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View photos and more info at This is a 2013 Ram 1500 4WD Crew Cab 140.5" Laramie Longhorn with 6-Speed A/T transmission White[Bright White] color and Canyon Brown/Light Frost Beige Interior interior color. This video is recorded and uploaded by Bailey Korchinski using cDemo Mobile Inspector

Hello and welcome to crosstown auto centers pre-owned superstore my name is bailey and today we’re gonna be taking a walk around this 2013 ram 1500 laramie longhorn this is an absolutely standout truck with four wheel drive crew cab short box and a bright white under the hood you have the legendary 5.7 liter hemi v8 engine and then on the front of the truck you have

Your daytime hid running lights fog lights front tow hooks great chrome accents and your stampede bug deflector in addition to that if you can see on this part of the hood it is protected by 3m keeping your paint nice and crisp i also love all the little details the truck i don’t know if you can see it but there’s a little ram head there coming on down we’re going

To be riding on top of 20-inch goodyear mud and snow tires they’re filled with nitrogen sitting on top of an alloy rim you have your wheel blocks your disc brakes and mud flaps all the way around and then looking down the side we do have our running boards great details great chrome trim and all four windows rolled down before we go in i can’t wait to show you this

I love this concave and convex mirror is defrosted and then you push up the side and then now you have the longer mirror in case you’re towing a trailer while there’s some really really nice features inside i can’t wait to show you so follow me bring you into your 2013 ram 1500 longhorn you do have this great keyless entry system with the oem remote start as you

Saw i just hit the button twice and it started it up unlock once to unlock your doors and twice to unlock them all plus to lock the vehicle you actually have this little button as well which is fantastic and on the inside of the door and oh my goodness you are going to love the interior of this truck we’ve got great chocolate brown leather woodgrain trim as well

As the lighter contrast throughout the entire vehicle lots of storage areas power windows locks and mirrors all season slash carpet floor mats on the floor i’m loving those as well tons of branding as you can see and check out these seats very comfortable seating for five leather upholstery with all this great detail and stitching your driver seat is completely

Powered with the driver lumbar as well as the two memory settings for you and another driver i mean coming on into the dash area we’ve got our automatic headlights set it and forget it of course our adjustable foot pedals which is fantastic especially if you do have a couple different people driving the vehicle and oh just look at all of this i love the feeling i

Get when i step into a long horn so the vehicle is technically running so we’re just going to press that push button cert and everything’s going to turn on we have all of our tire pressure monitoring abs brakes and traction control and you’ll see this and i’ll just be controlling the display with these you can go through and see your tire pressure your temperatures

Oil life all your summaries as well as your driving time and engine hours an additional that we have our compass our exterior temperature and then looking on down at the bottom eighty 1095 kilometers that’s it that’s all so you will still have the balance of factory power train warranty just make sure you do have a nice chat with your product advisor so that you

Know when the in-service date was and you have a clear understanding of all your warranty and then this whole this is a heated leather and wood wrap steering wheel yes it is heated so we’ve got our voice control and bluetooth on here there are no phones connected connect a phone and try again no thank you and then on our right here we have our cruise control when

You wrap your hands around as well we do have our audio controls on the back of both sides and you’re really going to love that when cruising down the road so we’ve got our great center stack of course we’ve got our touch screen stereo system our climate control as well as our extra buttons here that include the trailer bake our heated and ventilated seats heated

Steering wheel parking sensors tow haul mode everything you need got our four wheel drive system our dual zone air conditioning and climate and of course you can control all that from down here or up here so in here we have our am/fm and satellite radio and our media we’ve got our disc which is actually and i’ll show you so we’ve got a 2 level glovebox here or

Center console area there is your cd player you can keep everything in there and as you saw there’s your sd card reader your auxiliary input and usb so this is great oh yeah you can actually plug in everything you need to to put it here close this up mmm out of sight out of mind and look at this it just feels so nice i can’t get over it beautiful so back here we’ve

Got our disc usb auxiliary our sd card and that is the bluetooth reading from your phone so when you do have music on your phone you can play it through the stereo here are our controls again so of course you can control them from both places auto dimming rearview mirror our climate control right here of course you can sync it or have it either way we’ve got our

Navigation system love that you can see we’re right on the corner of 156 mu hello head and then we’ve got our phone so in addition to all of that we’re gonna throw it into reverse and we’ve got this great backup camera and as you can see when i’m actually turning the wheel the markers go with me you will never need help backing into your trailer again absolutely

Love it so tons of great features in this center coming up here of course there’s a power tilt and sliding center of tinted windows in the rear sliding rear windows and again just branding and beautiful beautiful upholstery – throughout the entire truck all the way even to the dual glove boxes so you open this up open this up we’ve got all of our owner’s manuals

Maintenance books in there lots of extra room for sunglasses or things that you want to keep out of sight and out of mind and then one last thing you can make toast well there’s so many more great features in their back but i can’t wait to show you oh coming into the back seat now of the 2013 ram 1500 longhorn these rear doors do open a full 90 degrees going to

Make getting in a no it’s eez and there are the handles to get in and out on all four points of the doors ram kept the styling throughout there’s tons of storage areas in addition to check these out we’ve got saddle bags on the back of the two seats very nice i love this and it’s actually a magnetic clip that’ll keep them together such a great look and then just

In the center here we’ve got these rear vents for your passengers a power outlet and then heated seats so you do have the two levels low and high but their buttons are gonna be warm two cupholders on the floor floor mat that goes across the middle and then we’ve got the center seat armrest just right here so this is a 60/40 rear split back bench seat though your

Child safety locks and anchors and what i really like is it’s super easy to configure all you do is you just left and then just underneath the seat we are gonna have a little extra storage this is great if you want to keep gloves or a rope or anything in there out of sight out of mind this ram is in spectacular condition there’s no dings dents or scratches it was

Very well taken care of and now on the back of we can see we’ve got our dual exhausts along the bottom for that hemi engine we’ve got our four parking sensors along the bumper that backup camera is just right here as well we have our four and seven pin wiring harness for that trailer tow package and now we’re just going to open up the tailgate we’ve got our spray

In bedliner as you can see it is an excellent condition we’ve got all the hooks and places to put things that you’ll need this truck is ready to work coming into the backseat now i have a feeling you’re gonna be pleasantly surprised we’re gonna lift this up and then just underneath this we have our sub so the sound sounds absolutely amazing in here it sounds just

As great as it looks and then look at how much room there is if you need to keep anything inside the cab very very clean coming right back into the passenger seat now your passenger seat is powered in addition you do have the back lumbar support as well your passenger is going to be very comfortable on those long trips to the mountains oh and then i almost forgot

To show you but there is two little storage sides on either side of the center area here keeping papers or maps jack just under there as well tons of storage oh well i have a feeling you have to come see this truck in person so all you have to do is click or call we’re here at crosstown auto centers pre-owned superstore as you saw in the navigation we are on the

Corner of yellow head and 156 street and you know why we look forward to meeting you so thank you for watching and you have a great day

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