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2014 Audi SQ5 3.0 V6T Bi Turbo Quattro Q5 Review of condition and spec – B8 UK

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Condition review and specification overview video for our 2014 Audi SQ5 V6 Bi-TDI Super SUV.

Hi welcome back welcome to this four court film for our absolutely stunning 2014 audi sq5 this is the three liter diesel v6 model absolutely beautiful condition all the way around this is the 313 brake horsepower top of the range model for the for this generation of q5 i’ve had a number of these um of the normal sort of q5s over the years but had always wanted

To uh to sort of experience the uh the sq5 model and certainly wasn’t disappointed um it drives and sounds just completely different to uh to anything else um so i’ll just sort of walk you around the car just show you the overall sort of condition talk you through some of the features that this particular car has and just sort of highlight any minor blemishes

Or anything like that um that there really are very very few on this car uh it’s in in exceptionally beautiful condition so just uh come down and have a quick look at the bodywork in terms of some of the upgrades on the exterior of the car we have the the all-important 21-inch alloy wheels which are all in absolutely perfect condition um very very nice indeed

We’ve had two of them um refurbished in diamond cut uh they just had a couple of curve marks on there so that’s all been been done um coming down the driver’s side you see there’s absolutely no dents or marks or scratches in the paintwork all the way across all in really really lovely condition a couple of small stone chips that you’re obviously going to expect

To get um but these are a few and farmers between and there really aren’t that many at all um to uh to mention the car has um also on the outside of the car has the um full privacy glass towards the back um which so from the b post all the way around including the the rear tailgate uh we also have folding door mirrors on the car as well and which can be just

Done from the key um so uh when you when you lock the carving the mirrors fold in um and obviously stop them from being hit while they’re uh well the car’s parked out on the road coming around to the back you’ll see back bumper completely free of any marks there’s no no even any like loading scratches or anything like that on the back here all in all in very

Very good order and then if we come all the way down the passenger side as well you’ll see completely free of any dents or marks at all as well again perfect aloe wheel on the back there also had two brand new tires fitted as well on the back uh and they are the um the correct um pirelli tyre that you should get on the car as well that audi recommends so yeah

All the way down the passenger side again as well and uh absolutely no marks all the mirror housing and everything like that being the s model you have the silver wing mirrors which are all in perfect condition and all the way back round to the front as well there so yeah perfect condition uh the car features an electric tailgate this can be done from the

Um from the key as well as from uh operated from inside the car as well and we just start round here have a look at the overall condition of the boot area you’ll see it’s all in beautiful condition no evidence that the car’s ever been smoked in or had any pets or anything like that at all all very very good condition only a couple of very very slight little

Marks just there from from loading i also have your emergency spare wheel down there uh the seats fold into this one as well you’ve got the um the 60 40 split and then also you have your parcel shelf in the back there as well and then just press this here to close the electric tailgate coming around to the back absolutely beautiful soft nappa leather all the

Way throughout with with white stitching looks uh it looks really nice nice contrast stitching in the back there um and the backs of the seats are all free of any kick marks or scratches or anything like that you may have got from from rear passengers really doesn’t look like the the back seats have had a huge amount of use at all leather all in absolutely

Lovely condition really nice soft soft leather in these s models and you’ll see that the the leather also continues all the way across the door with the white stitching and everything as well through to the driver’s side a couple of additional extras we’ve got as they suggest you control for your power folding door mirrors that we’ve already already spoken

About you have electric seats in the front here and again all in very very good condition drivers bolster hardly anywhere to it at all um really really nice and uh yeah planted like not not even gone sort of soft or anything like that there in there at that point we also have a flat bottomed chunky steering wheel as well that’s an additional option for this

Car uh really very nice um straight out of the rs models again white stitching continues all the way through with your sq5 badging and also the paddle shift gear change and also also all the controls for your audio and onboard computers and everything like that as well another top feature on the car uh bang and awesome sound system we have uh the speakers all

The way through absolutely excellent sound and you also get the um the different sort of style tweeters and main speakers in the door as well with the bang olufsen emblems on them we have automatic headlights we have automatic windscreen wipers and we also have cruise control down here as well and we’ll just jump in and we’ll just bring the car into life

You’ll see that the mileage today is five two two eight nine uh so that won’t be going up at any time and the miles should should certainly remain around about that sort of level um across here so also we have things like the um the exclusive s5 dials that you see with the grey background just to sort of let you know that you’re in an lds model and then this car

Has also been upgraded with the full mmi technology package here as well and so through from here you have all of your media settings digital radio and then if we come through to this section here we have an onboard storage jukebox so you can actually download music directly into the car itself um you also have sd cards uh that you can put download mp3 music

On and put them into there as well so that would run through there um the dvd player comes up on this screen so you’ll actually be able to watch movies when you’re sat stationary uh ami which is audrey music interface is a hard-wired connection um that you you plug in in the um glove box and uh and straight into your external device um most people would use the

Bluetooth connection um which we have here um just so that you can actually stream music without having to plug your phone in you can do that wirelessly with things like spotify even youtube um and podcasts and things like that as well uh can all can all be played directly from your phone and then we also have a wi-fi connection in here as well um we also have full

Uh satellite navigation for western europe this also includes traffic reports and everything very very nice and easy to use um and a really nice easy display to follow and also things like your sat nav instructions will come up on the on the main screen over there as well um the rest of the sort of bits and pieces on here we have a full kind of menu system in here

For um for the car so you can uh you can sort of set up uh different things like the sort of sound and volume of the parking sensors um your headlight settings and things like that um and then if we come back through here we’ll see the servicing and checks area um we don’t car doesn’t have a dipstick so it’s all done um electrically through electronically sorry

Through the system so that comes up on there um and then the servicing inspection would tell you that the next oil change is not due for 10 600 miles or 628 days so it’s all been done relatively recently and you’ve got quite a long time before the um before the next one is due um and that pretty much finishes off the menu system on here um coming down we also

Have um front and rear parking sensors and so they come on automatically when you put the car into reverse um or you can you can turn them on manually to to use the front ones um so that comes up on the screen as well uh you have hill descent control uh standard on all of the eq5 models will help sort of engine braking and um if you’re off-roading or actually

Very very useful um in snow and ice and things like that as well and we’ll slow the car down on the steep hill and then we also have automatic start and stop uh the car is actually incredibly frugal um very very good on fuel quite surprised me actually with the um the sort of the amount of power and everything that it’s got but on a run you can actually get very

Very good good fuel economy uh down to the main section here and we have dual zone climate control so separate temperature settings for driver and passenger and then you also have additional vents in the back as well for the um for the rear passengers which again all nice and nice and easy to use and then we have cup holders and a decent sort of magic storage

Space with a sliding armrest here as well and so absolutely plenty of places to put your bits and pieces and just the overall condition of the car i think you can see from here hopefully if the camera focuses all the headlining and everything like that is all in very very nice condition indeed uh come across onto the dashboard got the nice brushed aluminium

Finishes with the quattro badging as well and then another nice option on these is the sq5 embossing on the sport seats here in the front um both of the front seats you can pull the front section out as well and tilt the seats and there’s plenty of plenty of adjustment there as well now one of the most interesting things on the sq5 is the um the engine sound it

Actually has a switchable exhaust on it um so i’m going to see whether or not this actually pans out in here and if we can do it we’ll just start the car in normal mode little tip and hint for people that have a q5 by the way if you do have the door open and you’ve started as you’ve just seen and the buzzer keeps going you just press the button on the outside

Of the wiper stalk that will turn it off um i met somebody the other day who had a q5 for a couple years and they didn’t realize um that’s that’s what they they do so um yeah just just as a bit of a hint and a tip if the annoying beeping is happening then just press the the onboard computer button on the outside so this is a normal mode i’m just going to try

And rev this so you can hear it all sounds pretty much the same as a standard q5 but if we put it down into here we go again put the car into sport mode you may well have just heard a slight change in the engine note and it rumbles around and actually sounds like a v8 and there you go that’s very much the sq5 party piece that sounds absolutely incredible

When you’re um and you’re accelerating um through and uh just when the car sort of rumbles past people and you kind of know that uh a slightly different model to the to the standard q5 um i hope this has been useful to you um if you require any further information um if we can help with a part exchange figure for for your current car or if you would like any

Sort of finance illustrations then please do let us know through our website which is i’d be more than happy to help ultimately to get you down for a test drive and to view the car in person and we’ll take it from there but thank you very much again for watching and we will see you next time you

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2014 Audi SQ5 3.0 V6T Bi Turbo Quattro Q5 Review of condition and spec – B8 UK By J A Jarvis – Forecourt Films