2014 Audi A5 S Line 2 litre T FSI Quattro Black Edition

Come and have a look around this lovely used Audi A5 Quattro S Line Black Edition with plenty of standard options. It comes with full service history with 7 services recorded, 2 owners, 4 Hankook Tyres, 4 wheel drive, Bang and Olufsen sound system, S Line sculpted seats, and way too much to put in here. For more information go to the website, www.simonshieldcars.co.uk

Hello welcome simon shield cars today we’re going to show you a beautiful audi a5 that we’ve taken in so this is a 2014 a5 2 liter tfsi s-line uh black edition sportback s-tronic so it’s got the glorious s tronic automatic gearbox in it and it’s a quattro as well so four wheel drive as well i’m finishing monsoon grey metallic 84 900 miles so up on the miles but you

Would never know it’s absolutely beautiful this car tip top condition beautiful day so we can show you around it let’s have a look so starting on the front here all in good order odd tiny minor stone ship but very very little on there front parking sensors um so we’ve got the 19-inch alloy wheels on here we’ve got hand cooked tires all round all in good order

Just beautiful no dents no scrapes no scuffs through parking sensors as well we’ve got the chrome tips for the exhaust there as well we’ve got the heat insulating rear glass also i’ll show you in the back so loads of space in the back here space saver spare wheel and all the tools seats fold obviously if you need more space in there and moving down this side

Beautifully sculpted seats carpet mats into the front here full set of electric mirrors and windows seats in tip-top condition okay so we’ve got the lovely flat bottom s-line steering wheel here and leather while i think about it as well we’ve got bang olufsen sound system in here paddle shift for the gearbox as well on the back of the steering wheel and moving

Across into the middle here as you can see from that we’ve got bluetooth we’ve got navigation i think we’ve got dab radio in here as well let’s just have a look yup the ab radio and moving down to the middle here we’ve got the dual digital climate control heated seats as well as i said s tronic automatic gearbox mmi controller down there for the computer okay

Let’s show you under the bonnet so this is the two liter tfsi four cylinder turbocharged petrol engine 222 brake horsepower coupled to the s-tronic automatic gearbox and quattro four-wheel drive so a really good combination this really popular goes really well and very stable on the road okay so let’s just give you a little rundown on that again uh 2014 audi a5

2-litre tfsi quattro s line sport back black edition um 84 900 miles a full service history with the car just had its uh gearbox oil change done as well um all that is photographed on the still photographs on the website so please do refer to that accurate specification and everything else you need to know um just a bit of background the car it actually came to us

Directly from the previous owner um he has a company car coming so he’s no longer somebody we know so great background of the car as well um any more information please give me a call at simon shield it’s 0-1-4-7-3-6-5-8-0-9-1 or alternatively hop on the website that’s got all the still photographs all the details service history etc all listed and photographed

And that’s simonshieldcars.co.uk thank you for watching

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