2013 Ford Transit Connect 7 and 5 seater – LA Auto Show 2012 by KrekiLA

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Hi i’m mike levine i’m truckin kayson’s manager for ford motor company and here at the u los angeles auto show we have the north american debut of the all-new transit connect in particular we have the transit connect wagon and right behind me you can see that we have the long wheelbase seven passenger version of transit connect we’ll have two wheelbases the short

Wheelbase will be a five passenger and the long wheelbase will be the seven passenger and what’s really great about the all-new transit connect wagon is the the fuel economy we will have over 30 miles per gallon on the highway making it the most fuel efficient seven passenger people mover in the us and if you look here there are three models of transit connect wagon

There will be a base xl there’ll be an xlt model and a titanium right here is the xlt version it’s the the mid mid-level version you can see it as a cloth interior we have a great ip a great instrument panel very modern we have touches such as connectivity with our sync system we also have what’s called my ford which is a nice multifunction display behind the front

Row seating we have the seating that goes to two passengers up front three in the middle two more in the rear you can fold all of the seating completely flat behind the the driver and the front passenger and you get over 100 cubic feet of volume that way so this is a great multi-purpose vehicle if you have a family you’ve got a transport kids or you have friends

Or relatives that you’d like to transport but when they’re out of the vehicle you can transform this into what becomes essentially a cargo van again this is a long wheelbase model if you look behind us we also have the five passenger version so the five passenger version is this is this silver model behind us again it’s it’s an xlt model the xlt model has in the

Center stack it has the six and a half inch myford touch display this is the five passenger version so you have two two and then three seating and then in back you have approximately 20 cubic feet of volume let’s see the back yep so now with the with the transit connect wagon you have a choice here what you’re looking at on the xlt model is you have access to the

Back through either a lift gate like this or we will have when it goes on sale by the end of next year we’ll have side opening doors kind of barn barn style doors that you can use to get for the wagon and that’ll be on the xl and the xlt models also on the stand here we do have the top level titanium trim so it has leather seating it also has an optional panoramic

Roof and you’ll have a choice of two engines you’ll be able to get a standard 2.5 litre four-cylinder engine or will have an available 1.6 liter ecoboost engine and with the ecoboost engine you’ll get 30-plus miles per gallon on the highway and also new for transit connect wagon if you do have a job or you’d like to tow something for the first time you’ll be able

To tow up to 2,000 pounds with the with the wagon something on the prices for 2013 yeah so if you compare this to other seven passenger people movers we look at minivans in particular like the toyota sienna and the honda odyssey over the past couple of generations those vehicles have gotten too big they’re too expensive they’re they consume too much fuel this will

Be priced thousands of dollars less than a toyota sienna or a honda odyssey you

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