2013 G-Class Walk Around — Mercedes-Benz Off-Road Luxury SUV

No other vehicle frames three decades of legendary craftsmanship, capability and civility with such undaunted enthusiasm. With advanced new technology and a dramatically refined cabin, the icon remains a thriving legend. Learn more about how the Mercedes-Benz G-Class has maintained its status as an iconic off-roader and singular luxury vehicle in this extensive video walk around.

There aren’t many things from the 1970s that are still in style the g-class never went out of fashion and that’s because it was designed engineered and built for function actually it was created for numerous functions and a range of uses and customers across six continents from adventurers to athletes and from pop stars to the pope what gives the g class its

Exceptional breadth of capabilities is simply put the unmatched depth of its character the g was first conceived in 1972 to conquer the toughest terrain yet offer legendary mercedes-benz safety comfort and durability when production began in 1979 it started a new legend all its own the engineers in germany and austria may not have imagined the g would still be

In production 34 years later yet today every g class has been built to endure like no other vehicle on earth so perhaps it’s no surprise the species has endured as well but it’s also evolved keeping pace with its mercedes-benz family as times and technology have changed the g-class remains not just timeless but relevant modern and for 2013 fully updated inside

And out without losing sight of its original mission the name g class is derived from the models original name gelinda bogging which means cross-country vehicle in german since the very first vehicle it’s been built in one location graz austria in a very special way by hand it’s separate rigid frame is hand welded then flowed with 50 litres of hot wax to resist

Internal corrosion it’s galvanized steel body is welded at over 6,000 points and virtually everything inside from its wiring harnesses to its refined cabinet it’s is handcrafted fitted and finished by hand all told each g class takes more than 40 hours to create and not one vehicle goes out the door until a single inspector a man who’s worked in the graz facility

Since the beginning gives it his stamp of approval the g class has some new design details for 2013 but there’s still no mistaking its iconic shape there are two models again the g550 with a 382 horsepower v8 and the incredible g 63 amg with a new biturbo v8 that puts out 536 horsepower the most powerful g class ever they both have new led daytime running lamps

While the amg model gets a unique double bar grille and front bumper with big mesh air takes both models feature round headlamps but the classic look incorporates advanced bi-xenon technology the hood is a clamshell design with a number of features designed for fording deep water such as the functional side vents and top mounted turn signals from the side the

Square corners and upright sides serve the same purpose they always have to make the g as roomy as possible inside within a body that’s sized for excellent off-road maneuverability and that’s easy for the driver to know where every corner is the windows were originally designed to be easily replaced in case explorers broke one in a remote part of the world since

All the glass is flat a local glass shop or even a hardware store could make a temporary replacement that would work until they return to civilization the fender flares highlight the g550 s beefy 18-inch wheels and tires they’re even wider on the g63 amg to accommodate its 20-inch wheels connecting them are sturdy stainless steel running boards new for 2013 are

More streamlined side mirrors that reduce wind noise and drag they incorporate led side turn signals and fold-in electrically like just about everything you see on the g-class its shape and details are driven by its functional capabilities like the short overhangs and high ground clearance the exhaust pipes exit under the running boards so they don’t have to loop

Around the rear suspension that means they’re genuine side pipes with a throaty rumble under acceleration that’s the audio signature of the g-class the g63 features chrome tips and even more aggressive sound around back you really get a sense of the g square shape the single rear door swings open to the side which allows the full-size spare tire to be mounted into

It this way the spare won’t be buried in the mud or underneath all your gear should you need it the door is counterbalanced for the weight of the tire and the tire cover is trimmed in stainless steel the cabin of the g class reveals the most noticeable changes to this icon and it’s a truly stunning blend of modern style and old-world quality this isn’t just a hand

Finished interior it’s truly handcrafted from start to finish there’s over a half mile of thread and some 45,000 stitches in its leather seating door trim and even the leather covered – and in the g-class tradition everything you see is standard with the only choices you need to make being colors and trim finishes supple premium leather or even more sumptuous desi

No leather is selected by a careful eye and tailored by hand sustainably forested wood is matched for grain and tone and finished by hand in any of four exquisite varieties there’s the traditional warmth the burl walnut polished to a deep globe light brown poplar in a modern low sheen satin finish and two finishes that use the same technique as the finest concert

Instruments with layer upon layer of hand-rubbed lacquer creating a seemingly infinite depth of piano black or and pain white or as an ultra-modern alternative to wood you can specify genuine carbon fiber whichever you choose you’ll find it applied generously to the dash console doors steering wheel and the passenger grab handle the g63 amg also offers a new design

Yo exclusive leather package exquisitely detailed it features diamond pattern stitching on the seat inserts and door trim and comes in solid black or for two-tone combinations comfort features abound as well the power front seats each include memory heating active ventilation and precise multi-contour adjustment that lets you fine-tune the support of your back

Shoulders and thighs via pneumatic chambers within the seats the rear seat is a true three passenger design with chair height comfort for a great view and three stages of heating in two sections it folds and tumbles in a one-third two-third split to provide up to 80 cubic feet of cargo space that’s usefully shaped and impeccably finished the standard dual zone climate

Control includes dust and pollen filtration and is engineered to maintain cabin comfort in the most extreme conditions around the globe in addition not only are the outside mirrors electrically heated but so are both the windshield and rear window for rapid clearing even on the coldest morning another mercedes-benz tradition is our devotion to advanced user friendly

Technology and the new jeans here as well from the tablet style screen for its cutting-edge multimedia systems to the active ventilated and multi contour front seats the g-class cradles you in civilization no matter how far you venture the heart of the multimedia features is the command system with the same easy-to-use central controller and high-resolution screen as

Our other models the new screen features a tablet style design that places it at the same height and focal distance as the crisp new instruments a new color multifunction display between the gauges offers a variety of informative screens and vehicle settings you can personalize to your liking the navigation system is state-of-the-art with 3d maps lane guidance and

Sirius xm traffic and weather it teams up with the new embrace 2 system letting you use internet-based apps like yelp and facebook as easy ways to enter destinations usually with a single click if your facebook friends check in somewhere then you want to join them the navigation can not only lead you there it could also let your friends know your approximate eta

On facebook and the advanced voice control system can learn how you speak letting you perform many tasks hands-free in your normal voice the audio system offers virtually unlimited listening options there are 10 different input sources including wireless bluetooth streaming sirius xm radio ipod integration and 10 gigabytes of hard drive space for storing your own

Mp3 collection the harman kardon surround sound fills the cabin with 450 watts of music through 12 speakers the system also listens to the ambient noise and adjusts the entire sound spectrum automatically so audio quality is seamless and consistent whether you’re on road or off the performance of the g-class makes you feel like you’re king of the hill the g550 s

382 horsepower v8 engine generates a 391 pound foot mountain of torque and a 0 to 60 time of just six seconds the g63 climbs even higher its new biturbo amg v8 is hand-built and signed by its own master engine builder horsepower is up to 536 now and torque is an incredible 560 pound-feet and zero to 60 comes in just 5.3 seconds it also features a new eco start/stop

System that pauses the engine when you’re waiting at a traffic light to help save fuel both models channel their power through a 7-speed automatic transmission with new shift paddles on the steering wheel the g63 now features amg speedshift technology as well with three shift modes and rev matched down shifts the suspension is ruggedly engineered but well-mannered

On the highway rigid axles front and rear team with gas pressurized shocks and coil springs each wheel has over eight inches of vertical travel it’s ground clearance is more than eight inches as well the short body overhangs give the g very steep approach and departure angles and it can climb or descend an 80% grade and handle up to a 54% lateral tilt the 7-speed

Transmissions of the g class team with a two-speed transfer case to offer the widest span of gear ratios of any suv on the market another exclusive feature is the three sequentially lockable differentials that give the g class unrivaled off-road capability three buttons on the dash let you lock the center rear and then front differential to progressively enhance

Its grip as you go deeper into rugged terrain the differential lock should only be used off-road by drivers with the necessary experience as they disengage various active safety features that are enabled during normal driving when you’re on the road whether it’s snowy wet or perfectly dry the advanced active safety systems of the g-class work in concert just as

They do on every other mercedes-benz that includes anti-lock brakes emergency sensing brake assist trailer stability assist and our pioneering electronic stability control and like our 4matic cars and suvs the four-wheel drive system adapts automatically thanks to its four-wheel electronic traction system for ets instantly redistributes the engines torque to the

Individual wheels that can put it to the best use to help you feel confident and in control on any road while the g-class design has stayed true to its original form it’s safety systems have steadily advanced to take advantage of the mercedes-benz library of safety innovations from its active safety systems to neck pro active front head restraints and side curtain

Airbags for 2013 the g takes a significant step forward with several more of our latest advances adaptive braking technology includes automatic brake trying in the rain predictive priming of the brake pads when you let off the gas quickly and hill start assist there’s also a new hold feature that lets you take your foot off the pedal when sitting in a stop light

Both models feature big four-wheel disc brakes with red calipers highlighting the g63 amg s high performance braking system our our new embrace 2 telematics system is also standard in addition to numerous convenience and safety features if an airbag ever deploys embrace can automatically place an sos call for you even if you can’t the g-class features a number of

Advanced features to help you see and scene along with automatic light sensing bi-xenon headlamps and new led daytime running lamps standard equipment includes heated washers for both the windshield and headlamps rain sensing front wipers and a rear window wiper that activates automatically when you shift to reverse while the front wipers arrive when traveling

On multi lane roadways new blind spot assist lets you know when there’s a vehicle next to you with a lighted icon in the side mirror should you signal for a lane change while a vehicle is detected a warning tone sounds when you’re negotiating tight spaces at low speeds new parktronic uses ultrasonic sensors in the front and rear bumpers audio visual displays in

The cabin help you sense the proximity of detected objects and obstacles and a rear-view camera shows you a live color view of the area immediately behind the g-class when you’re backing up also new for 2013 is distronic plus our pioneering automated cruise control distronic automatically slows or even breaks to a full stop for vehicles ahead then re accelerates

To your set speed when traffic clears it’s more convenient on the highway and can make stop-and-go traffic much less stressful what makes the g-class an icon isn’t how it looks but why it looks like it does what makes it a legend is not what the g imagines it could do but all the places it’s really gone and come back from from the sahara to siberia and even to

Suburbia and what makes it timeless is not that it never changes but that it continually evolves while staying true to its roots its loyalty to its drivers is why it has such loyal fans forty years ago mercedes-benz set out to create a vehicle that could conquer any challenge it encountered 40 years later the journey continues you you

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2013 G-Class Walk Around — Mercedes-Benz Off-Road Luxury SUV By Mercedes-Benz USA