2013 Ford Transit Connect Cargo- ice sold air – runs great- good cheap van

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Hello everyone and welcome here at car connection in little fair new jersey and today we’re featuring this 2013 ford transit pretty nice vehicle in pretty decent condition runs excellent okay the body’s pretty straight but i’m going to show you some imperfections a little bit of pain peeling here a little bit of stuff going on up there however very very good

Running truck it does have here’s your passenger side tire and wheel it’s got wild spirit tires all around in good condition or matching if you look along the side of the vehicle you see the vehicle is pretty straight okay here’s your driver’s side headlight all the way across passenger side headlight the hood is in pretty good condition a couple little things

Going on here nothing major windshield is in good shape no signs of cracks or chips here’s your driver’s side down the side good condition here’s your driver’s side front tire and wheel again it’s a matching wildfire wild spear tire there’s the side of the vehicle here’s your driver’s side rear tire and rim the body tread let’s open up this door as you can

See it slides the way it should it does have one rack here which is nice for people to put their stuff in again let’s go across the vehicle driver’s side you’ll see it is a uh pretty clean stray truck rear bumper looks good a couple little things going on right here nothing major all the way across here are your back doors again here’s your ford transit connect

Unlocked open up this open up this here’s your cargo space again there’s your shelf right here all right nice you can fit a lot of different stuff so you got definitely a good amount of room in here there’s your passenger side very nice as you can see here’s your passenger side rear tire very nice condition and here’s the corvette that we sold pulling in

Very nice car all right here is your passenger side slider and cargo easy access in there’s your cage here’s your driver’s side uh i’m sorry passenger side door panel there’s your passenger side view of the seats the dash that’s in very good condition first we’re going to do is we’re going to check the door locks on here to the fob so i’m going to lock the

Doors doors are unlocked i’m going to unlock the doors now we can get in so we know that these remotes work i’m going to try this one as well because we have two of them doors locked doors unlocked so both of these work both of the keys work here’s your driver’s side door panel driver side seat passenger side seat here’s your dash in very good condition all

Right guys this is a 2.0 4 cylinder it’s about 130 140 horsepower very economical gets about 22 city 2728 on the highway so these things do run great they’re small you know they’re manageable around the city radio works does have 124 000 miles there’s your left directional here’s your right directional there is a check engine light on right now this just came

On you gotta see what it is and right here is your tpms sensor so otherwise this does run good so it could be an oxygen sensor or could it could have been you know any particular thing but we’ll check it out and see what’s up ic is blowing cold wow this is real cold really cold ac shut it off because we don’t really need it right now um like i said radio does

Work i don’t know what kind of functions it has but probably has some stuff here anyway so your radio works check out the uh driver side window passenger side window pretty nice pretty nice pretty nice what else all right let’s uh pop the hood and let’s listen to the engine just gotta figure out where the hood releases on this sometimes they have it on

This side but i can’t seem to find a hood release all right either way let’s rever up engine sound spectacular very very nice sounding engine once again we got a 2013 ford transit connect excellent running condition miles are about 222 000. runs great give us a call 201-440-1323 if you want to view specific pics of this vehicle you can view them right there

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2013 Ford Transit Connect Cargo- ice sold air – runs great- good cheap van By KarConnectionOnline