2013 GMC Savana 3500 Van

Up for bids in our November Multi Consignor Auction running October 30th – November 3rd, 2022

Hello rapid cell buyers and welcome to the multi-consignment auction we have a beauty here for you you will be impressed if you’re a contractor or somebody needing a savannah all enclosed work truck uh it’s a 2013 certified certified and i mean this is an amazing conditioned vehicle for being a 2013 runs and purrs nicely virtually no rust so it is a savannah

2013 look at the condition of it no decals on it anywhere so you take it back decal it up and you’ll have a pride of your fleet back on the road gmc savannah certified knee deep in rubber super deep treads on them nothing has been skimped on at all on this appraised on this uh inspection for the safety inside it’s clean just been swept out this fellow was a

Meticulous gas fitter who owned this ice cold there seats aren’t ripped and tore no rust underneath the doors anywhere anywhere let me go underneath let you catch the frame too if you can see look how good those frames are springs incredible condition why would anybody want to go buy new when they have something at the fraction of the cost used let me just

Shut the door here no cracks in the shell anywhere even no bumps or dings in the rear step bumper let me just open it up here it’s got the unicell body on here up she goes look inside been a well cared for service truck baby dolled type unit no kinks anywhere in that step bumper let me just close it down here one pull down she goes got your corner markers on

It no cracks anywhere let me go crack it open here start it up pop the hood on it just like that starts runs just a little minor wear factor on the seat there if that’s going to bother you go spend another 80 000 more and buy new and wait a year to get your truck look at that oh there’s one little kiss right there oh that is such a minor thing to worry

About crack this open here let’s even remember how to open these things up down or up oh gosh oh there it is put up here for you take a look around no rust anywhere under there he said it’s ice cold air running good no ticks throttles in it anywhere no rust anywhere look at that here we go let me just uh shut this down walk it down everything is square and

Tight on it chrome is good tell there’s no dents in the bumper in the front either let me just take it for a little spin here for you it is certified as i said on the dash anywhere and there’s your kilometers you would never ever know that it was that sort of kilometers pristine condition 296 631 kilometers at time of photo shooting then they just take it

For a spin here try to keep my finger out of it so forward everything runs nice and smooth i just got my seat belt okay reverse everything backs up here just got a bunch of trees here on the property that i worry about nice and smooth runs good transmissions really feels good on it really good so ladies and gentlemen if anybody’s needing a savannah gmc here’s

Your opportunity you could go buy a new wait six months maybe even a year whatever time it takes to get one in if anybody can use one here is a really good opportunity for somebody it’s in excellent condition and when i say that for the year it’s in excellent condition feel free to come and take a look at it yourself don’t take my word for it come and see it

Yourself because everybody always says they look better when you see it in person always look better than it is in a photo so here’s your opportunity folks if you need it bid buy and win here on the rapid cell multi-consigner auction enjoy your opportunity or sit back and let somebody else have it here is your opportunity enjoy it thank you for watching

Transcribed from video
2013 GMC Savana 3500 Van By David Moore