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2014 / 2015 Chevrolet Trailblazer LTZ 4×4 FULL REVIEW (Interior, Exterior, Exhaust, Engine)

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Today i’m happy to bring you the 2014 chevrolet trailblaze is going to be full in-depth work of the trailblazer so without further ado let’s go and start it up here’s the key it comes with your granite metallic black exterior you’ve got your silver accents on the door handle and the side mirror you’ve got your two-tone interior as well gauge interior and your

Black uh collar in here and your silver accents on the door sidings automatic seat controls as well recline and seat adjustment so it’s going hopping so you’ve got your multi information right here so let’s go and turn on the headlights fog lights and rear fog lights the chevrolet trailblazer is a mid-sized suv that has been produced by chevrolet since the year

2000 this 2014 chevrolet trailblazer is the second generation of its model it was first unveiled in the bangkok modern show on march 21 2012. most of the units are built in thailand and in brazil internally marketed in south east asian countries south africa and many more although in australia is marketed with the name of holden colorado 7 and not trailblazer this

Being the lpg variant is the top of the line model which features a 4×4 capability which the lower variance doesn’t have this also gets exterior chrome highlights and projector headlights 18 inch wheels but the owner of this one obviously changed the original leather seats premium sound system a higher grade interior stream elements which i will show you to you

Later and led tail lights and many more with its launch in 2013 in the philippines many consumers have waited for this model the philippine consumers were so used to buying the top two suv namely toyota’s fortuner and mitsubishi’s montero with its release many good feedbacks were given with it due to its price range looks and more important here than the other

Competitors so let’s go and pop the hood check the engine the trailblazer comes with two engine options both of which are diesel one featuring the duramax 2.5 liter which produces 150 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque this one being the top-of-the-line model variant has the duramax 2.8 liter which produces 30 more horsepower than its little brother and 265

Pound-feet of torque however this 2014 model they released the second generation 2.8 liter engine and produces 20 more horsepower and a total of 200 horsepower this is definitely the best in its competitors namely the fortuner and montero so let’s give it a few revs and check how the engine sounds turn off the air conditioning system before we check the interior

Of this vehicle let’s just invite more lighting to get a clearer view of the inside so the first thing you’ll notice it has a three spoke steering wheel right here leather wrap with stitches all around it got your different buttons right here in the steering wheel you’ve got your volume and your phone button interconnected with the head unit right here you’ve

Got your different modes your cruise control which you can control in this multi-information gauge right here also you could uh press this one to see the different um informations that we have got your unlock button right here power windows could also automatically close the side mirrors got some cup holder right here one on each side multiple storage right

Here this head unit came with the dealership when uh they got the chevrolet trail laser this features radio disc navigation bluetooth and usb connectivity right there also they included tv which you could see the reception right here also this head unit features the rear back up camera so just putting this in reverse i’ll show you the uh rear view and some

Backup lines right there attach your air conditioning controls right here what’s going to happen next circular events they also have your traction control right here and your downhill assist so let’s go out and check their rear seats you’ve got your air conditioning vents two on this middle portion of the seat you’ve got your fan speed control right here this

Chevrolet trailblazer is at the top of the light variant which features 4×4 capability and all the high-end features of the chevrolet trailblazer the owner of this trailblazer also added a package regarding the front lcd screens as you can see which is connected with the front head unit as well so you could watch movies in there so let’s go and check the rear

Most seats just pull this one i have personally noticed that the rear seats are a little cramped compared with the fortuner’s rear most seats but overall the interior of this vehicle is very premium looking in all the below ambient lighting with the gauges and information display suit this car very well let’s go out check the rear door electronic button right

There power outlet you could actually pull down the seats by just pulling that lever so i hope you enjoyed the full review of the 2014 chevrolet trailblazer there’s a lot more to come so please do subscribe share the video and uh please hang on to some more videos that will be uh uploaded this year there’s a lot more so please subscribe thank you

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2014 / 2015 Chevrolet Trailblazer LTZ 4×4 FULL REVIEW (Interior, Exterior, Exhaust, Engine) By PatrickReyesTV