where it kind of lags

A little bit and i’m just impressed chrysler did a really good job especially with the renderings with just the interface is pretty easy to use i mean you have radio you have your bluetooth player you have your controls for your climate control this vehicle has heated seats one day it does not have his navigation even though this looks like it has now you don’t

Have navigation it’s part of like a 795 option to graph navigation basically on here although you do have sirius xm traffic and weather but again no navigation you do have dual zone on my climate control that comes standard on this vehicle and then what you’re looking at here is rather interesting looking shifter this is the new zf 8-speed automatic transmission

It replaces that 5-speed automatic in the 2011 model this transmission was basically introduced in 2012 you can see it’s basically worked by it’s in park right now you can see right there when you want to put in drive you to push this button here pull it all the way back for drive then push it forward one click for neutral reverse you can see there’s no backup

Camera on the small you do need to upgrade to the 300s to get the backup camera and then looking at everything else nice cup holders here are some more storage right here the center console here has your usb and your ox in there as long as the power outlet the local apartment it’s damped it’s a good size and overall i’m pretty pleased with this interior especially

This new steering wheel it also has controls for your audio control switches there on the back that’s a chrysler thing you’re a cruise control trip computer here and then those beautifully beautiful looking gauges this interior just looks very classy and sophisticated and i’m definitely impressed with what chrysler has done with this interior being that the 300

Is a full-size sedan you’d expect the backseat to be pretty huge and this is probably where you’re going to be a little disappointed honestly stepping inside the backseat here the legroom could be better honestly the ford taurus is about this cramped as well the chevrolet impala offer is probably the most in a legroom space along with the cadenza but you can see

You’ve got nice vents here a pretty large center tunnel because this vehicle has rear-wheel drive so it’s got to make room for that drive shaft but should you get dual matt pockets nice armrest right here with cupholders in storage i mean the backseat that materials are also soft touch they call they follow through here leather stitched right here i mean even the

Door handle is aluminum again overall i’m pretty impressed with this interior but don’t expect the the biggest backseat for this vehicle now looking at the trunk capacity this is also where full-size sedan shoppers expect a lot of space the 300 gives you a pretty big opening but in terms of actual cubic feet it’s it lands the class you’re looking at about fourteen

Point eight cubic feet most mid-sized family sands offer a little bit more the opening again though is large and you have the struts or the gooseneck hinges but they at least do not cross your car oh because chrysler gives you a little place where they can go i’m and of course looking under this massive hood you’ll find the company’s corporate 3.6 liter pentastar

V-6 engine it does not have direct injection but it does have variable valve timing it’s all aluminum this engine was introduced as an all-new engine in 2011 basically replacing the anemic 2.7 and the lackluster 3.5 the other choice is a 5.7 liter hemi or you can also get a 6.4 liter hemi in the srt8 versions but in this application it makes 292 horsepower and

About 260 pound feet of torque if you guys get the 300s it’ll be upgraded to 300 horsepower ok where that 8-speed automatic going to the rear wheels let’s take a look at how it drives fuel economy for this vehicle is about 19 in the city and 31 on the highway with that 8-speed automatic now the 8-speed automatic transmission was a big improvement for this vehicle

And the last one that i drove is actually a 2012 charger that had the 5-speed auto so i’ll be quite pleased to show you guys just how much better this vehicle feels with the new 8-speed automatic right off the bat immediately noticing just how responsive and quick shifting this new transmission is this this 300 is really just a surprising vehicle from chrysler

Wow i’m impressed the last 2012 charger i drove with the 5-speed auto you could really feel the wide gearing that that transmission just had it just didn’t have enough gears for the engine and this this 3.6 liter v6 really just shines it makes a pretty impressive snarl at higher rpms it does get a tad noisy that’s kind of the case with this engine when you push it

But i think it’s an ok noise zero to 60 times i would probably expect them to be just under 7 seconds maybe like 6.8 this is a pretty quick quick sedan for how big it is this thing weighs about 4,000 pounds it’s about the size of a port oars and pilots is a full-size sedan the one thing i really like about it is the refinement of this new 300 it feels almost like

I mean it feels like a luxury car in here the ride quality is very supple yet it doesn’t feel too floaty i mean this is the kind of ride quality i expect from this vehicle it’s not necessarily the sportiest vehicle and that’s okay the visibility in here is not the best of the mirrors are pretty small this pillar here is really thick when you go around this corner

Right here you can feel the vehicle has a lot of weight when that rear drive balance is very very nice i really love the way this feels just because it’s a brutal drive i think that more family sedans or full-size saying should be a rear drive like this that transmission is just incredible zf really knows how to make a phenomenal transmission it’s got quick chris

Shifts here perfectly for the engine to keep it in the meat of its power van and i wouldn’t be surprised to be able to achieve that 31 mpg highway rating is because it’s going to rev really low on the highway with that without 8-speed automatic you know it’s funny because i used to think that six speeds were the perfect amount of gears but i’m starting to become

More and more a fan of 8-speed transmissions and of course chrysler’s now got a nine speed transmission than a new jeep cherokee so i’ll be curious to see how that one feels hopefully it doesn’t feel like it’s always shuffling between the years this one feels perfect now the comfort of this vehicle is also great this is a full-size today and the seats are really

Comfortable the ride is good it’s quiet in here when you’re not pushing the engine it’s just smiling here you can feel the fact that this is still the platform from a mercedes e-class because it just feels really solid it doesn’t feel like a cheap car and chrysler really has a winner with the 300 i’m impressed with this vehicle and i really think that the company

Could put out vehicles just as good as this one one thing about the steering though is it is an electric power steering it doesn’t offer much feedback what the vehicle does change directions pretty well it’s about what most buyers in this class probably want their steering to feel it feels very light and easy again it’s pretty impressive well a single transmission

Swamp will do so that brings me to the conclusion of this review if you guys are in the market for a full-size sedan like this i would definitely say put a 300 or a charger on your list especially with the 8-speed automatic i would avoid if i speed automatic on the base charger but this 8-speed auto really is the winner for me in terms of the transmission now you can

Go for the v8 models which some of them will come with a 5-speed auto i believe chrysler will be switching them over to an 8-speed auto as well but expect basically to see more and more of the 8 speed transmissions as i guess the company ramps up production now in terms of the class this one that i’m driving stickers for about thirty thousand five hundred i it is

The base small 300 it makes it more expensive than the ford taurus for example however i think it’s worth the money just the way this vehicle feels it does come standard with more features for example if you wanted to get a taurus to equip like this you’re gonna have to upgrade to like an sel with the myford touch option which will be in the $30,000 range slightly

Over that but anyways if you guys are in the market for a rear-wheel drive full-size sedan your choices really are this and the hyundai hyundai genesis i would probably say the genesis is the most direct rivals for this vehicle as the other offerings are firmer hope you guys have enjoyed my overview of this 2013 chrysler 300 with a new eight-speed automatic thanks

So much for watching guys i’ll catch you all

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